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WITCH ; Mattheo Riddle


"No one can change me. Not even a witch like you" VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED [ 18+ ] includes: - sexual content - language - violence - knife play - toxicity - blood play [ this is NOT mattheo x oc x draco ] Rights of Mattheo Riddle go towards @yasmineamaro Rights of any Harry Potter characters go towards their original creator; J.K Rowling. THIS NEEDS EDITING AT SOME POINT

Romance / Drama
louise <3
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This will be set in the seventh year, and the Triwizard Tournament never happened so Cedric is alive and healthy. You're welcome.

Something about being in the last year, felt off. Like something was going to happen that would change my life, forever. I didn't know what it could be - nor, when it could be, but I had that weird feeling in my bones.

The train journey over to the school wasn't any different as it usually was. Cedric, Lily and I all sat at our usual table, after shooing off a bunch of first years who didn't yet know this is our usual spot.

We all talked about our summers and what we all got up to — with me, it was just working alongside my parents in their bakery.

Cedric visited a few times, checking up on me and staying over at my house a few nights. My parents don't need to know what happened in my room.

Being in a relationship with a Diggory was the best and I wouldn't want to change it for anything. We love one another, and we just had yet to tell eachother.

I rarely saw Lily, as her father didn't allow her to leave as much. It upset me a bit, but I knew we would be back together when september came around.

"Mmm - you eating that darling?" Cedric motioned a finger towards my plate that had just a couple sausages left.

I pushed it towards to which he took that as a no. Cedric and his large stomache.

He eats more than most the students in the hall, but with all the quidditch games and training; he's still fit and healthy, almost like a body builder.

"Right. How's everyone feeling about this year, I mean ... we have our n.e.w.t.s at the end, and they're going to be stressful" Lily spoke up from across the table.

Her blonde hair fell nicely down her chest, with the head band keeping the top in place.

I sighed and rested my chin on the palm of my hand, "I'm tired of it all. Just want it all over and done with so I can go and work with my parents"

"You have your life planned out, but for me I have to make sure my quidditch skills are at the maximum so I can hopefully get signed into a team" Cedric said with a mouthful of food.

Lily shook her head and placed a carrot in her mouth. "God knows what I want to be. Just hopefully out of here afterwards"

God, hoping I don't fail as there's no chance of me staying here for an extra year to re-do them. No way.

"Good evening students" Dumbledore started to speak to everyone in the hall.

Cedric quickly gulped down the last sausage and wiped his hands with a napkin placed next to him. Everyone in the hall had moved away from their conversations, turning their heads towards Albus.

"It's a lovely night to celebrate your welcome backs to Hogwarts, and it's a pleasure to see you all well and healthy"

Like he cares.

"Tonight, i'd like to wish luck to the seventh year who will be taking their n.e.w.t.s this year" He chimed as everyone was still silent, listening.

Cedric is a Hufflepuff and should really be on his own table, but he decided to sit with me and Lily today. It felt nice to be next to him but then again, we sat on the train together for several hours.

He turned his head around and gave me a quick smile, to which I returned.

"Now, before you may be excused to your common rooms. I'd like to welcome our new student who will be a slytherin in the seventh year" Dumbledore's hands pointed to his right where everyone's eyes turned to a new boy on the end of the table.

"Mattheo Riddle"

Everyone's mouths gaped, and loud gasps sounded the hall, followed by the muttering of chatters.

A riddle? Meaning, the son of Tom Riddle? Surely not.

I scanned the table, and took a look down at the end. There sat a boy, his hair brunette with small scars on his face. He had the smallest relation to Tom, but it was hard to even see that it is his son.

Mattheo turned his head, his eyes landing on mine. He had a plain expression, like there was nothing happy about being here and i'm not surprised.

It was hard to take my eyes of him, and it was the same for him until he finally managed to turn his head back around, emotionless.

No smile was given to me, not even a blink or nose scrunch. He was just, blank.

I shook it off and averted my eyes onto Lily infront of me, who was shaping her nails with a nail file she kept in her robe pocket.

Dumbledore was speaking in the background, but my mind was too focused on why Tom Riddles son was here, in Hogwarts. His own son.

What was his intentions of coming? Did his father send him here, was it his own choice? I had so many questions, but none would be answered.

"Hey-" Cedric shook my arm. "It's time to go to our common rooms now"

I was taken out of my thoughts. Everyone was standing up to leave the hall; Lily and Cedric too. I took a quick peak down the table and he was gone, disappeared when I never even saw him get up.


"Everything alright? You were in quite a day dream" Cedric calmly asked. His hand was on my shoulder and rubbing back and forth, soothingly.

His touch was comforting, and I loved laying in his arms as he was warm and just cosy to cuddle with.

"Yeah sorry, just was thinking about something strange. It's nothing to worry about" I reassured him.

He nodded and gave me a sweet smile.

Almost everyone was gone, and we were one of the last to leave. We took our time to walk the halls, and soon enough we'd be leaving Cedric for the Hufflepuff common rooms.

Me and Lily are in slytherin, both sorted together back in the first year. That's when we became best friends, back in the line of the choosing.

"Well this is me then" Cedric sighed as we came to a stop at the stairs. I frowned slightly and stepped closer to him.

He chuckled and wrapped his arms round my waist, pulling me closer.

"We will see eachother tomorrow. Although, i'm sure the boys will want me at my own table in the morning, so after then."

I nodded and snuggled into his chest. He ducked his head slightly, kissing me on top of my head. "Goodnight" I said.

"Goodnight darling."

We parted from his hug, and I watched him run up the stairs. His legs were long so at some points he would skip a step or two.

I sighed and turned to Lily who was watching the both of us. "How cute" She said.

She had her arms folded, and a leg popped out to the side. Her body language contained mostly sass, but it suited her personality.

I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arm round hers. We skipped along the halls, which was empty due to everyone already being in their dorms for the night.

Usually, if it was just a normal night here at Hogwarts; me and Lily would hang out on the yard, talking and laughing about anything we could think of for hours. We would have to run from teachers that come by, in hoping to not get caught.

Tomorrow we would most likely start that again, but we will see won't we.

On the way to the dungeons, I felt a sudden presence, like I was being watched by someone. I tried to shake it off but the feeling was still lingering on me; the hairs on my neck starting to stand up.

I stopped and turned, looking for that someone or something that was watching me. Lily stopped a few steps ahead of me, her foot tapping on the floor.

"Why did you stop?" She saw me searching around, my head switching both ways in hopes to get the glimpse of something. "What have you seen?"

Nothing. I had seen nothing. The feeling still lingered but there was no one around.

It was just empty.

"Nothing. Just thought I heard something" I lied. I turned back around and caught up to her where we carried on walking to the slytherin common room.

Knowing that someone, or even something, was potentially watching me gave me a fright. Maybe it was just me scaring myself, but i'm sure it was happening. I swear.

I'm hoping it was my mind. I'm hoping no one was stalking me, and just going to watch my every move. I hope and pray.

"That new boy is cute - Mattheo? That's his name right?" Lily said as she took her robe off, laying it on the back of her chair.

I scoffed and walked on over to the bathroom door that was connected to our room. "He's the son of a killer, Lily. Isn't that a bit weird?"

"Well-" She started. "Even though he is the son of a mass murderer, and his father has no nose. He has good looks"

Yeah, right.

The wall light turned on automatically as I moved further into the bathroom. My figure looked back at me in the mirror, with my brunette hair flowing down past my shoulders and onto my back.

I got my my mums hair, luckily. My dads blonde but then again, I got his eyes and his gorgeous smile.

"Don't be too long. I need a shower real quick" Lily shouted from the other room.

Her voice was loud, and well spoken so it was hard to miss that it's her talking.

Although tonight was oddly weird, and somewhat creepy. I was happy to be back with my friends, especially Lily. It feels good to see her again.
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