EMPATHY : George Weasley


GEORGE WEASLEY FANFICTION empathy ; identification with or understanding of the emotional state of another person. ---------------- Loving him; loving me. He knew all my insecurities, and how much I hated to cave into them. Always feeling down every second of the day; only when he's not around though. My younger sister; Hermione, she never knew about them. I couldn't bring down my guard and talk to her, as it made me anxious and break away. She will always be the perfect daughter, and I will not. George made me feel perfect, even though I knew I wasn't. I was just the lonely girl in her book store across the street. Looking over every once in a while, and seeing the bright colours explode in the Weasleys shop. Just the lonely girl. ------------- [ Viewer discretion is advised ] [ Won't follow the Harry Potter story line as much; maybe a few snippets, but it would mostly be my own ] [ Will be a few trigger warnings, so watch out for when I warn you at the beginning of the chapter. Please don't read if it's something personal; your health matters to me ]

Romance / Drama
louise <3
Age Rating:



"Your skin glows under my eyes. And your hair; it's soft against my fingertips. These are a few reasons as to why I love you-."


I have come back to writing a fanfiction about George Weasley, seeing as a few of you had missed my last one when I removed it due to my poor writing. I have improved massively, and now I'm ready to write yet another one.

This will be an OC character, but will not have a face assigned to them as I want you to imagine them in your own way.

The Harry Potter characters will look like their Half-Blood selves and the twins will be eighteen years of age. My OC character [ who is yet to be introduced ] will be starting at the age of seventeen, and will of course age through the book.



- sexual content [ 18+ ]

- mentions of suicide


- other trigger warnings which will be notified at the beginning of each chapter.


My book won't be following the plot of the books and movies and will be following my own plot which I have come up on my own. If any of my lines/chapters are similar to another book; I have not taken or stolen any ideas, as I would never think to do so and if I did, I would have given them credit.

This will also only be in my OC point of view, so you will only hear her thoughts and not George's, nor anyone else's.

Also pls, this will get emotional. If not for you, then for me.

I hope you enjoy as much as I will writing this,



- E M P A T H Y -


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