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A detective, killer and a barista. What could go wrong?

Romance / Mystery
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Swirling black pools of coffee litter the tables, some mixed with soft cream and sugar, others are left to their bitter state. The gentle humming of the machines that blend flavours together gently lure customers into sleepy states, he wished it was that easy to calm others with the harsh shot of a gun. books and notes are lazily scattered around the ring semi circle table, Women and men alike walked by never noticing his stares, it was how he picked his experiments. Well, what he would call his experiments others would find barbaric and cruel. He never cared for their opinions, they would never be able to voice them out after he had done with them.

Jimin was getting frustrated.

Not one single being had caught his eye in weeks, they all looked bland. They all looked the same, bored expressions and angry voices on phones. Restless is one way to describe his urges, he kept them buried deep down by rewriting some of his favourites. The 25 year old Kentucky male that had the confidence to invite him round to his, the suitcase just was too small for his torso unfortunately the black bags just had to do. He found it rather un classy to do so. As jimin looked back on this incident, the more he became dissociated with a society that was harsh and cruel.

The panicked vibrations from his phone alerted him back into reality, confused as to whom could be ringing him he answered it. He wished he didn’t, the line was eerily quiet for a few moments until a low chuckle was herd. It was followed by a beep signalling the line had been cut off from the other end, he looked at the phone again only to realise it was a private number that he couldn’t track. That thought alone sent a shock wave through him, the next thought absolutely terrified jimin right down to the core of his rotten soul and unloving heart.

Somebody knew of him.

His actions may no longer be a sadistic secret that would be took to the grave as he had planned. The glaring letters of the pages made his stomach churn as ever single incident that had occurred before flashed through his mind. He wondered how much they could possibly know. The bile rose through his throat, the feeling of scorching acid burning his insides as if it was attempting to purify his blackened soul. He very hastily dashed into the bathrooms, clambing over bags in order to relieve his throat of the vile liquid seeping up.

He could feel the pair of worried eyes following him most likey has he had been typing away calmly for hours, he was pale as a sheet and looked on the verge of passing out. It was almost like he had seen a ghost. He hurried over the bowel, lurching out the acidic posion his throat pushed out. He needed something to calm down with, either drugs or death. Which he would decide with what was placed before him the quickest.

His cold and dead eyes that could he could only resemble with deaths knock, met with concerned doe eyes of an unknown beauty that went to speak only to be stunned as his body was pinned to the wall.

“Cat got you tongue, pumpkin?” jimin chuckled, as his eyes glued to the man staring at him in a mix of shock and wonder. It had been awhile since he had seen such a pretty specimen follow him willingly and he wasn't going to let the beauty fall inbetwen his fingers like dust.

“I do believe that this wasn’t covered in my training.” Squeaked the younger Male, this was only adding to his excitement. It had been a while since he had someone so submissive in his claws, the man was like putty in his clutches and he drank it in like cheap liquor.

“Then how about I show you the ropes, kitten?” he slurred the words out in seductive manner as he felt the younger one go weak at the knees. His hot breath fanned over the mans neck before he started to trail kisses down the beautys neck, smirking as he heard a gentle whimper as he kissed near to the collarbone. He started to suck at the spot and soon after his ears were met with soft moans, that sounded like a melody that needed to be recorded and shown to the world.

His lips left the tanned skin as he was met with the male glancing up at him through wide eyes.

Detaching his hands from the mans wrist, he made her way out of the bathroom. Not looking back once, he smiled to herself.

The fun had only just begun.

Three days. Three whole days and the male had not came to the cafe once, ruffling his hair in frustration over how a man he doesn’t even know has took over his thoughts. Simply, he had enough of lingering of thoughts and his bruised neck did not go unnoticed by her roommate. To make the situation even worse his elder brother had saw them too, needless to say his ears were still ringing after the yelling of how irresponsible he was.

Sure he could be slightly overprotective but he had took it too far. Last night, he had evacuated the roommate out of his apartment to move in, as he wanted to keep a closer eye on him.

The metal chiming took him out of her misery as he spotted an oh so familiar pair of eyes walk in.

“Hey kitten, would u mind getting me a black coffee?” Taehyung felt his face heating up as those words tumbled out of others mouth, a smirk plastered amongst his face. Quickly he nods her head and kept his head down, of course he was on the shift when bathroom boy would come in.

“Are you sure you want black coffee? No cream or sweetener?" Intrigued he asked why anyone sane would even think of drinking such a drink so bitterly, it was bad enough with cream he thought. Yes, it was slightly ironic how a coffee hater would be working in a café but he was a college student and bills needed paying so here he was.

He was met with a glare that could pierce through your soul and reveal your darkest secrets.

“I don’t believe my taste in coffee is any of your concern, don’t you agree Hun?” The words came tumbling out of his mouth like a hiss showing annoyance towards the barista. Gulping, he nodded his head and quickly brewed the coffee and set it on a cup with a napkin between the saucer and the nauseating drink that made Taehyung want to gag. He couldn’t make the situation any worse, at least he knew he couldn’t be pinned against a wall again. The thought of those teeth sinking into his porcelain skin made his body shudder, now was surely not the time to get caught in his head.

“That will be 3 dollars,” he asked with her palm out, expecting the money for this drink and awkward conversation he had gotten sucked into. “Hun.” He seethed mockingly, he was slowly getting annoyed by the constant stare of those deadly eyes. he was met with a chuckle and was given a 5 dollar note attached with a wink as he sauntered over to a table with her coffee. Taehyung glared in disbelief at the over confident male, looking down he felt something warm and wet come into contact with his fingers that held the note. Eyes widening at the sight of what made his stomach lurch. It was a crimson substance that coated the note with a haunting sight for all, before thinking he had cleared it off with a napkin and put the dollar away. He couldn’t fathom why and how the dollar was covered in fresh blood but he really didn’t want to loose anymore sleep over this man so he let it slide. Oh but how that would be his downfall for not looking at the signs right in front of him, the innocence he held to the world would be the cause of yet another death. One he would hold dear to hisfor the rest of her life, he shouldn’t of ignored the black coffee blood. Taehyung would soon realise his mistake.

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