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the other chosen one


βš οΈπ‚π”π‘π‘π„ππ“π‹π˜ 𝐔𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑 π„πƒπˆπ“πˆππ†βš οΈ chapters under editing: iii Y/n Potter is going to her first year of Hogwarts alongside her brother the famous Harry Potter. Things are... different- to say the least. With her friends at her sides she believes anything is possible and she can practically take over the world if she needed to. When a certain blonde haired lad takes a step in some mud she's the one to pull him out and he's forever grateful- no matter the rivalry between siblings. A dark haired girl from a rival house struggles with a secret held tightly to her side- with time it gets harder to keep. A hidden talent inside Y/n gets her a spot on the Grffindor quidditch team and along with it a ticket to school stardom along with her already bulging fame. Although it's not very fun when you're only famous for having dead parents and some good old PTSD. Please, enjoy reading (if you do) and feel free to vote, comment and follow for more fun and weirdness from myself, Laura- the writer π™π™€π™§π™’π™–π™‘π™žπ™©π™žπ™šπ™¨ Most of these characters do not belong to me, they mostly belong to she who must not be named- The Gales, and a handful of other things do belong to myself Many vine references, references of Gilmore girls, references of buffy the vampire slayer, teen wolf, donnie darko, and many more Lots of love always, L. πŸ’—

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the beginning

First things first, I hope you enjoy this story, I put a lot of effort and love into it so please (unless it's a spelling mistake or grammar mistake), please don't hassle me. I've had to put this in because for some reason I've had some hate on this which I don't appreciate.

If you want to support some other accounts here on Wattpad I recommend supporting this group of lovely people:
goawayhornythots tonkswifebitch moxxnlightt celestial_dark_age ❀️
^show them some love xx

Okay second of all:
Face Claims
(just to help those of you with more reliant imaginations)


~Lilly Collins as Y/n Lily Potter~
(For gifs and pictures check my Wattpad version)

~Daniel Radcliffe as Harry James Potter~

~Anna Shaffer as Romilda Anne Vane~

~Natalie Dormer as Fay Jennin Dunbar~

~Alfred (Alfie) Enoch as Dean Thomas~

~Devon Murray as Seamus Finnigan~

~Emma Watson as Hermione Jean Granger~

~Rupert Grint as Ronald Bilius Weasley~

~James and Oliver Phelps as Frederick Gideon and George Fabian Weasley~

~Tom Felton as Draco Lucius Malfoy~

~Leonardo DiCaprio as Theodore Nott~

Please enjoy the story, if there are any problems, any triggers or anything else don't be scared to let me know.

I am also here if you need help with ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING.

Thank you for taking time to read this story and I hope you enjoy it❀️

Y/n= your name
Y/i= your initial (usually followed by "P" in this story bc it's Y/n Porter)
Y/h/l= your hair length
And yeah if you have any questions lmk

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