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the other chosen one


(This is just the beginning of the story for a little backstory- ignore it if you wish and continue on :), I hope you enjoy)

Y/n Potter was away at the black house when Voldemort killed Lily and James Potter. And so she wasn't there when her parents when they were brutally murdered solely for the fact that they refused to join the darkest of wizards and not allowing him access to their children. Along with Harry she only found out she was a wizard after a large man with a beard burst down the door one night.

"I can't be a wizard, im-im-im just harry, just harry." my brother stuttered. Dudley and I shared a glance of pure confusion. This must be a prank right?

"Oh and you too y/n. Lovely to meet you, I'm Hagrid." smiles the giant slightly disturbing me at the fact he knew my name.
He explained all about Hogwarts and a life beyond just what we can see.

"Killed by a dark wizard? What're you on about, they died in a car crash!" i shouted at this man. Is he disrespecting the passing of my parents? Insulting the memory of them?

As he explains more and more I find my whole life up to this point to be a lie. I looked at Petunia with a hurt look, she always swore she'd protect me- was this her way of protecting me? Lying to me? When I turned to the left I saw Dudley bent over the cake Hagrid so nicely made for Harry with the words 'Happee Birthdae Harry.'

My birthday is the 18th October in 1979 so I was glad to get to see some cake- mind you, I don't really have cake anyway, my uncle hates me being happy for some odd reason.

Anyway, Hagrid didn't take lightly to Dudley eating Harry's cake and well- let's skip the rest because hopefully you know what happened.


I lost my brother about 10 minutes before getting on the platform- I hope he figures out how to get through the barrier. I walk through the train corridor after managing to lug in my trunk, trying to find a compartment that was on the less full side. I find one with 4 young boys who seem to be around my age.

"Would you mind if I sit in here?" I ask hopefully.

"Yes, of course!" says a dark boy with beautiful eyes and a kind voice, extending his hand, "Dean."

"Y/n" I respond shaking the hand he stuck out with a wary smile

I turn to face the other three who were looking at me silently, "Can I help you?" I ask.

"Malfoy, Draco Malfoy" Said a young boy with bleach blonde hair

"Is that really how you introduce yourself?" I laugh

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