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Use Your Words: a Severus Snape Fan Fic


Zoe Ricky Cate is an 18 year old student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As a 7th year Ravenclaw, she attempts to get over her silly crush over her potions professor, Severus Snape. Many events occur that lead her to question how good of a student she really is.

Romance / Erotica
Z.C. Iwai
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I do NOT own ANY of the characters from the Harry Potter Universe. All rights are reserved for J.K Rowling. The only thing I own is the plot and main character. This is also my first fan fic ever, so please be nice! I’m not the best at writing, so I apologize if the first few chapters suck. I’ll try to update every week, or maybe sooner. Just please don’t rush me, I’m writing this to relieve my stress, not create more. This also takes place during the year of the Goblet of Fire. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy!


I felt myself rejuvenated by the sound of two identical voices calling my name. My eyelids were heavy from the lack of sleep I got the night before due to the Weasley twins practically setting the burrow ablaze with fireworks.

“Hey, Cate. Time to wake up, luv,” I hear one voice say.

“Yeah cmon, Ricky, mum’s made breakfast for us,” I hear the other one say.

I groan from the annoyance of the two idiots and proceed to open my eyes. Two red headed boys were towering over me with mischievous smiles slapped on their faces. Out of annoyance I grabbed the extra pillow to my left, where Fred was, and hid my face under it. I heard George sigh.

I felt him move away from the right side of my bed as he said, “Ready, Fred?”

I immediately moved my pillow away and looked at George who had the biggest smirk on his face. I quickly turn my head at Fred who reciprocated the same smirk.

“Ready, George,” he said in response.

Next thing I knew I was snatched out of bed by my ankles as I screamed for them to let me go.

“Quiet there, Ricky. You’ll wake Ronniekins. You know how cranky he gets in the mornings.”

Ricky was my middle name. Not many people called me it. Only George. I stopped yelling to glare at him in response. Fred snickered so I kicked him in the chest. It was a failed attempt, but it was worth a try.

I bite my lip attempting to stifle a laugh, “You two gits better let me go, or I swear I’ll have your mother rain hell fire on you guys.”

They looked at each other in slight panic and let go almost immediately. I laughed at their behavior and grabbed Fred’s hand that he reached out to me. He pulled me up and I dusted my Kenmare Kestrels t-shirt and red plaid pajama pants off. I walked past the two boys and I felt George ruffle my short dark brown hair. I swatted his hand away and he chuckled.

I walked down the wooden steps of the burrow and my nose was engulfed by the welcoming scent of a delicious Molly Weasley breakfast. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was a quarter to 10.

I turn towards the kitchen and was greeted by a red-haired woman, “Good morning, dearie. How’d you sleep?”

“Quite nicely, Mrs. Weasley, thank you.”

She patted my shoulder and rubbed it while saying, “Oh please, dear. Call me Molly.”

I smiled at her comment and said, “Of course. Thank you, Molly.”

I walked over to the dining table to see almost the entire Weasley family sitting along with Hermione and Harry. I looked over to Fred and George who both beamed at me. I saw George patting an empty chair that sat between the two of them. I walked over and smiled at Hermione and Ginny when they greeted me. The moment I sat down, both twins rested their arms on my shoulders. I knew what was coming, so I drawled a breath in and listened.

George leaned over to my right ear and spoke softly, “Listen Ricky, we’re pulling a quick prank on Ron before we head off to the tournament later.”

“And you, luv, have no choice but to participate,” Fred added in a hushed voice.

I let go of the breath I was holding in, realizing that I’m probably going to be bait. That’s how it usually worked. Fred and George had a whole elaborate plan that always revolved around me baiting the victim. Not that I ever minded it, for it was originally my idea for the job. There were only a few incidents where I got caught. My reputation was quite high at Hogwarts, so the professors always thought I was either framed, or used without my knowledge. However, I was always scolded by Professor Snape. He was the only one suspicious of my relationship with the twins. Although he treated me sternly, he was always quite fond of me. It’s probably because I was his best student for every year that I attended Hogwarts, but I didn’t mind. I secretly fancied the tall dark-haired man. His dark robes and mysterious qualities always intrigued me. That and his smooth baritone voice that always had a way to make my heart flutter.

I was turning 19 this coming up school year. I would have already graduated, but I had attended Hogwarts a year late due to my muggle father who refused to let me attend when I received my letter at age 11. It took a whole school year for my mother to convince him it was the right thing to do, but because I was forced to attend muggle school for a year, I was placed with the other first years when I joined. I didn’t mind too much because I didn’t stand out among the many other younger kids. I was always quite small, and only grew to be 5′5 by my third year. My mother was also a witch. She attended Hogwarts, and was placed in Ravenclaw like me. She was a kind soul. Her height and complexion matched mine. The both of us were quite pale, and she had a similar facial structure as me, but she had long black hair and dark brown eyes. She was thin in structure, but she always carried elegance and kindness with herself.

She died from pancreatic cancer when I was in my fourth year.

That was when I became quite close with the Weasley twins. They had found me in the corridor one afternoon when they were setting up a trap for Filch. They saw me crying and George immediately rushed over and asked what was wrong. I attempted to spill everything to them, but I had been so panicked from everything that they had to bring me to Snape’s classroom to get a draught of peace so I could at least calm down enough for them to understand my words.

That was also when Snape first really drew his attention to me. He never got to hear what had happened with my family, but he always checked up on my during his class for the rest of that year.

After pondering about the prank the twins had planned out for poor Ron, I lift my gaze to glance at him as he was consuming his food quite quickly. Hermione looked a bit disgusted as she watched by his side.

I let off a small chuckle and smirked, “Alright boys, but you guys better cover for me if your mum comes for us.”

“That’s our girl, Catie,” I hear Fred say.

“Cmon now, eat you breakfast. We’ve got work to do, Ricky.” George had the most devilish smile on his face, which was of course matched by Fred.

I smiled to myself and the three of us began to eat.


I know that this was kind of a sucky chapter, I just needed to fill you guys on what the hell had happened in the past in order to explain everything that’ll happen later. It’ll get more interesting, I swear.

The first few chapters will just be kind of meh due to having to get all the way from the tournament to school and wtv but I’ll do a time skip or you guys.


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