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Use Your Words: a Severus Snape Fan Fic

Chapter 2

The twins and I all stand up from our seats at the same time. I thank Molly for breakfast, but before I would hear her response I was yanked upstairs by the twins. I laugh and continue to follow them to their room. Fred opens the door and George and I follow him in.

“Alright, so what’s the plan?” I say while rubbing my hands together.

“Well, if you’d do me the kind favor to hand me those fireworks over there, Fred and I will go set these up in Ron’s backpack. When he goes upstairs, we need you to make sure he opens it by asking him to double check if he has everything. But be careful, because you can’t accompany him in that room unless-”

“You want to be covered in soot and gun power,” Fred finished with a grin.

I thought to myself for a second. Yeah, I’d rather not. I walked past the boys and grabbed the bag of fireworks and handed it to George, “Ok, how much time do we have until he comes up?”

“Hermione always comes up with Ginny right before Harry comes up with Ron following. We need to get Harry out of the way, but Georgie will handle that.”

“All we need from you, Ricky, is to wait by the bathroom until you hear Ron coming up the stairs. Pretend like you’re leaving and-”

“Yes, yes. Act nonchalant and make him double check his stuff before we leave to meet your father outside. I’ve got it.”

“Alrighty, Catie let’s get a move on.”

As I open the door to lead the three of us out, I feel a pair on hands on my shoulders. I feel a bit of heat run to my cheeks and turn to look at George who stood behind me with a soft smile on his face. He’s younger than you, stop it. We all walked out and the two boys made their way to Ron’s room while I made my way to the bathroom.

I close the door behind me and lock it. I lean against the door to listen for Ron’s footsteps or voice. Not to long later I hear two people rushing back up the stairs. It’s Fred and George. I hear them pass the bathroom and listen for a few more seconds. The two girls were walking up. It shouldn’t be long before-

“Harryyyyy, we need to have a little chat, chosen one," I heard George say tauntingly.

“A-Alright, sure. I’ll see you later, Ron.”

I heard Potter follow him upstairs. I breathed out, flushed the toilet, and turned on the sink for a second before turning it back off and walking out of the bathroom. I ran right into Ron and we both apologized.

I immediately spoke before he could say anything more, “Oh, I’m going to go double check my backpack before we leave. You should too y’know. Hermione’s not always going to have whatever you seem to be missing.”

He looked a bit nervous, but responded calmly, “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. Bloody hell, she’d have my head if I forgot something. Especially if she already asked if I had made sure to pack it.”

I chucked and he smiled.

I patted his shoulder and said, “Alright then, Ronniekins. I’ll see you out front in an hour.”

He nodded with a smile and I waved before departing back to the twins’ room. George was lying on his bed while playing around with his wand. He seemed so intrigued by the detail on it, but was quickly taken out of his trance when he heard me walk in. He turned his head and smiled at me. I smiled back and walked over to his bed. I sat down next to him as he lifted his upper body and leaned on his right elbow.

“I’m guessing Freddie covered the backpack situation.” I said with a sly smile.

“That’s right, Ricky. Now all we have to do is wait.”

Not even two seconds later I hear the spewing noise of fireworks coming from Ron’s room.

The younger Weasley brother had yelled, “BLOODY HELL!!!”

George and I looked at each other in a bit of shock, but immediately held our stomachs from bursting out in laughter. Him and I got up and raced to see the result of our disastrous prank. We ran into Fred and he couldn’t help but laugh along with us.

Ron was covered in dark soot marks. He looked like Seamus after a failed potion. He glared at me and the boys and I covered my mouth while attempting to coke down a laugh. Ginny and Hermione had come down, along with Harry. Ginny giggled and Hermione looked shocked. Harry was trying not to laugh at his best friend that looked like he had gotten blown up. I heard Molly yelling from downstairs. Her footsteps starting coming up the stairs not too long later, which was Fred and George’s cue to flee. I would’ve been fine, but of course they dragged me up the stairs with them. We closed their door behind us and started laughing as a group.

“I can’t believe he fell for that!” Fred said almost on the verge of tears.

“Yeah, me neither! Y’know if it hadn’t been for Ricky, Ron would not have opened his pack until we got to the tent. Then we’d REALLY have our heads bashed in by mum.”

I was sitting down on George’s bed while still giggling, “You guys were the brilliant ones. Stop giving me so much credit.”

“Couldn’t have done it without you, Cate.”

“Alright, alright, no more sentiment. We’ve got to prepare for your mother’s wrath.”

“By ‘we’ you mean-”

“You and Fred. I’m safe, your mum loves me. Good luck to you two though!”

I stood up and walked out of their room. On my way down the steps I ran into Molly who looked like she could rip her sons apart. However, her face softened at the sight of me.

“Oh, don’t worry dear, I know you had nothing to do with it.” She said while rubbing my arms.

“As per usual. Always a pleasure, Molly.”

“Always a pleasure, dearie.”

She walked past me and I slowed down my steps so I could hear her conversation with the boys. Not that I needed to, she was quite loud about it. I bet the rest of the family had heard from downstairs as well.


She had gone on and on about what they did for what seemed to be about 5 minutes. They sure did get an earful out of her.

By the time the twins and Molly had come down stairs, the rest of us were waiting outside with our packs. I was standing next to Fred and George’s. I held back a laugh when they came over to me.

“So worth it,” Fred said to me while smiling.

George was putting his backpack on and added, “Yup, not an ounce of regret.”

“Good to hear you boys had fun. Now c’mon, we’ve got to head out with the rest of em.”

The three of us followed the group and met with the Diggory’s. Cedric was always kind to me, but I had never spoken to him too much.

We made it to the portkey and all of us landed at the Quidditch World Cup.

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