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Chiara's life was depressing and loss was the word that governed her life, after the loss of her entire family Chiara travels to another universe where she meets her friends and a platinum blonde boy that has been staring at her for four years, she also meets other guys who along with her travel in the wizarding world. This is not a love story, is a story of power and strength. Various love interest. I don't own the Harry Potter series.

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Hi, I’m the writer of this story. I’m very sorry if this story presents grammar mistakes but English isn’t my first language. If you see any mistakes please tell me so I could correct them.

This story includes Harry Potter’s books and movies characters, they all belong to JK. Rowling. The writer does not agree with JK. Rowling scandal.

This story includes hard themes such as depression and suicide so read at your own risk. This story also is placed in the fourth year and she gets to Hogwarts by shifting even thought she didn’t know what was it.

I started this story as my final project of language class, it ended very different but somehow I got my inspiration to continues the story from there .

Thank you for reading the story and I really hope you like it, please vote for it and comment.

Have a nice day.

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