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𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 | Lorenzo Berkshire


“Stay with me forever darling,” Lorenzo spoke gently. “Of course.” This is a Harry Potter au fan fiction based in the sixth year. The character credits for Lorenzo Berkshire, Lucille Granger, and Onyx De Loughrey go to @/-babynaomi on Wattpad, all others go to JK Rowling. (This book is primarily written on Wattpad with 17 of the chapters already updated)

Romance / Erotica
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Year 6


She sat there. She sat on the same seat, on the same train, on the same day of the year. And every year, she never fails to look gorgeous doing so. Lucille Granger is beautiful, from her full, plump lips to her long brown hair that effortlessly flows from her head onto her shoulders, there is no denying it. Her eyes were big and a light shade of green, fern to be precise and oh how she wore her uniform so well. Each movement she made was delicate. No girl was anything compared to her. Looks is not all that matters with her, or any other person for that matter. Lucille is so sympathetic, understanding, compassionate. A devoted, cheery sentiment will always linger when Granger is nearby.

Don’t get me wrong, onyx is beautiful too, every woman is.

Blaise and Onyx used to be a thing back in year 4, they would meet in the astronomy tower at 23:15 on the dot. The two lasted for about 18 months but it’s obvious that Blaise is still in love with her. He looks at her as if he has just discovered a lost treasure, the type of treasure where you want to keep it to yourself and project it from the world.

“Lorenzo!” Draco exclaimed, “I’ve called your name six times now!”

“Sorry, I zoned out for a bit,” I replied quietly, I cannot be bothered for Draco right now. We’ve known and been friends for so many years now. My parents were never around to look after me, so Narcissa and her atrocious husband took me in as their own. The hate I have for my parents is atrocious, my dad may be a little better than my mother, but he’s nothing special. He is rich as fuck and my mother, well, she is a person who I wish to forget, but never forgive. My despise for her existence is far greater than anyone I know.

“Is everything alright Enzo, you seem a little off today. What’s on your mind?” Lucille questioned. Merlin, her voice is so soothing, I would love for her to talk to me forever.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m perfectly fine, just thinking about the train rides we’ve all shared,” I told her. What i wanted to say would have been inappropriate, especially with Malfoy and Zabini at the same table.

“Is that including when you and Luna shagged in the bathroom just down there,” Onyx laughed.

“She was a right freak that one. There’s not a place in Hogwarts where she didn’t pounce on me.” I responded lowly. I know that is no way to speak about a woman, but if my response differs, Malfoy and Blaise will think less of me.

“Wait, what do you mean by she’s a freak-? Oh- that kinda freak- Lorenzo!” Lucille usually was not the quickest and realizing at times, it made her even more adorable to be honest.

We all laughed except Malfoy.

Lucille could be the love child of Joey and Rachel from the American sitcom ‘Friends’ she forced us to watch last Christmas in the Malfoy Manor. Mumsy loved having us over there as Lucius was always away doing something secretive. That was for the best, the word ‘mudblood’ was highly engraved into the vocabulary of Malfoys.

I hate that word and so does the other half of society.

If I recall correctly, Hermione punched Draco in the face for using that word during our third year. I have only spoken to Hermione a few times, but my respect for her is high.

Thankfully, Cissy does not use that word, but she’s too scared to tell Lucius not to use it. Her demeanour when she is around her husband differs from when she is comfortable and without him. On multiple occasions, I have told her that she is best without him, that her life would be so much more if she had the courage.

“Achoo,” Lucy sneezed.

“Go sort yourself out mudblood, no one likes disease ridden women,” Draco sneered.

“Do not call her that!” Onyx yelled in frustration.

“It’s okay Onyx, I need to use the facilities anyway.” Lucy stood up gently and glided towards the bathroom. I feel sorry for her, she acts like this doesn’t affect her but I can see it in her eyes. They water and her face drops at the derogatory word.

“This train ride gets longer and longer each year, why must it drag on?,” Blaise complained, breaking the silence.

“We have not been on the train for three hours yet Blaise, it has not ‘dragged on’.” Onyx rolled her eyes and focused on the outside.

“Great, six hours left.”

“Don’t be ridiculous De Loughrey, you typically fall asleep in the next hour,” Draco ridiculed.

“I’m surprised Lucy had not dozed off against Enzo’s shoulder yet, she is always the first,” Onyx said, almost ignoring Draco’s statement.

We all let out a forced laugh excluding Malfoy who rested his head in his palm.


I stood there with tears drooling from my eyes facing the small bathroom mirror. The bathroom was considerably smaller compared to the others that scatter along the Hogwarts Express.

Draco, he called me a mudblood, again. I hate it, I hate him and the world we live in so much. Draco knows that i do not like it and makes me feel worthless, perhaps that is why he focuses most of his negative energy on me.

I wipe the tears from my face and tidy my face. The last thing I want is for Onyx to know I was crying, nearly every time I cry she freaks out and becomes overly protective. It’s great until she threatens to hurt the soul who hurt mine, I learned that lesson after Cedric broke my heart two years ago.

Cedric hurt me so bad I could not bear to be in his presence. He used to love me, call me his princess, take me on brunch dates down in Hogsmeade most Saturday morning’s, but everything that brings you joy will come to an end. Love is pointless. Love is futile. Love has no purpose but to destroy.

I know you must not think of the dead in negativity, but that boy played me like a harp. I was too wrapped up in his warm affection to see, to realize, how much damage one could do.

I unlocked the bathroom door, opening it only to find Hermione lingering outside.

“Oh hey Lucille! I am so sorry for not saying at home during the summer, I resided at the burrow-.”

“Mione it is fine! I understand. Besides, I was at the manor three out of the six weeks with Onyx anyway.” Hermione was my half-sister. Whether it was a pleasure or a down right curse, it changed constantly. Due to her reputation of being smart and a know-it-all, people also associate me with the reason Hermione is known, but the truth is, I am no were near as smart as her. I am her total opposite: she’s smart, I’m dumb; she’s patient, I’m very much impatient; she’s loveable, I’m not.

Hermione and I talked for a while, reminiscing about our past, how we used to run around the house chasing each other, and how we would put up a tent and camp out in our back garden, and how we would be inseparable back in primary school, but things change. The only time we would spend time with one another was when we would have family nights or watch movies like Clueless, Edward scissor hands, Beetlejuice.

I miss her all of the time, even so, if I wanted to go see her, I get scared that she would reject my attendance and turn me away.

“Do you fancy coming back to our compartment Lucy? Harry, Ron and I really miss you.”

“Why not? I may as well, Draco’s being ill mannered again.”

“Uh, I do not understand why you are friends with him, all he does is hurt and be rude to those around him.” Hermione took my arm and began to walk to the trains front.

Back at the compartment sat Harry, Ron, and a smaller ginger. I had only met her a few times and we got along splendidly, the name that belongs to her would not come to my tongue. I am pretty sure it is either Jenny or Ginny, either way, it suited her red locks.

As the compartment door opened, the laughing, smiley faces were quickly replaced with ones of confusion and uncertainty.

“Oh, hey Lucille,” Harry said reluctantly. All joy drained from his voice, he spoke to me as if I were a stranger to him.

“Hey Harry, Ron, and I’m guessing your Ginny.” I took a leap with the name, it felt the most right.

“I am, and I’m guessing you’re Lucille. Hermione talks about you a lot, you’re sisters right-.”

“Half. Half-sisters. Different mums,” Hermione and I said in unison.

I sat down next to Hermione who was snuggling up into Ron’s arms, apparently they’ve been dating since the middle of Summer, I always knew they would find each other romantically. There has always been something between them, ever since she asked him and Harry whether they had seen Trevor, Neville’s lost toad.

The five of us awkwardly talked for a few hours, but they all fell asleep. I shuffled up and left, I had to get back to my friends who are also probably napping, at least with them I would feel more comfortable.

As my feet carried me to the back of the train, my friends and Draco quickly came into view. Everyone was sleeping, except one person, the person who I had secretly been in love with for over a year. Lorenzo.

“Took you long enough,” he laughed, “Must have been one hell of a cry, trust me I’ve been there many, many times.”

“I wasn’t crying this time, I was with Hermione.”

“That’s a change. The two of you have not been sighted together for a while.” I took the same aisle seat next to him and filled him in with all of the new information I had found out. We theorized that Harry and Ginny would be the next to date. Everyone knew they were close and had feelings for the other, it was no secret.

I placed my hand upon Lorenzo’s wrist to look at his quart-faced watch, the time read 19:45. Only fifteen more minutes until we were destined to arrive at Hogsmeade.

“We should begin waking the others, it’s not long until we arrive.”

“Remember, let me wake Draco, he’s only going to kick off otherwise.”

We collected our luggage from the overhead bins and rolled them onto the Hogsmeade platform. The stars shone brightly in the sky with the waxing gibbous moon taking all of the attention.

“It’s crazy how these carriages draw themselves, my mind will never be wrapped around the idea.” Onyx has said that every year when we board it.

“I know,” I lied. I knew full well that Thestral’s, the creatures that are only seen by those who have been in the presence of death, pulled the carts. I would say that I know this from reading, but that would be a lie also...

Thank you for reading this chapter. I am a very unexperienced, and talentless writer, so I apologize for the bad quality. Anyway, please don’t forget to vote. I love you all <3

~Izzy, Until we meet again xx
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