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Dobby x Zina Diakos


This is smut but not heavy so 16+ However this is all a joke and is just a super short funny story (I’m not joking there’s only 1.4k words) Character creds to @boyifyouknew Zina is her character and I am in no way stealing her ideas or character I even have permission from her to write this thank you Samine🧡Cover Creds: wh0r3forthew3asl3ys on insta (:

Erotica / Humor
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Zina x Dobby

Zina was ecstatic. The guy she had wanted, she had needed for months on end was finally on his way over. She had her eye on him for a long time, but no matter what she tried he never seemed to glance in her direction. She lay there basking in the fantasies she created in her head her heart beating faster, arousal flooding her as the time approaches.

A soft knock on the door made Zina let out a breathless moan as she hastily approached the door. "Hello Miss Diakos, I'm Dobby the Elf" Dobby stared up at her with a grin as Zina bit her lip, drowned in the lustful embrace of his expression; her loss for words confused her as she melted into his eyes "oh please call me Zina pet" she spoke up as she tried to regain her flirtatious spirit.

Zina couldn't take her eyes off him. His big green eyes, his large curved nose, his perfectly chunky bent knees, everything about him had her mesmerised. He welcomed himself inside leaving Zina's head to follow his every waking step. "I feel you asked Dobby here to become your house Elf? I'm afraid Dobby is freed Miss Diakos" Dobby Declared as he turned around to face her, eyeing her up and down as he gave her a serious look.

Zina was lost for words, her mouth slightly parted as she began breathing heavily she couldn't get a word out as Dobby began seductively approaching her slowly. Her arousal intensified all she wanted was to have him, she wanted to know how every inch of him felt and she wanted to know now.

"Actually Dobby-" Her words were filled with passion as her lust took over, she ran a finger down his face lifting his chin so he was gazing directly into her eyes as she leaned closer whispering into his large abnormal ear "Let's have some fun pet" she leaned into him her lips mere inches from his as she breathed "I'll take my socks off for you darling"

Dobby's heart began racing the last person who offered him there socks was daddy Potter, and that was absolutely years ago he grew aroused by her sudden request and a devilish grin appeared on his smug face, Dobby motioned her to come closer and he whispered in her ear "Miss Diakos want naughty Dobby...?"

The sudden change in his tone made her melt his breath lingered on her ear, she wanted more she clasped his face as she edged closer "oh please Dobby let me call you my Master" the desperation began to reflect in her eyes as she could tell her Veela effects weren't working on him, the thought of having to work hard to impress him made her grow more aroused by the minute, she had never wanted someone so badly in her life.

"Miss Diakos is making Dobby very happy" a grin appeared across her face as she stood up and led him into her bedroom, Dobby hobbled into the bedroom a smirk on his face as Zina turned on her radio. The song 'Careless Whispers' began playing.

She flipped her head around her hair swaying by her face as Dobby sat on the bed leaning back on his arms watching her every move, biting her lip as she swayed her hips running her hands through her hair

Dobby could sense himself growing hard his fabric cloth being no good at hiding it, Zina looked down and stared at his sudden bulge as she slowly danced over, "master Dobby has presented you with a big juicy cock"

Zina felt a shiver down her spine the way Dobby made her feel was explosive, his confidence towered over her Zina fell to her knees breathing heavily mesmerised by the bulge under his thin fabric clothing "let me make you feel good pet" Dobby forcefully grabbed her chin pulling down her lip while saying "it's master Dobby for you Angel"

Zina's lips burned under the feel of his skin, she loved every second of it and every touch yearning for more "-Master Dobby" she whispered as she slowly stood, leaning over him as she whispered into his ear, "I want you darling do you want me?" Trailing her hand down his chest "let me give you that satisfaction" her lips brushed past his ear which left him tense and breathless.

"Master Dobby- accepts Miss Diakos' request"

Her hands lingered on his chest trailing down as Dobby untied his robe she bit her lip, the adrenaline running through her veins. She was speechless, Dobby was huge!!! "Dobby- you're packing" she winked looking into his eyes Dobby smirked, "Master Dobby says call Ollivander, Dobby thinks his wand has found its master"

His words made Zina grow wet, and she couldn't take it anymore she leaned in and began passionately kissing his large slender lips, the taste of dirt lingered in her mouth as Dobby tried to force his strange long tongue down her throat.

What Zina thought would be uncomfortable turned her on, even more, the vicious animal noises he made as his tongue pierced through the gap in her lips sent a shiver down her spine, Dobby was getting her all flustered she needed him, his sweaty sock scent attracting every inch of her.

Zina twirled the very few short blonde strands of hair on Dobby's head, as their tongues began spinning like washing machines in each other's mouths. The tension between them drove her insane, whatever power Dobby had over her it was powerful she could hardly contain herself, she needed more and she needed it now.

"Master Dobby, how about I be your house elf pet..." Zina said smirking as she ran her hand down his chest, gently rubbing his thigh in the process "I'll do whatever you want..." Zina leaned in closer and began to whisper "..and I don't need any clothes"

Zina's words left Dobby speechless, as he began to grow hard, Zina traced her finger along his chin down his chest then took his length into her hand.
Dobby let out a strange squeal the sensation he was feeling was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Better than Harry, better than Hagrid even better than Winky he was in heaven all he could think about was the soft warm hand of a stunning woman who made him quiver with her every move.

“Miss Diakos makes Dobby feel heavenly” Dobby said through heavy breathes Zina stared back at him an intense look of lust in her eyes no words were exchanged but Dobby could tell by the way Zina gently batted her eyelids that she wanted him
“Master Dobby..” Zina said in a low tone, still stroking his surprisingly large length as she climbed over him.

Whispering into his ears “I know you want me.. why don’t you save yourself the pain of waiting pet” breathing gently into his ears as she cradled his lap one hand gently massaging him while the other cupped his face “they note you resist the harder I’m going to try love” Zina groaned as she gently bites his ear her fantasies flooding back into memory and drenching her underwear.

All is silent as they lustfully stare into each other's eyes. The tension builds between them as there near ready to pounce on each other all she wants is him and she would do absolutely anything to get him...

The bedroom door slams open and Zina’s gaze suddenly moves to the door a tall figure was standing in the doorway, there heavy breathing drowning out the silence as they take a moment to catch there breath “you seriously weren’t going to invite me? That’s charming of you”

Zina’s mouth was on the floor she didn’t know what to say or even how to speak at this point the tall figure placed down a large bag “and besides your both not even in the right frame of mind yet loosen up a bit! Why are you so tense?” They laughed as they opened the bag.

Dobby’s eyes moved back and forth between Zina and the person “don’t be so speechless will ya? I only bite when people ask..” the room was still silent “someone please talk!”

“Well, I- Dobby supposes it wouldn’t hurt for you to join in” Dobby spoke through shocked stutters still not knowing what to think “Miss Diakos what do you think?”

Zina snapped out of her trance then but her lip “well I suppose I do love a good threesome... very well George you can join in, they must say Weasley is our king for a reason” George chuckled “and that they do let’s get this show on the road”


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