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A Wolf's Tale



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Chapter 1

"Introduce yourself." I heard Julie - my new therapists - say.

I looked at her dead in the eye and I saw her quiver a bit. A smirk danced across my face, it always make me happy to see how scared lower class werewolf are of me. After a long sign I finally decided to answer her

"My name is Summer Maria Parker and I am a werewolf." I looked her straight in the eye again and added on." The rightful alpha of the Crystal Moon Pack."

"Okay, good. Now I want you to tell me about your family, your pack and your childhood." Julie questioned again but this time with more respect.

I thought about it for a while, this unworthy were having to question me, an alpha, all in the name of her profession. Questioning me as if she had some hold over me. I can feel my blood boil and my mouth run dry thinking about what a great meal she would make. But I can't feast on her. All because of this stupid system of the councils. We are werewolfves we don't need to be out in foster care. I's much rather be thrown into the woods then sit here and pretend to be their idea of normal.

"I am 17 year old, the eldest of 4 children, I have a twin, ryan. And a younger brother by 2 years Aiden. Selene, she is the youngest, 6. My wolf's name is alexis. My... My parents are Seth and Christene. They're all back in their hell hol-"

"How is your relationship with your family?" Julie interupted me.

I let out a growl and glared at her for her act of blatant disrespect. My desire to eat her becoming more prominent then before.

"DO not interrupt me while I speak. I know how this works so shut up and listen." My alpha voice coming to surface in a thickly voice.

"Y-yes Miss Parker." her voice wobbly.

"As I was saying they all live in their hell hole of a home back at Crystal Moon. I don't remember my pack very well, besides for the training grounds and cells, when I was little I was always locked away. I was not allowed to go out and make friends like other. It's was devastating for a kid, and like any other child I decided to sneak out and see what it was like. I was only 10 at that time. That was my biggest mistake. My luck wasn't that good, as soon as I made it out I heard my father's voice. I hid behind a wall. There was another man with him, asking him about his family and kids. My father had told him that he had a sons and he couldn’t be more pround of them. I was confused thinking why he didn't mention me, his daughter. And then I was sad, did father not like me, was I not a good daughter to him, was he not proud of me like he was of Ryan and Aiden? With all these througth my mind I didn't realize when mother found me and dragged me back to my room. I asked her about it. My 10 year old mind wanted to know why her father wouldn't acknowledge her, and then, she told me that since daddy is a an alpha he had a pack to worry about. She told me that I was too little to understand and when the time was right to would all make sense to me. But I didn't believe it, I don't believe because I still don't see how it made sense. Call me stubborn but I wanted answers so I pushed mother out and ran to father."

I looked up at Julie who was busy taking down notes as I spoke

I continued whilst reliving that moments again. I remember everything so clearly. Father's shocked face when he saw me in his office and then mother running in after me.

"Daddy why didn't you tell that man that I am your doughter."

He looked down at me... He looked at me like I was not his daughter, like I was a rogue to whom he felf nothing but disgust and repulstion towards. Exasperated he said to me

"Summer I don't have time for this, go to room."

"No, no please tell me. I want to know!"

"Enought! You are already a disappointment to me leave from here right now before I rip you apart. You were never meant to be born, your birth has brought shame to me and this pack!" He shouted at me and I could see his eyes turning more black with eaxh word he spat at me.

At that moments everything came crushing down. I couldn’t move my limbs or hear anything that was happening around me. All I could see was mother holding back father trying to calm him. I didn't know what was what anymore. I couldn’t breathe and room was closing in. I tried to move my legs, to walk out, to do something , anything! But I couldn’t. Suddenly two arms grabbed my shoulders and carried me inside my room.

I cried so much that night. I couldn’t stop myself. How could father say that? I was his own cub. How could he be cruel and not love me? My thoughts were disrupted when mother came inside.

"Dear, no don't cry mommies here. Hust now." She hugged me while trying to console me.

"Summer you have to understand that daddy is an alpha and in this pack there is a rule. The frist born cub is the heir and we cant have you as the biggest lack. A female ad alpha will be a sign of weakness. Other wolves and packs will make fun of your father. This is why daddy is angry. He said all those things without thinking. He does care for you."

I tried to take in all of that but it was just too much and with what mother said I felt the msg of my spirit break. I broke. She was wrong, he did not care for me at all. I saw it in his eyes disappointment and hatred there was not a trace of love left

"I just wish Ryan was born first at least then your father would have been at ease. We all would have been so much more happier."

She hugged me and mumbled to herself thinking I wouldn't hear "Maybe, then your father would have loved you."

But I heard it, head each and every word.

Every. Damn. Syllable

"What happened after that" she asked softly

"After that I stayed with them for a year and I hated everyone around me, I couldn’t stand being with them. I was angry and aggressive. I didn't consider them family. I trained with the warriors, spent my time in the cell watching the prisoners get tortured and avoided everyone in that house. After a few months I was over it, I didn't feel sad or the pain anymore. All I ever felt was rage.

I turned 11, I lived an entire year seeing how to fight, how to inflict pain on people. That was my comfort for a year.

That year Seth and Christene were expecting a baby. I heard the whispers from the servants on the coridoors. It was within those coridoors that my rage turned into something more lethal. I was returning to my room when i heard laughter, a loud male one and a feminine one, It was them. I went to their room and hid behind the wall eavesdropping. Finally their laughter died down and them I head him.

"I am so happy today my dear, you have truly made me the happiest man alive. We're going to be parents again Chrissy. Our little girl, our princess Christene." I didn't think it was possible. I thought that day could only break me once. But I was mistaken. For the second time they had broken me. But this time instead of the pain I was filled with hate and rage unlike I have ever experience. It was his voice that did it, it wasn't that it was filled with undeniable joy, no, it was the pride that he spoke with. He said it with such pride that on one would ever think that no one would ever think that he had a daughter that he had neglected for 11 years.

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