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A Wolf's Tale

Chapter 2

I had enought. I walked out throught the coridoor, out of the house and ran. I rain straight into the woods not stopping even when my little feet were mattee with blood any my lungs were bruning. I didn't notice any of it, the only thing running throught my head were flashback of my life, the torture and misery they put me throught. With each memory my anger spiked. It turned into fury, my entire body was sweating, drops rolling down my face. It turned into rage, my vision was blurred, it kept switching, my senses were changing, they evolved. And then... Then it turned me.

I was so overwhelmed with the amount of rage I was feeling that I didn't realize I was shifting. My emotions forced my wolf to surface and shift. I shifted 5 year too early.

It was agonzing and excruciatingly painful. It lasted the entire night of feeling each of the 206 bones in body break, bend and restructure. But it was worth it. I wasn't supposed to survive that shift but I did because of Alexis, my wolf. Alexis was much older, wiser and stronger than a wolf I was supposed to receive at 16 much less at 11. She changed me more. Alexis took control, she taught me to hunt and defend myself in wolf form. She taught me the feral nature of wolves, the pure way of life that was meant for a wolf. For a week we went back and forth learning and hurting.

After a week I was found by another pack. They didn't know that I had shifted and Alexis made sure that they would not find out. Since I was very young they didn't bring me to the cells rather they sent me off to the wolf community. I was sent from being a rogue to a pup under foster care.

"And, what about mates? Do you believer in them?

" Of course I believe in them, but I would never accept a mate. It's a sign of weakness. Having a mate means to sumbit them and to give so much of control over to someone else. Mating with another means that you're willingly tying yourself to someone and giving your life over to them. I don't see myself doing that. It is unnecessary and a futile attempt by some so called God to tame the very nature of wolves. Mates only cause destruction in the name of civilization, humanity and love. I learnt this the hard way. My parents taught me this. Seth being so cruel and filled with hatred towards his own flesh and blood and Christene, she was so tired to him she couldn’t even protect the child she carried. Instead she turned a blind eye and a dead ear to my sufferings and gave her dear mate another daughter."

I gave my answer keeping in mind my parents actions.

"Well with that we're come to the end of this session. In a week's time your will be off to your new foster home and school. The school you will be attending is Woodridge High, it is the biggest in the area here. Since it is your last year I hope you wouldn't stir up troubles or be a nuisance to your guardians. Your foster parents are Samuel and Nate. They're very well know and required family in this pack, the White Blood Pack. The alpha here Michael Woods is retiring soon so his son Co-"

I cut off Julie's boring monotonous speech by walking out and slamming the door. Something about her infuriated me. Perhaps it was her eyes, the way she looked at me, with pity, repulsion and fear. It was the pity that bothered me the most. I loathed it. I wanted her to fear me, to shake in fear and helpessness when she heard my name. I craved it. I remember her, Julie, telling me that I was psychotic sadistic even. But it didn't brother me. If anything it made me feel more powerful.

I felt Alexis puff her out her fur and growl at throught. Alexis throught just like me, or should I say Alexis taught me her way of thinking. She was fearless, dominating and she craved the feeling of absolute power of having someone tremble in fear submitting to her. But more than that she loved blood.

Bringing me out of my bloody thoughts was a smell. A scent to be more precise. It was sickly sweet and inviting. It smelt like wood and musk. I hated it, reminded me of hope and family. I hated it but it was so enthralling.

"Mate" Alexis announced in a toneless voice.

I followed the scent into the fields behind the buildings. Right there hidden in the trees but still in my peripheral view I saw him. I looked at him with a grimace as I took him in. He was tall that I knew but just how tall I couldn’t place yet. His tall frame was balanced out by his muscular frame, he wasnt bulging with muscle but they weren't subtle either. His skin was olive toned and he had a mop of brown curls on his head. His brows were furrowed as though he was concentrating on something. His was clenched and I could see his prominent cheek bones and long slender nose. Swear dripping down, rolling right next to his red plump red lips. He looked up towards the right and I caught sight of his green eyes looking frantic.

I broke my stare and turned around to leave to my new care takers. Walking away I couldn’t help but think about him in distaste.

But that was 3 years ago.
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