Not So Innocent


What happens when Draco takes notice of the quiet, shy and innocent, Eliza Rosier. Draco can't seem to stay away from her or stop thinking about her. When it comes to Eliza, Draco can't seem to control his anger but he will do anything and everything for her. Lots of Drama, Balls, parties and smut. Doesn't follow the Harry Potter and Potter series. my own plot :) All character credit to JK Rowling apart from Eliza Rosier and Noah Avery.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:


WARNING SMUT and BDSM will be present in this story! Contains strong language, degrading and drug and alcohol use.

This story is a slight slow burn. SMUT won't be present straight away. Also, this story doesn't contain the plot of the Harry Potter books.
I have created my plot. I do not own any of the characters apart from Eliza Rosier. If you want to read a story based on the plot of the Harry Potter books then I recommend by other book 'HER'.
Before starting this is the aesthetic of

soundcloud is @ 90swh0r3 !!
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