Not So Innocent

Chapter 2

Eliza's pov

This morning I woke up and got ready for the first day of classes. I went into the bathroom and put on my clothes. I put on a skirt which came about halfway up my thigh and high socks. My shirt was buttoned up apart from the very top one so you could see my gold necklace. My tie was loosely on. Then I finally put on my Slytherin robe.

I brushed my hair, leaving it natural. I added my sparkly stud earrings, put on a little bit of mascara and called it a day.

I grabbed my bag and headed down to the common room, making my way to breakfast. And of course I had the book I was currently reading in my hands.

Draco's pov

I was sitting on the sofa near the fireplace in the middle of the common room, bored as anything. I was sitting there with Blaise, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy and Daphne.

I looked up from my current seating position and slouched back in the sofa, my hand on my chin. I noticed the girl from the train walk past in a hurry and heading out into the dungeon corridor. I didn't know what it was but I was so intrigued by this girl. How have I never seen her before?

"There's my roomy. Gotta go," Daphne said, getting up and walking towards the girl who was just about to go.

So she's Daphne's roommate. I've been friends with Daphne for a while and I still didn't know.

"We should go to get breakfast before there's nothing left," Blaise said.

"Agreed," said Crabbe.

Crabbe, Goyle and Blaise got up and started walking away. I felt Pansy's hand on my thigh.

"How about we skip classes and go to your room"

"How about no" I pushed her hand away and got up, catching up with Blaise.


At breakfast, she sat with Daphne a few seats away from us. I couldn't help but keep looking in her direction. It was pissing me off that I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I tried thinking about other things but it was so hard. She was stunning. She had light brown hair, almost a dark golden colour. Her eyes were so green that you could tell their colour from where I was sitting. All her features where flawless.

My eyes wandered from her face down to her neck. Her skin was smooth with a few freckles splattered across her face. On her neck she had a gold necklace, sparkling in the light. Her top was just tight enough that you could see her black bra.

Fuck! Draco, stop!

"Malfoy!" I heard Blaise saying from in front of me.

"What?!" I replied annoyed.

"Are you coming to the party on Friday?" he asked.

"Of course I fucking come"

"Alright, mate! Don't get your knickers in a twist"

"What were you saying? A party? And knickers? When and where?" Adrian said as he sat down next to Blaise.

"Party this Friday," Blaise responded "You in?"

"Well obviously Zabini," Adrian laughed "Lots of girls to fuck and booze to drink, yeah"

Blaise and Goyle laughed while Crabbe was stuffing his face in.


Eliza's pov

Daphne and I were sitting at breakfast, eating before classes would start. I just finished my fruit bowl.

"Let me see your time table," Daphne said.

"Sure" I handed her my time table and she started examining it, comparing it to hers.

"Seems like we have everything the same"

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes! Looks like your staying with me today! You'll be a much better company than Pansy" Daphne laughed which made me laugh as well.

"Well, we should go"

"Yes," Daphne said. We both got up and walked out of the great hall heading to our first class: potions.


We arrived and sat down in the back left corner of the classroom. Students started to fill up the room and soon Slughorn entered the class.

The first ten minutes of class were boring as usual. I looked around the class aimlessly, trying to stay awake until my eyes met some cold grey ones.

Fuck. Why was Malfoy looking at me? Shit, he's probably still annoyed because I bumped into him. Looks like this year is going to be fun.

I quickly looked away from him but I could still feel his eyes on me. Why me? I did so well at avoiding him and staying out of his way, including all of his friends. They were known to be cruel and ruthless. They had no respect for anyone but themselves.


Finally, my last class! It's been a good day. Daphne stayed with me the whole time. We'd sit in the courtyard during breaks or aimlessly walk around. For once I didn't feel like a loner.

We walked into DADA. This year we had it with Snape. It's not too bad since he has always favored us Slytherins. We had it with the Gryffindors which was unlucky for them. As we walked in I noticed that everyone was standing around waiting for something to happen.

I noticed Harry, Hermione and Ron looking at me as I walked in. I looked away, annoyed.

"Looks like Snape is assigning us partners," Daphne said.

"Oh great"

"Crabbe and Dean" "Daphne and Neville" "Ron and Goyle" "Theodore and Hermione" "Adrian and Zacharias"

Snape went on to call up couples and everyone slowly began to sit down with their partners.

"Katie and Pansy" "Harry and Seamus" "Malfoy and Eliza"

Fuck! Merlin must hate me today.

Draco's pov

I stood there with my hands in my pockets, waiting for my name to be called so I could finally sit down. I didn't care who I was with. They'd be doing all the work anyway.

"Malfoy and Eliza"

Finally. Wait! Who the hell is Eliza?

I sat down somewhere at the back of the room waiting for whoever Eliza was to sit down.

A few seconds later I heard the chair next to me getting pulled out. I looked up and I was shocked at who I saw. The girl from the train sat down next to me. She didn't look at me but I watched her as she sat down.

I instantly got a whiff of her scent. She smelt like sweet vanilla and roses. I started to fiddle with my rings, trying to get myself to focus. Snape began the class and started talking but I wasn't paying attention.

I lent back in my seat and I couldn't help but notice her legs. Lord have mercy. Her skirt was showing her thighs. She lifted one leg over the other, showing more of her thigh. I scratched the back of my head, annoyed with my self for getting so easily turned on by this girl.

Eliza's pov

I took a seat next to Draco. He looked up at me as I did so but I didn't dare look over to him. I sat down and prayed that he wouldn't do or say anything.

He lent back in his seat seeming bored of this lesson already. So was I.

Snape talked and gave us our project. We had to make a range of different potions, for defensive spells. He handed out a list of ingredients.

I looked at the list and we only needed four different ingredients. This should be easy enough.

"I'll go get the ingredients," I said, got up and left. I still hadn't even looked at him.

Draco's pov

I watched as she got up and left. Her voice was kind and soothing if that even makes sense. I don't know. She didn't look at me but I've been looking at her a lot. Fucking hell Draco, you need to snap out of this.

Eliza's pov

I grabbed the four jars we needed and headed back. Wanting to get this lesson to be over. I put the jars on the table. Not even a thank you or anything as I got them. But what did I expect? It was Draco Malfoy!

"Do you know what you're doing?" he asked me.

"Nope. But I'll figure it out," I answered.

"Good because I wasn't planning on helping"

"Oh, how nice of you-" I said to him as I turned around and looked up at him, realizing he towered over me. He was almost a head taller than me. I got caught in his grey mysterious eyes. Fuck. I looked down at his lips which were about eye level. His lips curled into a smirk. I looked away again, this time at his hands which were gripping against the table.

Fuck me. His hands. Merlin.

Veiny and defined. A few rings on each hand. This wasn't helping with the intrusive thoughts I got. Now I was visualizing Draco fucking me against this table.

"I can be nice. But I decide not to," he said deeply.

Yes, rough sex against this table. I bit my lip trying to get these thoughts out of my head. I pushed them away like I usually did. I never thought I'd be thinking about Draco Malfoy.

Draco sat back down in his chair and watched me as I tried to read the instructions. I picked up the small bottles and tried to see which one I needed first. It said I needed Redstone dust first. I looked at one of the bottles but it wasn't the right one. Then i saw Draco's hand pushing one of the bottles towards me.

And of course, it was Redstone dust.

I took the bottle "Thanks"

I put the right amount of Redstone dust in and then I needed flixweed. I found the bottle and put it in as well.

I was struggling with next instruction. I didn't know if we had to crush or cut the quill bulb.

"Crush it," Draco said.

So I started to crush it but it was almost impossible.

"Here," Draco got up, grabbed the small stone and a knife and started to crush it with his own hands.

I watched him crushing the stone. He did it with ease compared to me. Fuck. The thoughts were coming back. I pushed them away quickly.

"So you can be helpful," I said.

"When I wanna be"

"Easy," he said as he picked up the crushed stone and placed it in the potion bowl.

"Thank you"

"Are you capable of doing the rest by yourself or do you need my help again?" he asked.

"If you haven't realized yet, I have no idea what I'm doing"

"I realized," he smiled as he read the rest of the instructions and pretty much did it all with ease. He finished it within the next minute. Not gonna lie, I thought he wasn't smart but it looked like he was. I wondered what else he was good at-

Merlin Eliza, stop!

Snape came around and looked at everyone's potions and said ours was one of the best. Thanks to Draco.


"Class is over. Clear your tables and then you may leave," Snape said from the front of the room.

I tidied our table and of course, Draco didn't help. I didn't mind, it only took a second to put everything back.

When I came back I grabbed my bag and left, Daphne was waiting outside for me. She linked my arm and we headed back to the common room.

Draco's pov

I watched her she walking away with Daphne. Me, Blaise and Adrian were not far behind them.

"Fuck me, that lesson was a load of BS" Adrian moaned.

"I hate Gryffindors," said Blaise.

"They did all the work though," Blaise said "My partner tried to get me to do it all"

They laughed. "Yo, did you see Malfoy's partner? She's hot and she was a Slytherin," Blaise said.

"Nah. What the fuck so how come you've got a good partner then?" said Adrian "Who did you have?"

"Don't know her name," said Blaise "Wait she's walking with Daphne in front of us"

I don't know why but I had to clench my fist so I didn't punch them in the face.

"Oh, I can't see her face but she has a nice behind," Adrian laughed and so did Blaise.

"Idiots," I said as I walked off, annoyed.

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