Ditched on Date Night


Stood up on her first major date in over a year, chased by a creeper, and running into a very handsome stranger. Who knew he was her favorite twitch streamer? Can Sapphire wrap her head around all these events? Features a mostly uncooked Dabi, cooked ramen, and shots of Jack Daniel's. I'm not hating on Hawks, the bird boi is one of my favorites! Sort of a slow burn, leading into some very spicy moments.

Drama / Erotica
Age Rating:

Ditched, chased, and saved

Sapphire kept looking over her shoulder, a dark tall shadow following her at a distance. The clicking of her high heels sped up as she tried to put more distance between them. Sapphire looked ahead to see a tall young man, a really handsome one too she thought, ahead of her who looked a couple years older than her, the light above him illuminating him. She pulled her jacket around her blue dress as she glanced back. The guy following her seemed to have kept up with her. She reached the man who was leaning against the building digging into his long trenchcoat.
"Hey, sorry I'm late. This guy wouldn't leave me alone and take no for an answer." She smiled at the stranger, who seemed taken aback for a split second then he stood at his full height and reached over for Sapphire, pulling her to his opposite side.
"It's alright princess. Didn't I tell you this was a casual date night? Now I look underdressed." His voice was slightly hoarse, but soothing all the same. He looked over to see the other guy had turned tail and ran off when he saw him stand up. Sapphire sighed in relief.
"Thank you, he's been following me for several blocks. My name is Sapphire by the way."
"Hmm. Sapphire. A pretty name for a pretty lady. You can just call me Dabi for now." Sapphire blushed.
"Well, thank you again, Dabi. Maybe if we run into each other again it'll be under better circumstances."
"Is there a better one than this?" He asked as he shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans, a small grin on his lips.
"Would you like to walk with me? Maybe a drink if you're up for one?"
Sapphire clutched on her jacket nervously as she asked, she never really asked anyone out before and definitely not a handsome stranger who helped fend off a creeper.
"Sure, I'm not going to turn down a beautiful woman or a offered drink." Sapphire was both shocked and happy he accepted her offer. Her blush deepened hearing the term beautiful, she always thought of herself as plain looking.
"So, what where you doing before McCreeper showed up?" Dabi asked as they started walking towards the closest bar. Thankfully the bar was a small one and relatively quiet, they sat at a table in the far corner and told the waiter what they wanted, they both ordered the same drink. A shot of Jack, straight up. A chuckle and a giggle were shared.
"You like the hard stuff then, I commend you for that." Dabi said once the waiter left to fetch their drinks.
"Back to your question, I was actually coming back from being stood up on a date. I was walking to a nearby park when that guy started chasing me." The waiter sat down their drinks with a glass of water as well then left to wait on his next table.
"Sorry to hear that. That's why you're all dolled up then?" Sapphire nodded and took one of the glasses and swirled the contents lightly before downing the amber liquid. Dabi's eyes widened watching her down the shot without flinching.
"Wow. Never seen a woman who can do that without flinching." He said without thinking.
"Heh, well when you're essentially asked out by the captain of the football team, then get stood up like the nerd you are.." Sapphire gave a sad laugh and took a sip of water.
"High school reference, nice. So may I ask who the 'captain of the football team' is?" He asked with air quotes after downing his own drink. Sapphire caught the attention of the waiter to ask for more shots.
"Not sure if you know him, he goes by the hero name Hawks." She took another sip of water. "Then again who doesn't know him?" She pulled her coat off and let it hang on the back of her stool. Sapphire leaned back against the back of the stool and sighed. Dabi couldn't help but run his eyes down then back up. She wore a blue and silvery strapless evening gown, it was tight down to nearly her hips, then it flared out to her ankles, a slit running up to her thigh, she wore silver heels, black and silver laces wound up her toned calves, around her neck was a black and blue choker. She held another glass in her hand and swirled the amber fluid before once more downing the strong liquor. Dabi let out a small laugh and shifted on his stool.
"I don't mean to laugh princess. But comparing him to a captain of a football team seems appropriate. Me on the other hand, I was most voted to start his own emo band." Dabi picked up his glass and downed the amber liquid, flinching just slightly. "You want to hear something funny?" Sapphire looked up at him from her now empty glass. 'How can one man be so hot, yet be hanging around with me, a loser?'
"Hmm, what's that?" Sapphire asked.
"This is an unfortunate turn of events, of course I know Hawks. Like you said who doesn't? But I happen to be his roommate. Though, we hardly ever see one another." The waiter brought over another round and Dabi grabbed one of the glasses. Sapphire dropped her shoulders and sighed.
"Great, you probably knew he was going to ditch me." She leaned over, her long blue hair falling over her shoulder as she picked up her glass.
"As I said, I hardly see the bird brain. He leaves as I get home and vice versa." He glanced at his phone. "Say, why not come over to my place? Not being shady, just I feel we can spend more time getting to know each other." Sapphire held the glass up to her lips as she looked at the man in front of her.
"Is this someway to rub this in his face?" She tilted the glass and downed the liquid.
"No, well not all of it. I do kinda want to rub it in his face but I also want to get to know you. You seem really nice." Sapphire leaned back on her stool crossing her leg over her other knee, her heel catching on the bar on the stool watching him for a minute.
"Why not? Mind you I don't accept everytime someone asks me that you know." She sat the glass on the table as Dabi stood.
"Obviously, otherwise, we wouldn't have met this evening." Dabi held out his hand to help her up. She took his hand which was really warm.
"Your hand is really hot. You're not sick are you?" Dabi snickered.
"No I'm not sick. I'm a fire user. So naturally I'm going to be hot." He said with a smirk as Sapphire rolled her eyes before he picked up her jacket and helped her into it. Sapphire reached into her pocket for her wallet when he stopped her.
"Let me. It's not a great practice for me to let the woman pay for the first date."
"Huh? First date?" Sapphire blinked as Dabi led her to the bar to pay their tab before leading her out of the bar.
"I don't live to far. We'll be there in a few minutes."
"You know, you're kinda hard to read. But you do seem like a good guy otherwise I wouldn't have stopped to talk to you." She looked at her phone which buzzed in her hand. There was surprisingly a missed call and a few texts from Hawks and a couple from her two friends Kirishima and Bakugo. She responded to them saying she was alright and she'd text later.
"Here we are, princess. Shoes do have to come off at the door though. Don't worry, I got an extra pair of slippers around for you to borrow." Dabi opened the door and let her in and kicked off his boots before putting them in the cubbies next to the door. Sapphire leaned down and pulled the strap tying the laces together and stepped from her heels. Dabi placed down some slippers for her then led her to the kitchen where he pulled out a couple of ramen cups and offered her one. Sapphire giggled and nodded.
"Sure. Ramen sounds great after drinking." Dabi poured hot water into the cups and sat them on the counter to cook.
"You said you're a fire user. How hot are your flames?"
"Probably hotter than most people can handle princess." Sapphire then held her hand out to him.
"Try me hot stuff. I'm a bit tougher than most people." Dabi smirked lightly.
"Says the woman who was running from a creeper." Sapphire gave a small frown.
"Well I mean if I didn't, then we wouldn't be sitting here waiting for ramen to cook." Dabi took her hand and a shiver ran down his spine.
"Your hand is like ice. Maybe you do need warming up." A small blue flame encased their hands and Sapphire couldn't look away.
"It's pretty. The blue flame."
"You're not scared?" Dabi asked. Sapphire shook her head and gripped his hand, steam releasing between their palms.
"Why would I be scared? I like to play with a little bit of fire." Dabi glanced down at their hands to see her hand covered in ice.
"You're an ice user?" Sapphire nodded as the door opened and slammed shut. Dabi turned and grabbed their ramen and set one in front of her and handed her a set of chopsticks.
"Toyaaa! I got stood up tonight." Dabi and Sapphire turned to see Hawks enter the kitchen, his eyes shut and one hand running through his golden hair, the other shoved in his pants pockets. Sapphire ate some of the noodles as Dabi slurped his.
"Really? That's not what I heard Keigo." Dabi said as he sat on the counter slurping his noodles.
"What do you mean, not what you heard?" Hawks went straight to the fridge and pulled out a beer opening it and took a long drink.
"Well, according to this lovely young lady, I heard the opposite. You stood her up, letting her get chased by a creep." Dabi said as him and Sapphire finished their ramen. Hawks choked on the beer as he looked who sat at the kitchen island next to Dabi.
"Sapphire? I waited for you at the restaurant."
"So did I. For two hours, inside by the way. When I left, the wait staff even offered a free meal which I declined. I then was headed to the park where we met thinking you might be there but that's where a creeper came out and started chasing me. That's when I met Dabi here." Sapphire had set the ramen cup down and stood, she then turned to Dabi.
"Thank you for the drinks and ramen, but I should get back home."
"You're welcome, but I'm not going to let you leave. Not alone and drunk." Sapphire blinked looking at him.
"I'm not drunk, buzzed maybe. But not drunk."
"You had three straight shots of Jack and you're saying you're only buzzed?"
"Seven shots, I had four at the restaurant before I left." Both Dabi and Hawks stared at the woman in front of them.
"How are you still standing?" Hawks asked as he sat his beer on the counter.
"I have a high alcohol tolerance." Sapphire put her hands on her hips, a small frown forming on her lips. "Do you prefer I call my friend to pick me up then?" Dabi hopped off the counter and stepped in front of her.
"Well I mean you could. Or you can stay here for the night. Only if you want to. I'm not going to pressure you." Sapphire had taken out her phone then tapped it on her chin lightly. She tilted her head to the side slightly, her eyes looking at both men, but mostly at Dabi.
'What should I do? I could call Kat to come get me, maybe I should call to ask what I should do..'
"Let me make a quick phone call. I'll be right back." Sapphire turned and left the kitchen to walk outside, she stood under the eave of the garage as she dialed her roommate.
"What is it?" A rough voice answered the phone.
"It's me Kat, I need a bit of advice."
"Sapphie! You need to tell us how it went!" She heard Kiri yell over the speaker.
"Well, I've have about seven shots of Jack so far, been chased by a creeper and was stood up."
"WHAT?! That jackass stood you up?! I'm gonna kill him!" Sapphire pulled the phone from her ear at Bakugo's yell.
"There's more. While the creep was following me, I ran into someone else. He helped me out and we had a few drinks, then he brought me to his house for ramen, he says because I'm buzzed, I should stay here."
"Ooh! See, what did we tell you Sapphie."
"You're a beautiful woman and smart, you know what you should do."
"Just one more thing though. He's Hawks' roommate." She heard laughing on the phone.
"That's hilarious. Katsuki is still laughing his ass off. He said that's his just desserts. Whatever that means." Sapphire giggled.
"I understand. Can y'all pick me up in the morning with some extra clothes? As you know, I only have my dress tonight. I might have to steal a shirt from this guy here. Good night you two."
"Yeah, we'll be there. Night, have fun." She hung up the phone and walked inside. The two guys, Dabi and Hawks had moved to the living room and sat on the couch.
"Well?" Dabi asked as she walked into the living room. Sapphire supposed it could be the alcohol talking but she wasn't sure.
"I figured it's best to stay the night. My roommates are drunk themselves so they can't get me." Sapphire had crossed her arms across her chest and looked at the two men. Dabi stood from the sofa and walked over to her.
"You can stay in my room tonight, I'll take the sofa." He offered.
"I wouldn't want to kick you from your room, I really don't want to impose any more than I already have."
"I wouldn't have offered otherwise, princess. And besides, you're not kicking me from my room, I have a sofa in there also. Here, I may have some pajamas that might be a bit big on you." Dabi put his hand on her shoulder and led her to his room. He opened the door and Sapphire stepped in and gasped lightly. The walls were black, black and purple acoustic foam tiles covered them, a large gaming computer setup in the opposite corner from the king sized bed. Dabi walked into his closet and walked out with a pj set, black and gray.
"Here, put these on. I'll step out so you can change." Dabi stepped to the door.
"Wait, Dabi. Um, can you help unzip me real quick? M-my roomies had to help me earlier.." Sapphire dropped her jacket on the bed, and turned from him, pulling her hair over her shoulder. Dabi stepped up behind her and placed his hand on the back of the dress, he used his opposite hand to unzip her dress. Sapphire held the front of her dress as he quickly unzipped it.
"Th-thank you. I'll be right out once I'm dressed." He lingered for just a moment before stepping away and out the door. The door clicked shut and she quickly stepped from the dress and into the pjs quickly. She had to roll the waistband down a few times to get them from falling down. The shirt was very large on her and hung almost like a dress to her thighs. Sapphire buttoned a few of the buttons before tying the rest of it behind her back, a little of her midriff peeking out.
'A bit big, these are huge on me. Well granted with how tall Dabi is, that's not much of a stretch.' Sapphire picked up her dress and carefully folded it up and set it with her jacket on a small chair.
'Remind me to carry extra clothes with me. These pjs are huge!' She texted to a group chat with her, Katsuki and Kiri. She left the room to find Dabi in the kitchen.
"I thought you said these would be a bit big on me, not swallowing me whole." Sapphire said while rolling the sleeves up her arm. Dabi was pouring himself another drink when she walked in the room. He sat the bottle down and gulped.
'Chill out, Toya. It's not like she's wearing lingerie. She's just wearing your clothes..'
"Sorry, princess. Didn't realize you were that small. Another drink?" Sapphire hopped up on the stool across from him and nodded. Dabi turned, grabbed another shot glass and poured a shot for her.
"Earlier, when we were at the bar, you said you wouldn't let me pay on the first date. Did you mean that?"
"I don't see why not, even though we just met. We can call it a blind date." Dabi said while shrugging. Sapphire picked up her glass and held it up to his.
"Cheers for the first blind date. And look, you already got me wearing your clothes." She chugged the strong alcohol as he did the same. Dabi wiped his lip with his thumb as he looked over the woman sitting across from him who sat her glass down and smiled at him.
"So, may I ask why you have acoustic tiles in your room?"
"Oh, it's for my Twitch streaming. That way I don't bother bird brain."
"HEY! I'm not a bird brain just because I have wings!" Hawks yelled from the living room.
"Ignore him. And I'm sorry, not really sorry, that he stood you up."
"It's fine, I'm kinda used to most men just wanting to get in my pants because of my family name. Not because they want to get to know me." Sapphire played with the glass in front of her.
"Your family name?" She nodded.
"It's Castidor. My dad is a famous scientist. That's really the only reason anyone wanted to get with me, I'm not even that pretty." Dabi stared at the woman playing with her shot glass before he reached over and refilled it as well as his before walking around to stand next to her.
"Can I tell you something? Did you hear Hawks when he first came in calling out 'Toya'?"
"Of course, I wouldn't have been able to miss that little bird screech."
"OI! Quit comparing me to a bird!"
"I bet he's in there flapping his wings. Anyway, my real name is Toya. Toya Todoroki. My father's famous himself for different reasons."
"Todoroki. Where have I heard that name? Oh! You're Shoto's older brother."
"Yeah. Now a days I just keep in touch with my siblings and mother. I don't converse with my 'father'." Sapphire clinked her glass to his gently before they both downed their shots.
"Can we talk privately? I know McChicken is going to try to keep listening." At this point a slightly angry looking Hawks rounded the corner.
"I said stop comparing me to a bird!"
Both Sapphire and Dabi looked at him. Hawks' wings were puffed up, and a pout on his face.
"I was honestly hurt Hawks. I did wait for you, I did go looking for you, but then that guy came out of nowhere and I got scared. I tried your number, but there was no answer. I couldn't use my quirk against him either. He just brushed it off." Dabi put his large hand on her shoulder.
"C'mon. Let's go to my room to talk." He guided her back to the bedroom and shut the door behind them. Sapphire sat on the large bed and looked up at the tall male.
"You know Sapphire." Dabi crouched down in front of her so he wouldn't be looking down at her. "You're right. You're not even that pretty." Dabi saw her shoulders drop and a bit of light leave her blue eyes which she dropped to her lap. He quickly caught her chin and forced her to look back up to his own blue eyes.
"You're beautiful, more so than a lot of other women out there. Remember beauty isn't just on the outside, it's in here as well." He laid his palm gently on her chest above her heart, which felt like it was speeding up slightly. He leaned in towards her as she tilted her head to the side slightly and just before their lips touched, Dabi's phone went off startling both of them. Dabi gave a small growl and took out his phone. It was a 10 minute warning for his Twitch stream tonight.
"Shit. I forgot about this. I'm sorry." He stood after releasing her and turned towards his gaming computer and booted it up. Meanwhile Sapphire had turned away, blushing hard, her hand over her mouth.
'Was I really about to kiss him? Oh my god, oh my god. I was.' Her phone vibrated and she checked it. One of her favorite Twitch streamers just went live, but she didn't have her headphones. Tonight he was playing Assassin's Creed: Valhalla tonight by the looks of it. He had been working through the entire series. She joined but kept her mic muted. Dabi noticed that one of his loyal followers, S. Quartz had joined, but they didn't have their mic or audio on like usual so he sent a quick pm.
'Hey Quartz, why the radio silence?'
Sapphire's phone dinged with the message.
'Umm, don't have my headset with me. At a friend's house atm.' She responded.
'Ooh, just a friend? Or something more?' He loved to tease Quartz. He heard Sapphire huff behind him.
"Little shit.." She said out loud.
'You're a shit. FYI, he was about to kiss me when he had to start his own stream.'
'Wait a minute..' Sapphire glanced over her shoulder to look at Dabi who had paused his live stream. He turned to look at her as she watched the same game up on his computer playing on her phone.
"S. Quartz?" He asked. She nodded.
"Y-you're Blue Flame?" Dabi pulled his headset off and threw it on the hook before standing and walking over to her sitting on the bed.
"So, Quartz. Now that you know who I am and you're the only one who knows my face, what are you going to do?" Everyone knew his voice, but he used an animated avatar for his streams. Sapphire had dropped her phone and turned fully to face him.
"W-well, now I know why your voice is so damn hot- I mean hoarse all the time."
'Shit I can't believe I said that out loud, and now I know who the man behind the voice who can turn me on so damn fast..' Sapphire scooted back towards the footboard as he moved closer and onto the bed. Dabi grinned and gripped the footboard with both hands on either side of her.
"I heard.. t-tea is a good way to sooth your throat.." Sapphire audibly gulped as she looked up into Dabi's blue eyes. He leaned down and hovered over her face with his own.
"Do you know what I heard?" Sapphire shook her head.
"Kisses make everything better." He whispered, his breath tickling her lips before he swooped down and caught her lips with his own. The kiss was gentle, but hungry all at once. Sapphire was shocked. Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of Endeavor, was Blue Flame, her favorite Twitch streamer, and the same guy who chased away a creep, and he was kissing her in his bed. She returned the kiss and felt him smirk against her lips. Dabi moved one hand to rest on her cheek as Sapphire raised one hand to rest on his chest. Dabi pulled back from the kiss leaving them both panting softly for air.
"Now what was that about my voice being so damn hot?" Sapphire's already red cheeks got darker as she covered her mouth at his grin.
"D-did I say th-that..?" She bit her lip, her hands trembling lightly.
"I do believe that's what I heard, princess~" He drug out the word before he caught her lips with his once more making her gasp softly. His tongue ran across her lower lip, the hand on her cheek trailing up into her hair. Sapphire tentatively ran her hand up his chest, as she opened her mouth letting him deepen the kiss. Dabi took his other hand from the footboard and placed it on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Sapphire tilted her head to the side slightly as she fisted her hand in his shirt. Dabi then pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and nipped it gently making her moan out and pull back, her eyes closed as she panted for breath. Dabi proceeded to kiss down her jawline to her neck as Sapphire raised her hand to tangle in his black hair.
"Hmm? What's this? Your heart sounds like it's going wild.." His voice was low in her ear making her shiver and bite her lip. "Perhaps I can get it beating faster for me. But only if you tell me yes. Otherwise I'll stop and go back to the stream." Dabi said against the skin of her throat.
'Should I tell him to stop? I don't know, I'm enjoying this. I don't want to end this.'
"P-please.. d-don't stop. Ahh.." Sapphire let out a small moan feeling Dabi lick up from her shoulder to her ear letting her feel the piercing in his tongue. He lightly nipped under her ear before moving away and sitting up to remove his shirt. He dropped it on the floor as Sapphire couldn't help but drop her eyes to his toned upper body. Dabi smirked seeing Sapphire lick her lips slowly.
"Eyes up here, princess." He hooked his finger under her chin to raise her eyes back to his. "Like what you see baby~?" Once more he drug out the word with his low voice to make her heart skip a beat. Sapphire nodded slowly and raised a hand to trace down his chest before he reached up and stilled her hand before leaning down to brush his lips to hers in a soft teasing kiss. Sapphire gave a soft huff before pressing her lips to his and moving her free hand to the back of Dabi's head, her fingers tangling up in his hair once more. Dabi once more smirked against her lips as he ran his hand up her side, some of the shirt following his large hand. He pulled from the kiss, ghosting his lips over hers.
"Tell me, princess. Do you want to go all the way with a stranger?" Sapphire leaned her head back and looked at him.
"Are we strangers though? Technically, we've been friends for years. Just never seen each other's face. But yes, I don't mind going all the way." Sapphire trembled lightly hoping she wasn't going to regret this come morning. Dabi leaned over to whisper in her ear.
"Don't worry. I promise I won't fuck you and leave you. You're safe with me." Sapphire gave a small gasp, then a small moan as Dabi nipped her ear and peppered her neck with small kisses. "But if you'll let me, I'll fuck you like you haven't been fucked before." He growled against her neck as his fingers unbuttoned the shirt she wore quickly. His hand was warm on her skin as he drug it softly up from her stomach and to her neck. Dabi moved to press his lips against Sapphire's as her arms wrapped around his neck. He pulled away before looking down to her laying on the bed, her hair spread out above her, her chest heaving as she panted for breath. Dabi reached down and pushed open the shirt she wore to expose her. Sapphire blushed and attempted to cover herself when he gripped her hands gently and pinned them above her head.
"Don't cover yourself from me. You're beautiful. Every inch of you." Dabi caught her lips this time she could feel the desire behind it. He held both of her wrists in one of his hands as he moved the other down to softly palm a breast making her moan into the kiss. Dabi pulled from the kiss only to kiss down her jaw, down her neck and to her breast where he placed a soft kiss to one perky nipple before looking up to catch her eyes before sucking it into his mouth making her back arch and a moan escape her throat. Sapphire wriggled against him before pulling one arm from his grip and bringing it down to grip his hair. Dabi licked across her nipple with his pierced tongue hearing another moan spill from Sapphire before he moved to give the same attention to the other breast, his hand moving to her waist. Sapphire had leaned her head back onto the bed, her body trembling from his attention. She felt his hand move down to the waistband of the pj pants she wore.
"Shall we remove these as well?" Dabi asked as he traced the waistband of the pants looking back up at Sapphire's face. Her eyes were closed and biting her lip, her cheeks a dark red.
"Y-you're teasing me now.."
"Me, teasing? Perhaps, but that just makes it fun. And it makes you want it even more." Dabi chuckled lightly once more kissing both breasts before kissing down her tummy. He used both hands to pull the pajama pants down her hips revealing black and blue lacey panties. Dabi let out a small whistle.
"Hmm, these are nice Quartz."
Sapphire leaned up on her elbows watching Dabi. He pulled the pants down her legs and dropped them on the floor near his shirt, he then ran his warm hands up her legs and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and started to drag them off as well. Dabi kissed her thighs as he gripped one of her knees, lifting it up and pulling her closer to him.
"Eep! Wh-what are you do- Nngh!" Sapphire started to ask when Dabi gave a small nip to the inside of her thigh before kissing up further. She reached down and gripped his black hair, then letting out a soft moan feeling him kiss her down below. Dabi grinned before licking up her slit to her sensitive clit, making her moan louder and tighten her hold on his hair. Sapphire shivered feeling his pierced tongue flicking her clit, she placed her free hand over her mouth. Dabi sucked on the sensitive bud before looking up to her. He pulled back just slightly.
"Be loud princess. No one will hear you. No one but me." Dabi licked her slit once more before reaching up and ran a finger up and down her slit before slowly inserting it into her as he continued to torture her clit. Sapphire let out a sharp cry, her hand pulling Dabi closer to her without realizing it. Dabi chuckled, the vibrations made her moan out loud before he added a second finger to loosen her up.
"That's it princess, let me hear you." He growled against her as he pumped his fingers in and out of her. Sapphire moaned feeling him finger fuck her, her head moving back into the mattress.
"Pl-please.. Dabi~ m-more.." Hearing his name from her lips made him growl lowly. Dabi added one more finger inside of her, groaning at how tight she still was. Sapphire moaned more as he continued flicking his pierced tongue on her clit.
"I think you're just about ready for me princess. But first, I want you to come for me."
"Y-you want me t-to..? I don't t-think I can.."
"Yes, you can. I'll prove it." Dabi pumped his fingers faster as he continued to suck on her clit, his other hand gripping her knee. He felt her walls start to flutter and twitch around his fingers.
"Aagh! D-dabi!" Sapphire yelled as she arched her back. Dabi pulled his head away, fingers still pumping her as he quickly undid his jeans, pushing them and his boxers down, his cock was already hard as it sprang up and pulled out a condom ripping the packet with his teeth then rolled it onto himself. Dabi quickly pulled his fingers from her and lined himself up and pushed himself inside of her. Sapphire let out a whine feeling him removing his fingers but immediately gasped feeling him insert himself inside of her.
"Fuck princess. You're so tight around me." Dabi lifted one of her legs as he settled himself inside of her.
"Oh my god! Y-you're fucking big!" Sapphire gasped out as he leaned over her. Dabi pulled out, only to push back in making her gasp out once more. Sapphire wrapped her arms around his neck, Dabi grabbing onto her waist as she hooked her leg over his hip. Dabi start pumping his hips slowly, letting her get used to his large size.
"God, you're so fucking tight princess. I love it." Sapphire let out a lewd moan, as she dragged her fingernails down his back making him let out a feral growl.
"Does princess want to play? Fine. Let's play." Dabi picked up her other leg and started pumping his hips faster. By this point, Sapphire could barely think other than,
'Oh god!' Or 'Fuck yes, right there!'
Dabi grinned and leaned over her.
"Right there, huh?" He captured her lips as she gasped, not realizing she said that outloud. Sapphire returned the kiss, a moan releasing from her throat as he hit a certain spot inside her. She gripped his hair in her fist as he continued pumping his hips, as she nipped his lower lip. Dabi pulled away growing softly before kissing down her neck and started nipping and biting her neck leaving bruises. Sapphire moaned out, her body trembling as she pushed on his chest making him stop everything and look at her.
"Princess?" Dabi looked concerned. Sapphire pushed him back.
"L-lay d-down.. please..." She managed to get out between breaths. Dabi pulled from her making her moan out once more, then laid back as she asked. Sapphire sat up, flinching slightly and crawled over him. Dabi grinned knowing what she wanted. Sapphire placed her hands on his chest as she straddled him, he reached down and positioned himself with her once more. Sapphire slowly sat down on his large cock, his hands gripping her hips to steady her. Dabi groaned through his teeth feeling her sit all the way down. Sapphire bit her lip as she balanced herself with her hands on his chest before she lifted her hips up then back down.
"Fuck yes, princess. Hmm, ride that cock. Just like that." With his encouragement, Sapphire moved her hips faster, bouncing up and down on him making him groan and grunt, his hands gripping her hips tighter as he started to thrust up into her. Sapphire moaned loudly, feeling him thrust into her. She moved faster feeling herself getting close, that coil in her belly started to tighten.
"F-fuck. D-dabi.." Dabi looked up at her face, her mouth was open panting as she rode him.
"Is princess getting close?" Sapphire nodded, her body trembling. She suddenly found herself on her hands and knees, she looked back at him as he pushed back into her. One of his large hands pushed her upper body down into the mattress as his other hand gripped her hip before he thrust into her making her gasp loudly. Dabi growled as his pace quickened, he brought his other hand to reach under her and started rubbing his finger on her clit as he continued to pump in and out of her.
"Fuck! Yes! Th-there!" The coil in her belly tightened even more as Dabi growled out feeling himself get close.
"Fuck, princess. Fuck!" Dabi continued to flick at her clit feeling her walls starting to squeeze him tighter. Dabi pumped a few more times before she came hard, squeezing him tightly and screaming her release. Dabi groaned and thrust into her again before he came with a loud growl tossing his head back, both of them panting.
"Oh, shit." They both said at the same time. Dabi pulled out of her making her moan once more, still sensitive from coming twice. He quickly pulled the full condom off, tied it up and tossed it in the bedside trash. Sapphire rolled over onto her side as Dabi stood and snatched the pajama pants from the floor and slipped them on.
"Be right back princess." She nodded as he walked from his room and to the restroom, grabbed a washcloth, wet it with warm water before heading into his room and shutting the door and went back to his bed where Sapphire had rolled onto her back and looked at him as he walked over to her.
"You were right." At the question in his eyes, she continued. "I've never been fucked like that before." Dabi chuckled and gripped her leg lifting it before cleaning her up gently. Sapphire let out a moan feeling the warm cloth run over her clit. Dabi chuckled again and looked her over, that's when he saw a handprint on her hip. He reached down and touched it softly and Sapphire jumped slightly.
"Wh-what are you touching? It feels a little sore."
"Hmm, I think I might have burned you a little."
"Wait, what?" Sapphire glanced down to see he had indeed burned a palm print on her hip.
"Well. I guess you've claimed me then? Do we call that 'blind date' a successful?"
"Oh, princess has jokes huh?" Dabi gave a hearty laugh before leaning over and kissing her softly. He pulled back and offered her his hand.
"Up, let me change these sheets so we don't sleep in cum." Sapphire grabbed his hand and let him pull her up. Once her feet hit the floor, she nearly fell but he grabbed her.
"Careful, did I fuck you too hard?"
"I think so. My legs won't stop shaking." While he held her she quickly buttoned up the shirt she wore then he picked her up and sat her on the sofa. Dabi proceeded to strip the bed and leave with the sheets and came back a few minutes later with clean ones. He quickly made the bed then turned back to her which she immediately raised her eyes to the ceiling, a blush staining her cheeks.
"Was someone watching me make the bed? Careful princess. You'll make me want a round 2." Dabi had leaned over to whisper in her ear. Sapphire gulped and yelped as she was picked up once more and set in the bed. He leaned down and picked up her phone from the floor handing it to her.
"I'll join you in a moment. Gotta reschedule my stream now." She blushed more.
"I'm sorry. I distracted you."
"I'm not sorry, nor am I mad. I'm sure my followers will understand." Dabi sat his his chair once more and grabbed his headset. He whistled seeing all the comments. He noticed a lot of people were still there so he flipped on his mic.
"First off, I want to apologize for leaving midstream. Something came up and it had to be dealt with immediately. Second, I'm stopping the stream tonight, but I will have a special stream tomorrow night for anyone willing to join." A pm from Sapphire popped up, he read it quickly. "And I'll be having a guest streamer joining me then. Hope I didn't loose any followers and hope to play again with you tomorrow. Blue Flame signing off." He ended the stream, shut off the computer and walked to the bed.
"Do you mind cuddles?" Dabi asked before Sapphire reached out to pull him onto the bed to join her.
"This bed is huge. I might catch a cold if I sleep alone."
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