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Our Kryptonite


it starts with them. the hargreeves siblings. but this story is different. Ben is alive. Five never disappeared. And Vanya is embraced and loved. but all that changes when they meet her. Their kryptonite. and Vanyas possible love....?

Action / Other
Mercedes 🖤🎻
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Intro to story

Just a couple things i wanna say before we 🎶 get into it 🎶

1. Mature content: i will be writing some what mature content. I will put a warning (🛑) if you want to skip.

2.Any topics i talk about in this story come from personal expirence. That includes r@pe @bus€ and ect.

3.some of the content in the story has happened to me in my desired reality.

4.Any hate or death threats i will discontinue the book. I have heard about people threatening other writers and i am too SENSITIVE for that.

5. I am NOT putting reginald in my story. Im sorry but i hold grudges 💀

6.this is like my 1st ish book so be nice :)

Thats all. I hope you enjoy. I introduce you to....

My Kryptonite.
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