Our Kryptonite


The first thing said to me when i came into Griddys for my shift was "customer at table 4". Not a hello. Not a how are you. Nothing. But what do i expect. Its not like im her granddaughter. When in all actuality i am. But i said nothing. I clocked in, put on my apron, grabbed my note pad and headed over to table 4. As i was walking that way i saw 2 boys. One had jet black hair and looked sweet. The other had dark brown hair and reaked of weed. But both had a weird looking school boys uniform. I stopped infront of the table.
"Welcome to Griddys. What can i get for you?"
The sweet looking boy looked up at me with kind eyes and replied "can i get a coffee and some pancakes?"
"Sure" i said scribbling his order on my notepad. "And you?" I asked the other boy, smiling.
"Id like a strawberry shake and a chocolate donut." He smiled at me.
"Sure thing. Be right out" i turned to leave but the brown haired boy caught my attention.
"Excuse me?" He said.
I turned and nodded at him.
"Whats your name?"
I pointed at my name tag and said "Morana."
"Well Morana. Im Klaus and this is my brother Ben. And you give me a really good vibes. This may come off as weird, but would you like to hang out?"
I smile.
"You're right that does come off as weird," I look back at my grandmother then back at klaus, "I work till 7."
"So after then?"
"Thats like 8 hours from now.." I tilt my head and frown.
"Then we will wait." Klaus replied.
"But Klaus Pog-" Klaus smacked Ben's arm and gives him a weird look.
"Anyways like i said we can wait." He smiles.
"Okay then. I'll be back with your order" i say walking away.
My grandmother is strict. She doesn't let me do anything. she homeschools me to keep me away from bad influences. And boys. I walk over to the kitchen and hang the order on the ticket holder and walk over to the cash register to ring up a customer. when I finish I walk over to the chef. I like him. Hes always nice to me.

"Hey chef! is the order for table 4 ready?" I ask smiling up at him. im 5'4''. hes 6'4''. so he towers over me. it should make people intimidated but people who truly know him know he is as soft as a marshmallow.

"Hey Morana! Yes it is." he reaches over and picks up the food handing it to me to put on the trolley. "here you go." he says handing me Klaus' donut.

"Thanks chef." I yell back as I walk towards Klaus and Bens table pushing the trolley behind me. when I reach the table Klaus and Ben seem to be in a heated conversation. I picked up very few words before interrupting. words such as "pogo.......academy.......finds out......danger....". the conversation stops as I stop the trolley in front of the boys table.

"hey boys," I say picking up Bens coffee and pancakes, setting it on the table. "your coffee and pancakes." I pick up Klaus' milkshake and donut placing it in front of him, "and your milkshake and donut." I smile and walk back to the counter.

The rest of my shift went pretty fast. the occasional customer stopping in for coffee or a donut. Klaus and Ben ordered occasionally to keep from getting kicked out. every once in a while Klaus would slip me a note saying something random such as "my favorite color is red. how bout you?". I would answer of course sending a note back to him. Ben seemed nervous the rest of my shift, looking at his watch every 15 minutes, whispering something to Klaus then acting upset when Klaus brushed it off. Klaus however, looked like he was enjoying himself. a smile on his face and everything. I would walk by the table every hour or so to keep them company until chef warned me that my grandmother was coming.

30 minutes before closing, my grandmother left for home. leaving me and chef to man the fort. aka the diner. no one else came in the rest of the night except an elderly couple. they sat in a booth in the very back of the diner. I picked up my notepad and headed to the table. when I arrived at the table the, the couple were huddled close together talking in a foreign language but come to a sudden stop when I arrive at the table.

"Hi. Im Morana. I will be your server for the night. What can I get you?" all of the sudden the old man pulls out a gun and points it at me. I scream and step back with my hands in the air. I look around the diner to see that Klaus and Ben had disappeared.

"Put money in za bahg. NOW!" the old man yelled pushing me towards the cash register. I look around trying to find chef. I cant see him. I start to hyperventilate and that's when they come in. 7 teens in school kid uniforms and black masks only covering their eyes. one of the kids run toward the man and smacks the gun out his hand making the old man fall to the ground. One boy runs towards me and grabs my arm leading me out the Diner.

"You'll be fine." he said pushing me out the back leaving the other kids in the diner doing god knows what.


"will you chill out!" he said releasing me. I didn't realize that we had walked 3 blocks away from the diner. "those "kids" you speak of can handle themselves. WE can handle ourselves. now go home." with that he turned and walked around the corner. I stood there for a good 10 minutes registering what had happened. we almost got robbed. and I got saved. by kids that seemed to be my age. but where did Klaus and Ben go? and chef? did he get out? I felt sick. but I couldn't just leave them there. so I went back. Back to Griddys.

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