Our Kryptonite

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I just now realized you dont know what Morana looks like :) a description of her is below.
i also realized you dont know anything about her personality. So im going to give you basic info on her.

Full name: Morana Hanlon;

The name Morana means Death, Illness and is of Slavic origin. ... In Slavic mythology, Morana is the name of the goddess of winter and death. the last name Hanlon is Derived from the Gaelic personal name Γ“ hAnluain, this Irish surname references a mythical Celtic fighter who was beheaded in battle. The name Anluan means "light," "radiance," or "warrior"; Hanlon is its shortened, Anglicized version.

Age: 17

Birthdate: to be revealed later in the story.


Positive characteristics:considerate, creative
Negative characteristics: unstable, shy
Words often used:
considerate, creative, shy, unstable
Stable:emotionally no :)
Extrovert:not at allCompassionate: very
poetry, watching television, listening to music, exploring, painting
Bad habits:drugs
Obsessions:reading, art, music

Physical characteristics:

Build:fine build
Hair color:burgundy (naturally red brown)
Eyes:Blue GreyFace shape:Teardrop
Distinguishing marks: flower petal tattoo on right collar bone

Background: Morana grew up in an impoverished neighborhood with her grandmother. her parents died in a house fire when she was 5. Morana was the only survivor. Morana has no memory of what happened. her grandmother Agnes owns Griddys donuts where Morana is employed part time. Although Agnes is kind around customers, she blames Morana for the death of her daughter.

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