Our Kryptonite

"Shes all she had left"

Back at Griddys the teenage vigilantes were fighting the elderly couple.
"Dammit Luther. Can you hurry up?" A black haired boy said to a blonde blue eyed boy.
"Its not my fault. Hes-agh- stronger than he looks Five!" Luther yelled back to that black haired boy. Five.
"Dont rush him doof. Your the one sitting around doing nothing." A poofy haired girl stated a matter of factly.
"No one asked you Allison" Five said, rolling his eyes.
"So we are just gonna say our names in front of the bad guys?"
"Yes Vanya. Of course we are." Luther said to the small brown haired girl. Vanya.
"Can we finish this? Me and Ben here have a date." A dark haired boy stated.
"No Klaus. You have a date. Im going home after this." Ben told the dark haired boy. Klaus.
"Whatever." Klaus said.
The little russian woman came up behind vanya and wrapped her small hands around her neck placing the barrel of the gun to her temple.
"Let my huzband go. Or i shoot za girl."
Everyones eyes went wide. Vanya looked over at Allison and nodded. Allison smiled and took a step torwards the old lady and Vanya.
"I heard a rumor you dropped the gun." Allison stated confidently.
The old lady dropped the gun but still held on tight to Vanya.
"Still need help. This old hag has a grip of steel." Vanya stated struggling against the old ladys grip. Just then Five flashed over to Vanya, removed Vanya from the old ladys grip and punched her in the gut causing her to double over.
"Thanks Five." Vanya said smiling at her brother.
"Its whatever." He walked back over to where he was before.
"Why did i come exactly?" Klaus said to Ben.
"Well technically, we were already here." Ben answered.
"Ahh. Yes." Klaus replied back.
"Cameras. Where are they?" Luther asked.
"I dont know." Allsion said.
"Try in the office dumbass." Five said teleporting inside the office.
"Hes such a dick sometimes" Luther mumbled walking over to the office.

About five minutes later Five and Luther run out the office.
"We gotta go." Luther said leading Allison and Vanya out by their arms. "NOW!"
Five runs over to Ben and Klaus abd start pushing them out the diner.
"What is going on?!" Klaus yelled at Five.
"Bomb" is all he said.
"BOMB!?!" Vanya yelled.
"Yes bomb. Now move it." Luther said pushing his siblings out the building.
Now they were all about 20 ft from the diner.
"What was that?" Klaus asked.
"What was what?" Ben asked looking at Klaus then Griddys.
Thats when it appears again. A old woman walking from the back counter.
"Its a old lady. It might be the russian." Luther stated.
"No. Its not." Klaus said tilting his head. Thats when he hears it. 'Agnes'. "Agnes" Klaus mumbled to himself. Thats when it clicked. He started to run towards the diner when Luther grabbed his coat collar.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Luther yelled.
"We have to save her." Klaus said struggling to free himself from his brothers grip.
"Save who?" Vanya asked walking over to her brothers.
"Shes all she has left. Let. Me. GO!" Klaus yelled biting Luthers hand. Luther released Klaus to examine his hand and thats when it happens. The diner exploaded.
"We have to go. Now" Five said as they heard sirens approaching. The diner was now on fire. Debris everywhere. Five grabbed Allison, Luther and Vanyas hand and looked at his other 2 brothers.
"We were here before. Klaus and I are gonna stay." Ben said to his brother. Five nodded and disappeared with his siblings.
"Hey Klaus? You ok buddy?" Ben asked walking over to his brother.
"Shes all she had left." Was all he said as he fell to his knees.

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