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i realize now that the you may think the Hargreeves siblings look like the young cast in the show. this isnt true. nothing against the young cast but in my story i see the Hargreeves siblings as the old cast but.... younger. also, i realize people may not have watched or read the series so im gonna put pictures and bio stuff for the characters. i am also going to be introducing new characters.


"Luther 'Number one' Hargreeves"

aka. spaceboy

(character role is young Tom Hopper)

Luther Hargreeves is known as number one. A name given to him by his adoptive father Reginald. Reginald gave Luther his role as leader which he takes seriously and by doing that devotes himself to his fathers cause. Which is to protect the world from harm. Luther is known to be loving, protective and righteous. he is especially close to Allison. His adoptive sister. Luther has Super Strength and Enhanced Resilience. i am making it so that Luthers body shape is NORMAL!!! Hes still a teen. he isnt a ape yet. 😭✋

"Diego 'Number 2' Hargreeves"

aka. The Kraken

(character role is young David Castaneda)

Diego Hargreeves is Known as Number 2 to his now deceased adoptive father, Reginald. He was ranked number 2 due to his "usefulness" to the team. Diego's powers are Trajectory Manipulation. This means he has the ability to curve or stop anything he wants. more specifically what he throws. as well as his other siblings he is trained in fighting. for him specifically martial arts. He has a love interest named Ruby. Although she has powers of her own she was not adopted by Reginald.

"Allison 'Number 3' Hargreeves"

aka. The Rumor

(character role is young Emmy Raver)

Allison was named Number 3 by her now deceased adoptive father Reginald. She was ranked 3rd with the ability to influence events by prefacing any statement with "I heard a rumor..." She is especially close to her adoptive brother Luther and her adoptive sister Vanya. Allison is a determined person with a kind heart and strong values. Allison is also very emotional. Often making decisions based on emotion instead of logic.

"Klaus 'Number 4' Hargreeves"

aka. The Séance

(character role is young Robert Sheehan<3)

Klaus was named Number 4 by his now deceased adoptive father Reginald. Now as a teen Klaus is deeply affected by the trauma he was placed through by Reginald died when the children were 8. because of the trauma he endured he copes by doing drugs and drinking alcohol. he is extremely close to his brother Ben. Ben helps him rationalize and stay semi sober. Klaus as a person is fun and loving. he is sometimes unreliable and often leeches on his family. he is a very sarcastic person always making jokes and friends. Klaus was ranked number 4 with the ability of Mediumship(when sober has the ability to communicate with spirits) Evocation(ability to conjure spirits and manifest them) and Immortality.

"Five 'Number Five' Hargreeves"

aka. The Boy

(Character role is Aidan Gallagher)

Number Five was not given a name. His nickname is The Boy. He was ranked number five with the ability to Teleport and Chrono kinesis, the ability to travel through time. He is closest to his siblings Klaus and Vanya. Five is a master combatant, master assassin(since he didn't go missing and join the commission we are going to use the comic back story but with Reggie performing the surgery instead of the commission. If you dont know he had as surgery that halted the aging process and trained him in the art of time travel. but most importantly they fused his DNA with the DNA of the worlds most notable assassins. making him the most talented assassin of all time.) Five is also at a Genius Level Intellect. Five is a ruthless and incredibly efficient killer. He does not enjoy killing but if it has to be done he will do it. He is extremely smart and determined. he is cruel and sarcastic to most of his siblings but he has a soft spot for his sister Vanya.

"Ben 'Number 6' Hargreeves

aka. The Terror

(character role is young Justin H Min)

Ben Hargreeves originally receiving the name Number 6 by his now deceased adoptive father Reginald was ranked number 6 with the ability to summon eldritch creatures through a portal to another dimension located in his body. He is very introverted. he only ever talks and hangs out with Klaus. Ben took up being a supervisor for Klaus when Klaus started to become reckless with his drug use. Ben not being a very social person likes to spend a lot of his time indoors reading or hanging in Klaus' shadow. Ben has a friendly relationship with Vanya but doesn't really make an effort to further it.

"Vanya 'Number 7' Hargreeves"

aka. The White Violin

(character role is young Elliot Page)

Vanya Hargreeves also known as Number seven by her now deceased adoptive father Reginald was not fully appreciated for her abilities. At a young age Reginald deemed her powers too destructive and had Pogo train her separately alone. (this is my made up backstory with some of the shows) After about 5 months of isolation she came home and was equipped to handle her powers proficiently. Vanyas ability is Sound Absorption, Sound Manipulation meaning she can use the sound she absorbs and turn it into energy, telekinesis using her ability to manipulate sound waves to move and control objects as well as generate force with her mind. she is able to immobilize, restrain, constrict, and repel others with her energy. Vanya also has the ability to fly using the force she creates out of sound. she is also able to project sound, energy, and force fields as well as matter manipulation. vanya has enhanced hearing as well. as a child vanya picked up the ability to play the violin. when vanya harnesses enough sound color drains from her body making her look a pale grey shade and her irises turn white. her body would be surrounded by a blue and white light. Vanya is a kind and bright person. although her relationships with Diego and Luther are strained she finds a way to create relationships with her brother Five. she formed a small mutual friendly relationship with her brother Ben, not furthering it. She also has a decent relationship with Allison.

"Ruby 'Number 8' Layla"

aka. Echo

(Character role is the lovely @_rubylayla on insta and @overthinkingthis on tiktok)

Ruby, born and special like the Hargreeves siblings, is not adopted by Reginald. When she was a newborn her mother refused to sell her baby. later Ruby and her mother move into town. This is when Ruby began experiencing her powers. her ability includes telepathy and flight. As a child Ruby would be able to read minds. Her power was bought to the attention of Pogo when Ruby heard a man contemplating a robbery. Ruby told a nearby officer who then didn't believe her. When the robbery took place the officer contacted Pogo bringing light on her. Pogo sent Diego to befriend her and later Diego and Ruby grew close. Later Diego introduced Ruby to the rest of his family including Pogo. Pogo contacted her mother and made a deal with her. Pogo would train her and make her part of the academy and her mother could keep custody. since then she grew close with all the siblings excluding Luther. Diego and Ruby grew feelings for each other but haven't told anyone. Ruby is a kind and understanding person. she is extremely caring and sensitive to others. she also has the ability of flight. she found this power a little later in her life when Luther accidentally shoved her off a building.

"Grace Hargreeves"

aka Mom

(character role is Jordan Claire Robbins)

Grace is a robot created by Reginald to be a perfect house wife and mother.


Pogo is an advanced chimpanzee accidentally created by Reginald using a serum making a ordinary chimpanzee, sapient. After Reginald died, Pogo took over the Academy, making it less strict. He helps Grace raise the children and grows close to Vanya as she learns to control her powers.

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