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Sincerely, Fred


After living in the states for years, Elizabeth returns to England. Though the bigger transition, is the change of wizarding schools she must make. Although there are a couple of redheads willing to help her through the transition. A fan fiction created in the world of Harry Potter. (I'd have altered some events or characters) Elizabeth is an original character of mine ****SMUT WARNING**** *It is not a smut based story, it just contains smut

Romance / Fantasy
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1. The Flight

"Goodbye mum" Elizabeth gives her mom a huge hug and begins walking across the airport.

"Be good for your Aunt and Uncle!" Ms. Thomson calls.

"I will. I love you!" Elizabeth waves as she turns the corner, out of sight of her mother.

"To London I go" Elizabeth sighs.

Elizabeth, or Liz, as she preferred to be called, walked off the airplane and headed in the direction of the baggage claim.

"Aha there it is" she said aloud and grabbed her suitcase. Walking out of the gate Liz searched for her Aunt and Uncle. She spotted them before they spotted her.

"Liz!" Her Aunt and Uncle exclaimed.

She walked faster and hugged them both.

"Did you have a good flight?" Her Uncle asked.

"I did, I had quite a few good naps, and got to read my books." Liz responded and then yawned.

"You must be tired, let's head home so you can unpack and rest." Urged her Aunt.

"That sounds great" Liz smiled sleepily.

"And this is your room before you go off to school" said Liz's Aunt gesturing to the room before them.

"Thanks Aunt Maggie" Liz said "Thanks for letting me stay here with you guys while mum works"

"Anything for you dear" Aunt Maggie smiled.

"Oh my trunk got here already?" Liz see's her large, dark, wood, trunk in the room.

"Yeah, it got here yesterday" said Aunt Maggie "It's beautiful too dear"

"And heavy" grumbled her Uncle.

"Thats not her fault, she needs her stuff Alan" said Aunt Maggie.

"I know dear, I'm only joking" said Uncle Alan
"Now go ahead and get settled and get some rest. We'll order pizza later, just let us know when you're hungry"

"Okay, thanks" Liz says appreciatively.

Liz walks in and immediately goes to her chest. "Thank god you made it through customs" she mumbles to herself and opens it. She grabs the letter on top and thumbs it and reads, for the thousandth time, "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"You better be as good as Ilvermorny, or I'll never forgive mum" Liz thinks to herself.

Short first chapter since its an intro
Hope you enjoy! 😁
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