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Ice cold ( Draco Malfoy x reader )


Draco Malfoy is an absolute asshole. He always has an Ice cold look and doesn't feel any emotions except hornyness maybe. But when he meets y/n something changes. A thing that he thought was impossible. She makes him FEEL. And she has someone else but still can't stop thinking about him. Will they still always choose each other ? (Most of these characters weren't created by me all the right go to J.K. Rowling)

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Chapter 1

" Teenage boys are some horny mother fuckers "

( hey so I'm quite new at writing fan fic and I just wanted to write bacause the way all of my fav fan fic were going was angering me.)

Hope you enjoy

It was the start of a new school year at Hogwarts. I was a new transfer student. Going to a new school in which I didn't know anyone was terrifying. Sadly I wasn't transferring because of a fun reason, quite the opposite. My parents had died this summer because of an accident while working with dragons. My father was a pureblood and my mother was a muggle. I never minded my blood impurity but apparently, some people at my old school did. I was bullied day to day by the rich pureblood girls. I learned to not care or at least not show that I care but deep down it still hurt me.

My mother would always tell me that if someone picks on you it means that they either like you or are jealous. To me, it sounded like pure nonsense at first until I heard a rumor that the leader of the rich pureblood girls had a HUGE and I mean in love with my type of crush. I wouldn't mind it if she hadn't been making my life a living hell for two years straight. (Or not so straight after all ;) )

But I need to forget the past and move on. Tomorrow is going to be my first day at Hogwarts - How exciting!

Dumbledore had sent me a letter after my parents death telling me how sorry he was for my loss and how my uncle who I have actually never heard about works at Hogwarts and made a plan for me to transfer to Hogwarts. He also paid for my muggle hotel for the night because that's the best he could offer right now.

The hotel room had a very cold and unwelcoming atmosphere and It was oh SO FUN to spend my first night fully alone in some random shitty hotel before transferring to a new school. YAY But after flipping in my bed from side to side for hours I managed to somehow fall asleep.


The train station was PACKED with muggles but I found my way to the entrance to the 9 3/4 train station. I saw a family of gingers gathering around and a sweet woman yelling at two twins to go through faster.

There was a younger ginger boy who looked like their sibling standing together with a black-haired boy with glasses and a girl that made my mouth drop. She was smiling at the jokes the wins were making with her bright brown eyes and was twisting her fuzzy brown hair with her fingers.

I snickered when the twins made another joke and the ginger boy turned my way. He came up to me and trying to put on an intimidating smirk asked :

- What are you doing here? Who are you? Do I know you?
-Ronald, stop acting so rude and pretending that you aren't an actual wuss, - said the pretty curly-haired girl while looking at him pissed and then turned to me with a bright smile
- Hello there, I'm Hermione Granger, this shitbag is Ronald Weasley and that's Harry Potter

- I'm y/n y/ln
-Are you new to Hogwarts?
- Yeah, I'm a transfer
- Dear, come with us,- she said with a smile grabbed my hand and we both ran through the wall


Hermione invited me to sit with her even though Harry and Ron didn't seem to be too excited about having an uninvited guest with us.

- Hermione, you can't be serious you invited a total stranger to sit with us?

Hermione hit him in the head with a book a few times and even though she had quite a skinny body type her hits were strong and it looked like it actually hurt.

I would have been a little worried for Ron but I saw his smirk and realized he was quite enjoying it. Teenage boys are some horny mother fuckers.

We sat and talked throughout the whole train ride which lasted a few hours.


When we arrived Hermione showed me to the great hall and when we opened the huge, heavy, dark wood doors and the whole room went quiet and all eyes were on use us, well probably they were on ME. I was still wearing my slutty muggle clothes - a white tennis skirt, a sage green colored sweater tucked into it, and a pair of white sneakers. I knew the outfit was a little revealing but I needed a Good first impression.

Hermione walked me over to the Gryffindor table and I sat next to her and Harry. On the train ride, they explained how the houses work and everything and she said she was sure I was going to Gryffindor with them 100%. It was exciting thinking that I could be at the same house with them and share a room with Hermione. Maybe at least in this school, I can make some friends.

As we were sitting I looked around the other house tables and a boy with platinum blond hair, icy eyes, and an ice cold stare caught my eye. It looked like he has been staring at me for quite a while but when my eyes met his he quickly turned away and put on such a flirty smile like he just thought of something nasty and whispered something to his actually quite handsome friend - ugh...men...

- Who is that?- I whispered to Hermione and pointed at the platinum blonde boy
- Ughhh,- she groaned her soft expression faded and she had a look of disgust looking at him,
- That my dear is Draco Malfoy an absolute "PuReBloOd" - she said in a sarcastic tone - asshole who shags every girl he sees and always picks on us for no reason. Please, stay as far away from him as possible.

I sighed and everyone quieted down when Professor Dumbledor stood up on in front of his
throne-like chair and cleared his throat.

- Girls and boys...and others. Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts, Firstly I would like to introduce a few new transfer students:
Miss Athena Leonnory,
- he said loudly and a girl with shoulder-length black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes stood up from her seat and boldly walked over to the front with her boots making quite a lot of noise hitting the dark stone floor. She was wearing a white pirate-like button-up that was tucked into long black suit pants.

She sat down on the chair and Dumbledore placed the sorting hat on her head. The hat thought for quite some time and started whispering - Maybe Gryffindor? She is quite brave and daring....huh...but I also see some ambition and cunningness... Slytherin - the hat shouts and the long Slytherin table made a lot of noise and started clapping and whistling. She got up and took a seat next to some older Slytherins.

- And now y/n y/ln!
-shouted the professor and I swallowed all of my anxiety in a big gulp and stood up. I definitely wasn't a shy person but walking in front of everyone with their eyes on me was quite nerve-wracking.
I walked steadily right next to the Slytherins when I felt someone
slap my ass as I walked by. I stopped in my track and heard a few male chuckles behind me, ughhh....teenage boys are some horny mother fuckers. I slowly turned and locked eyes with the pale icy-eyed boy - Draco Malfoy. He of course being the disgusting male breed that he is was giving me a witty smile. I gave him a big fake smile, slowly walked up to him, and have him SUCH a big slap that the sound echoed through the whole hall. He tried to look tough but let out a whimper which not going to lie was kinda hot but Hermione was right if you needed a definition for an asshole it would be Draco Malfoy.

Even though everyone was looking at me with a shocked look on their face I confidently walked over to the chair and sat down. Dumbledor was quite in a shock but quickly snapped out of it and put the sorting hat on my head. It barely touched my head and already screamed

Oh no, what did I get myself into? I thought as I saw that the only vacant place at the Slytherin table was in front of Malfoy.

(Yes there will be quite a lot of these because I want to get both sides of the story)

- Ughh... another year at this boring school,- I thought

The only good friend I had was Blaise Zabini and even he was quite an asshole at times. I spent most of my time alone but even then I would get attacked with the basic white bitch girls drooling over me. Don't get me wrong I love female attention and the fact that if I need to have some fun most of these bitches would already be on their knees with their mouths open.

I was sitting in the great hall with Blaise when I saw the doors open dramatically and the "GoLdEn TrIo" walked in aka a bunch of assholes. I wanted to look away and make a joke about Harry's crooked glasses to Blaise but my eyes were caught on something else.

The most beautiful girl I have ever seen walked in. She was wearing a pretty outfit but what caught my eyes the most was her skirt. It was as white and pure as she seemed. And it was SO SHORT that I knew If I keep staring I will straight up get a boner.

I looked away but all that was in my mind were her beautiful thighs and her wide hips. Shit I would do to lay on those thighs or better lay in between them.

She sat down with the golden trio of course - next to Hermione and that scum Potter. I kept looking at her back admiring her figure and her posture. I got lost. Only later I realized she was looking at me and we kept eye contact for a second. I quickly broke the contact and realized - she's my next catch. I leaned into Blaises ear and whispered:

- Let's bet 10 galleons I will have her sucking my dick before this week is over.
- I know that it's probably true, so I don't agree
- oh come on, Blaiseyyy
- Shut your mouth, Draco - he giggled.

We kept talking until Dumbledor started shouting about the new students. I threw a quick look at her and saw her side profile -her beautiful y/e/c eyes were focused on Dumbledor, this was the first time I really focused on her face. But he didn't call her he called this other girl that I haven't noticed yet. Some Athena she looked quite interesting but not really my type. But you know, if she wanted it I wouldn't say no of course.

She got sorted into Slytherin so I might get to know her. But my eyes were still on the mystery girl. Then Dumbledor shouted - y/n y/ln - and she got up and fixed her skirt. She started walking and all I could look at was her beautiful legs. Then I got a thought to test her, make her a simp for me. As she walked by I slapped her ass - quite hard actually but she didn't even whimper - I think she enjoyed it - I whisper to Blaise just so the two of us can hear and we both started chuckling.

I was so used to girls just melting from my touch, mostly from a slap on the ass. But the most unexpected thing happened - she slapped me and she slapped me HARD. I couldn't control myself because it was so unexpected and I let out a whimper. fuck. That was embarrassing. I'll have to teach her what she gets for embarrassing me in front of the whole school.

Blaise leaned in and whispering trying to control his laughter:
- So 10 Galleons??- I slapped the back of his head but bit my smile and softly whispered -yes.
- y/n y/ln -I thought, you might not be as pure as I thought, you might be more of a challenge.


( so this was the firts chapter I'm sorry if there were any grammar mistakes or smth cause English isn't my first language:/ )

- Leo

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