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Ice cold ( Draco Malfoy x reader )

Chapter 2

" Why does this always happen? "
( In this story the Weasley twins are in the same years as y/n)

Y/N pov.

I had no choice but to walk over and sit down in the seat in front of Malfoy. But the good thing is - my slap whipped of that grin he had and he looked quite shocked and embarrassed. He was softly rubbing his cheek which was quite red and had a mark in the shape of my hand.
- Damn, I did a good job -I thought looking at him and trying to bite down a smile. He looked back at me but he had the Ice cold look like the one he had before. As much as I wanted to think of him as a wuss after that whimper he made, that icy look made me freeze. It felt like he had no emotion in his face or his whole body. He was looking like a predator before hunting his prey. It was quite terrifying, to be honest. When we made eye contact I tried to have a cold expression too but his was so powerful I just had to turn away.

What was he doing to me? I have never felt like this towards a guy. As much as I hated him for being such a prick a part of me was intrigued by him.

When Dumbledor's speech was over the older students started leading the first years and us -new students to the dorms.

We walked over to the painting hanging over the common room entrance and a tall black-haired older Slytherin said:
- Please, please don't forget the password because it's really annoying having to help out lost first-years every second - he sighed, turned to the painting, and said - Blood purity -loudly so that all of us could hear.

Oh no.... - I remember that in the train, Hermione complained that the Slytherins were super obsessed with blood purity and how Malfoy always picked on her for it - he barely ever called her by her real name. If they pick on me in this school too, shit is gonna get interesting.

We entered the common room which was BEAUTIFUL in my opinion. I was definitely a fan of the colour green and so were the Slytherins as it seemed. The common room had a low seeling and dark stone walls with all the details being either green or silver. To some, it might not look as cozy but to me, it felt like home.

The tall Slytherin showed me to my dorm through the girl staircases. My dorm was wonderful - it had the same atmosphere as the common room. There were three beds and mine was in the middle. I pushed my luggage under the bed and laid down on the satin, forest green colored sheets.

I lifted my head up as I saw a girl that I've seen somewhere enter the dorm and set her stuff on the bed that was to the left of me. Hmmm. Oh... she was the other transfer student - Athena Leonnory. She turned to me, walked over, and put out her hand out to greet me. I propped myself up on my elbows and shook her hand.

- You're Athena Leonnory - the other transfer student? Right?
- Yes, I might be - she giggled

We sat down on my bed and talked for like an hour. Apparently, she transferred from a school in Russia. She had to leave the school because it was closed down - because the headmaster turned out to be a Death eater and was working for the Dark lord.

- They were very strict there and used cruel ways of punishments - Athena sighed and unbuttoned her sleeves revealing Huge, Deep Scars all over her arms. I gasped and gave her a hug. And I was the one who thought I had to transfer because of a cruel reason.

After talking I went to the bathroom, took a shower, and threw on some lacey underwear and a big worn-out sweater that was actually my dad's. The sweater still smelled like him and that gave me comfort. I was quite exhausted from all the excitement that I fell asleep really quickly.


The next morning I woke up a little early to not be awake at the same time as my roommate. I brushed my teeth and put on some makeup. As always I put on quite a big straight eyeliner and eye pencil throughout my whole waterline. I liked how my eyes looked so much more dramatic and it made me look not as childish and pure. I decided to put on an outfit as eye-catching as yesterday. My friends from my old school always said that I always dressed like a slut. But they never meant it in a mean way, we used it to compliment each other. I have never experienced it being used on me in a bad way.

I threw on a thin white turtle neck, on top, I put on a black satin slip dress with lace. And let me tell you it was SHORT. I liked showing off my thighs. Even though I hated men I didn't mind their attention. I quickly threw on my Hogwarts coat. It kinda covered my outfit but
- that might be a good thing.

When I got ready I decided to wake up Athena cause she didn't look like she was getting up any time soon. After she woke up I ran out to the common room. I saw the tall handsome guy who sat next to Malfoy yesterday and scoffed and rolled my eyes walking past him when we made eye contact. As I was walking past him I felt him grab my arm. I turned to him with an offended grimace and scoffed again but he just smiled.

- Look, I know that what Draco did wasn't nice, but I'm not Draco.
- Who are you then? - I spit out
- Blaise Zabini
- I'm y/n y/ln
- Yeah, I heard yesterday. You're a transfer, right?
I noded
- Well look I hope I didn't make too bad of an impress.... - he stopped as he looked down and through the gap in my coat saw my outfit and the length of my dress. I scoffed rolled my eyes and jerked my hand out of his grip and walked into the hall. - Men...- I sighed.

The great hall was quite empty so I thought to take the chance and not sit at my house table but sit next to the trio that I saw already eating breakfast. Well, at least Ron was.

- Ronald! I'm trying to explain to you the new subject for Herbology and you're just stuffing your mouth with waffles!
- Seriously Ron, do you ever stop eating? -Harry giggled

I giggled too and that made Harry notice me and tap the seat next to him. We caught up with the new experiences of yesterday. We were all kinda sad that I wasn't in the same house as them but we made a deal to still stick together.

My first class was DADA aka defense against the dark arts. It was a Slytherin and Gryffindor mixed class. I walked there a little early because I was nervous about my first class. I sat down in a seat with 3 seats empty around. I heard a lot of noise and laughter getting close to the classroom and I saw the two twins that I saw at the train station enter the classroom. They looked around the room and saw the two empty seats to my left and sat down there. They turned to me with smug smiles :

- Hello there darling, I'm George Weasley
- And I'm Fred Weasley -they greeted me
- Great, George and Fred but I won't be able to tell the difference - I giggled
- That's alright...
- y/n
- Alright y/n everyone does that - said Fred and George made an exaggerated sad face and traced a tear.

I giggled. Of course, I could tell them apart, I was just messing around. Their faces were quite different actually. But they were definitely beautiful -ginger, like 6'2 or 6'3 gods. And they were definitely packing - I thought and bit back a smile. We chatted for a few mins until the teacher came in slamming the door behind them. The teacher gave us work and started reading a book.

Five minutes into the lesson the door slammed open and breathless Malfoy rushed in. The teacher didn't even raise their eyes from the book but mumbled - Five points from Slytherin. And again the only vacant seat was next to my right. Why does this always happen?

I could see that the twins had quite a good relationship with Malfoy as they leaned past me being the towers they were and whispered to him :

- What were you doing so early in the morning to be late? - asked Fred and George gave Malfoy a wink. Malfoy quickly locked eyes with me for a second and that disgusting grin appeared again.
- You know that blonde, long-haired Ravenclaw, wait I think her name was Valery or Victoria or something?
- Yeah -the twins nodded - Veronica actually
- Right, well let's just say I think she'll have a throat ache and bruised knees for a few days - he spit out and his grin somehow got even bigger.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes because it was obvious that he just wanted for me to hear it and to be impressed, but it made the things Hermione said yesterday even more true. Malfoy turned to me with one eyebrow raised:
- What, y/ln, jealous? You could do it too, cause I think I'm free after class
- I'd rather suck off Voldemort, I think - I spit out with a grin locking my eyes with his. Even though he was smiling his eyes still seemed so cold.
George and Fred broke out laughing and I still couldn't understand how did the teacher not hear any of this.

- Shut your mouth, slut - Malfoy whispered turning away to his book.
I was genuinely shocked but knew if I showed any of it to Malfoy, I would be feeding his needs so I rolled my eyes and continued working.

After class, I looked over my schedule and saw that I had potions next. fuck. Another class with Malfoy. I went to the classroom and he was already seated, leaving a seat empty and tapping it when I caught his eye. I scoffed and took a seat at the other end of the classroom - as far away from him as possible.

Class started and Professor Snape told us that we will be working in pairs. - Miss y/ln and mister Malfoy! - he exclaimed. AGIAN Why does this always happens?

I had to go and sit in the seat that was still empty and I took of my coat and hung it on the seat. Even when I sat down he paid no attention to me. He was completely zoned out. There wasn't even a drop of emotion on his face. Later he looked over and instead of looking me in the face scanned my body up and down. So it looks like the only thing Malfoy can feel is hornyness.

After Snape told us the potion we will be making Malfoy told me to get the materials and stood up with me.

I was bringing the materials back when the bag that was full of dried Snagweed broke and the leaves fell on the ground. I bent down to collect them. When I heard a whistle behind me. I turned around and saw Malfoy with a small grin:

- Now that's a view I will never forget - he said quite loudly actually and I realized that he definitely saw my underwear because my dress was that short. fuck my coat. I tried ignoring him and went down on my knees not to flash him again but still collecting the leaves. I turned and saw a few were by his shoe and turned to be in front of him. After collecting them I heard a chuckle above me and looked up. Malfoy was towering above me with his icy stare locked with my eyes but he had a grin from ear to ear. He bent down and whispered:
- So do you want to unbuckle my belt yourself or do I do it since you're in this position. - fuck


( If you have any tips or anything all comments are very much appreciated. Also, I'm gonna spam and post all my chapers hete but later I'llbe posting normally aka kinda rarely buy I'm trying)


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