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Novaturient || W.W

Chapter 1


"Do you have everything you need?" Aunt Helena asked me with her dark eyes full of worry. We had never been apart for more than a week at most in my entire life.

"Yes." I rolled my eyes at her. I was fourteen but she treated me like a little girl.

"And you," She turned to my twin sister, Auriah. "Is there anything else I need to get for you?"

"Don't worry Aunt Helena we have everything we need and we will be okay. We're ready for this." My sister told her, shooting me a "be nice" look. She was the more tolerant one out of us two.

I looked at the packed trunks in front of me, feeling more and more excitement. This was it, we finally got to be around regular wizards and witches our age. No more endless days with only my sister to keep me company. My sister and I would be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A dark presence entered the room, reminding me the real reason we were leaving.

Corban Yaxley, our trainer, teacher and handler. He and my aunt raised us, not cohesively though. Yaxley and Aunt Helena hated each other but my father had assigned them to care for us in his absence.

"Remember what you need to do, Auriah." Yaxley said with cold dead eyes. "If you want your father to return you must do everything I say.

I looked over at my twin who nodded obediently, every part of me wanted her to succeed. I wanted my father back. I wanted Voldemort to rise once again.


As I quickly walked down Platform 9 ¾, I turned around to see my sister, as confident as ever, strutting towards the train with her tawny brown naturally curled locks bouncing with each step. We were running late and Aunt Helena and I were in a panicked frenzy but Lia looked unphased.

The parents and young children waving at their children and siblings through the windows of the train turned to look at her, something I had grown accustomed to every time we were in public. Though we both shared the almost the exact same face people always stared at her, the way she carried herself made it hard to look away. I always thought Lia was more beautiful because her cheek didn't carry the small angry scar that mine had.

Lia had worn her brand new dark green silk blouse with lace sleeves, black jeans and knee high black leather boots. She had used a big chunk of our inheritance from our maternal grandparents to get the outfit. The Izar family vault wasn't the largest but Lia wanted a new outfit and Aunt Helena rarely ever told her no.

My outfit was much simpler and much cheaper. I had sewn myself a light pink sundress with a square neckline out of fabric Aunt Helena had brought back from one of her monthly visits to Spain. The dress was simple but pretty.

Lia and I were not the type of sisters that shared clothes, our styles were much too different. She liked to stand out and outshine everyone around her, and I just like things that made me feel good. Our aunt always used to say I was a pearl and Lia was a diamond, both pretty but extremely different.

My sister put a lot of thought into her appearance, but she could have been wearing a garbage bag and people would still gawk at her.

We both climbed on to the train with one last wave at our Aunt Helena who was waving at us tearfully. Lia started to look for a compartment to sit in. If I knew my sister she was probably looking for Theo, the boy she had been obsessed with for years. I was about to follow her down the hall but she turned around with annoyance in her face.

"Go find him." She snapped. "Do what Yaxley says." Lia treated Yaxley's every command as if he were the King of England, he could tell her to jump off a cliff and she would with a willing smile.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, dreading what I had to do and being apart from my sister. I looked into her eyes and nodded.

Aurelia must have seen the hurt in my eyes because she softened her tone. "We'll see each other soon, the ride to Hogwarts isn't that long."

I gave her a look, nine hours was quite long. She threw me one last smile and tossed her curls before continuing down the hall.

I head down the opposite way, searching for the boy who ruined my life.


I knew I found the compartment I wanted to sit in when I saw the gleaming dirty blond locks of my boyfriend, Theodore Nott III.

Theo, Riah and I had spent lots of time together when we were younger. Yaxley and his father were close friends. Whenever they would visit each other the three of us children would run rampant in the garden and through the halls of the huge house. I loved going to Theo's manor, it was triple the size of my house. His family was high up in the ministry of magic and being purebloods they had lots of old money.

Even though the three of us were all friends, Theo and I had a connection unrivaled. We were more similar. We wanted everything life had to offer, whereas Riah was content with the simple things in life.

Theo made me feel special, the way he stared adoringly and showered me with sweet words. He was one of the primary builders of my current self confidence.

When we turned eight he had announced that I was his girlfriend, and promised we would get married someday. He held my hand and gave me soft kisses on the cheek.

I hadn't seen him for a few years since he started attending Hogwarts, but he was constantly writing me letters and sending me little gifts. Except this past year, I didn't hear from him at all.

I was excited to surprise him, hopefully he would be happy to see me.

When I saw him on the train I was breath taken. He was no longer the little round face, bright eye boy I grew up with. He was now tall and buff, his jawline was sharp and the gaps between his teeth had been closed. His hair was still a mess of honey colored curls and his eyes were still the same mesmerizing shade of turquoise blue, making him instantly recognizable.

I walked straight into the compartment and our eyes locked instantly. Those turquoise eyes made my blood rush, the way they looked at me with pure devotion.

"Lia?" His face filled with surprise, he was one of the few people who could tell my sister and I apart with one glance. The other two boys sitting with him turned to see who he was talking to. Theo hopped up from his seat and ran over to me. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm going to Hogwarts this year!" I replied, he wrapped his arms around me and I could feel the ridges of his muscles.

He sat back down and I took a seat across from him next to the boy with dark ebony skin and long legs.

"What! I thought Yaxley was homeschooling you?" Theo was still in shock.

"My father had a change of plans." I said carefully, not wanting to say too much in front of Theo's friends. Theo knew who my father was, his father was one of the few loyal followers of my father left. But Yaxley said no one else could know until the time was right.

"Where's Riah?" He asked, still in shock that I was on the train to Hogwarts with him.

"She's around here somewhere." I shrugged. This confused Theo since Auriah and I were rarely ever apart. I didn't elaborate, I didn't know how to explain what Riah was up to without revealing too much. Instead I assessed the train compartment and the people in it.

The boy sitting next to Theo had wispy white blonde hair that hung down his head stopping before his light grey eyes. He had the perfect combination of height and lean muscle. He was leaned against the window with one leg up on the seat. I noticed him staring at me, Theo noticed as well.

"Stop drooling, Malfoy." Theo nudged him.

"Shove off, Nott. I was just shocked a pretty girl like her would bother giving a fuck wad like you the time of day." The boy retorted with a lazy smirk.

"Aurelia Izar." I smiled as confidently as possible and held out my hand. Malfoy seemed impressed by the gesture, I suppose not many ladies took to hand shaking.

Yaxley always said handshaking was the best way to show confidence and power. I had to make an impression on these boys. If Theo was friends with them they likely had prestige at the school, exactly the type of people Yaxley would want me to be friends with.

"My girlfriend." Theo smirked proudly. I was relieved when he said that because I had doubted our relationship after a year of radio silence.

The boys gave Theo a weird look, not the reaction I was expecting. Theo avoided their looks and went on to introduce his friends. "This is Zabini and Malfoy."

"Blaise Zabini." The boy next to me held out his hand and flashed his gleaming white teeth. I looked at him more closely than the brief glance I gave him earlier. His dark brown eyes glimmered with interest as he looked me up and down. He was incredibly handsome. With his tall and slim frame I was sure he could have been a part time model.

"Draco Malfoy." The boy beside Theo spoke up. The name Malfoy sounded familiar but I couldn't place where I've heard it before.

I felt lucky. The first two people from Hogwarts I got to meet were two of the most attractive boys I've ever seen, not that it really mattered since Theo confirmed he was still my boyfriend.

"Nice to meet you both." I made sure to make eye contact with each boy, also giving them a flirtatious little smile.

This was going to be a good year.
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