when she leaves - theodore nott


"Do you take pride in being such a slut?" Theodore spat with anger beaming in his eyes. "I hate you." Lucille muttered, makeup smeared, tears rushing down her cheeks like a waterfall. "Answer my question." he stepped closer to her while trying to ignore the small pit of guilt forming in his stomach. "Do you take pride in being a slut?" "No." she whispered as she looked up at him through her long lashes. "Liar." - a theodore nott fan fiction - RIDDLE ERA - originally on wattpad - some characters belong to j.k rowling

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when she leaves - T.N

though he didn’t realize how much he needed her WHEN SHE LEFT HIM.






as described - lucille carrow / lorenzo zurzolo - theodore nott / christian coulson - tom riddle / lucky blue smith - abraxas malfoy / as described - dawn rosier / timothée chalamet - louis lestrange / as described - elio avery


authors note;

this story is originally from wattpad under the username aesthetic4lol - its also on ao3 (its still on wattpad rn... idk if it will get taken off)

this is my first Theo fan fic so sorry if it’s bad lmao

this will take place in 1945 (tom riddle era) and started off in the main characters last year at hogwarts.

this is going to be (kinda) an enemies to lovers book

the first few chapters are pretty boring but it won’t stay that way

each chapter has a song to go with it, there is a playlist on Spotify called when she leaves under the username sara14

i do not support or like j.k rowling and her beliefs.

warnings: strong language, mature content, mental illness, sex, smoking, trauma, violence, sexual harassment

there will be smut in this and meaningless sex so if you aren’t comfortable with that then this book is probably not the best for you to read.

i also suck at writing smut so we’ll see how this goes...

hope you guys enjoy!

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