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If You Could Be Anywhere (a Draco Malfoy Fanfiction)

Chapter 2

Hermione and I split up to find Trevor. I went left and Hermione went right, knocking on each compartment asking if anyone has seen a toad named Trevor. We left Neville with Leeroy to try to calm him down at least a little bit. I went from compartment to compartment meeting students from all four houses of all ages, no one had seen Trevor. As I was roaming the halls, I even checked the floors, hoping not to step on poor Trevor. That’s when I clunked into something and fell back on the ground.

“Watch where you’re going you, stupid oaf,” a pale blonde-haired boy sneered at me, offering his hand.

“Maybe you’re the stupid oaf who bumped into me,” I retorted, taking his hand until I was standing again, then brushing myself off. He then suddenly raised an eyebrow at me for my sarcasm.

This time I was the one to put my hand out, “I’m Magdalene Roberts, and you are?“, I said, giving him a snooty look.

“Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.”

“Pleasure,” I said rolling my eyes, “I’m looking for my friend Neville’s pet toad Trevor. Have you seen him by any chance?”

“No Roberts, but I’ll have a lookout,” he said, as he began to walk away. He seemed smug to have the last word and to have called me by my last name.

“Hey Malfoy,” I called out to him. He turned around, giving me a quizzical glance, “Try not to be such a stupid oaf next time,” and with that I turned around and walked in the direction of other compartments, leaving a shocked Malfoy in my trail.

After the rather strange encounter with the Malfoy boy, I roamed the train calling out for Trevor. I was just about to give up when I passed a compartment of loud, obnoxious boys. I opened the door and was shocked at the scene I saw.

There was an older boy standing in the center of a crowd of boys with a big creepy smile taking up his face. The other boys cheered him on as he took out his wand and pointed it at a toad, that I could only assume was Trevor.

“Crucio” the older boy cast a spell that I have never heard of, but still sounded threatening nonetheless. Trevor started to writhe in pain and even let out a painful croak. The boys started cheering ‘Flint’ over and over. All I knew was that this Flint boy had no right to hurt an animal like this.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing?” I asked, mustering up all the courage I could. This only garnered a bunch of glares and laughs from the group. This only made me decide to keep speaking.

“That is my friend’s toad Trevor and I demand you stop torturing and hand him to me this instant.”

The Flint boy walked over to me and it was only then that I noticed his green Slytherin robes. Maybe Hermione was right and all Slytherins are bad. Guess I’ll be the one to change that, I thought.

Flint interrupted my thoughts and started talking, “Ickle First-year thinks she can stop me,” the boys sniggered as they crowded around me, “be careful, or next time I’ll do it to you,“. Flint got up in my face and drew his wand, about to hurt me just like he did Trevor. And I was defenseless, I knew no spells. I had let my big mouth get me in big trouble now. I shut my eyes and hoped that something would save me.

Before anything could happen, the door opened and I heard a familiar voice.

“Marcus Flint, I suggest you stop harassing toads and little girls and start getting your pathetic life together”, I turned to see Malfoy sneering, “The Malfoys and Flints have been close for years, our fathers talk on the daily. Imagine what would happen to you if I told my father about this,”

Flint’s father must be terrifying because he immediately handed me Trevor and pushed me and Malfoy out of the compartment. I was shocked that a slimeball like Malfoy would be nice and help me. I turned to thank him, but he was already gone. I shrugged it off and walked back to my compartment with Trevor in hand. I spent the rest of the train ride with Hermione, Neville, Leeroy, and some good chocolate frogs.

After getting our fill of sweets, we changed into robes and had some banter. The three of us were very nervous and excited to finally be at Hogwarts.

“How did you find Trevor Maggy?“, Neville asked.

“I found a lot of Slytherin boys toying with him, some git named Malfoy helped me get him actually.”

“Malfoy!“, Hermione exclaimed, “He is not good company. He tried to pick a fight with Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. I heard when I was looking for Trevor.”

" Blimey, the Harry Potter?“, Neville asked.

“Yes, although he seems pretty clueless, apparently he was raised a muggleborn like Maggy and I.“.

“How odd.” Neville and I said.

We talked more about Harry Potter and our readings until the train stopped.

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