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Umm so this isn’t my first fanfic but I know I am not a good writer so please give me suggestions and vote if you actually liked it (which is highly unlikely)

Charlie’s POV

“Dad! I’m heading into town for a little bit with the twins! I promise We’ll be back by dinner!” Based off my estimation of time and my lousy math skills I figured I would be back by dinner. I wouldn’t miss it for the world though. All the members of the order are coming over tonight and ME and DAD are hosting. Molly is cooking and Everyone is just everyone. The best part is that Harry Potter my bestfriend since birth will be coming. We haven’t seen each other since the end of last year and we are going back to Hogwarts in a week. With Voldemort Back. A raging lunatic is on the loose and Dumlbedore is sending us to school. What an idiot. I do not mean that by any means of an insult to Albus Dumbledore but his decisions at the moment are not the best,=.

“Okay Charlie! Please Do not let any muggles see you doing any magic! Please” He sighed deeply as he came in from the kitchen wiping his hands on a hand towel. “I know you remember last time.” Ah the infamous “incident” that got me suspended for a month. I am not going to go into details but it was pretty funny. Either way I worked at a muggle diner that year about five minutes from the house and so did Harry. Ironic. When you put us together we pull more pranks than Fred and George. Anyways he worked in the kitchen and We spiked the food and drinks with Polyjuice and the magical folk there were not amused while the muggles were quite confused. We made them all look like Dad’s Animagus. It was pure comedy. Harry was given about the same time as me off. We both had to spend it with Dad. Locked up with him while we do chores. He said no magic, all had to be done the muggle way. Worst month of my life. So far at least.

“Yeah Sure Dad! See you later...” I walked out the door with Fred and George. We all headed down the sidewalk hand in hand singing a song by the ‘Weird Sisters’. We were having a blast. We walked down to the beach and started to strip down to our undergarments. This was not planned at all merely a on the spot decision to go swimming. The water was quite warm for London and at this time of year. we splashed each other and had a full on water fight. I mumbled some non verbal spells to make the water chase George while The Snails in the water stick to Fred. It was hilarious. Neither of them had noticed that I was sitting on their clothes out of the water.

“Charlie?” I knew that voice. Deep, husky and sorta raspy kind of like he just woke up.

“Hey Remus. Wanna join me?” I patted on a pile of Fred’s clothes for Him to sit on. He hesitantly sat down but ended up doing it after I pulled him down. Remus has been my Dad’s best friend since their years At Hogwarts. Both Gryffindors. I felt ashamed when I was sorted into Slytherin. But more on that later. “Fred! George! Having fun?” I shouted loudly enough for the whole beach to hear. They both stopped running and turned to face me with Annoyed yet playful looks on their faces.

“Yeah for sure Charlie Black! Always fun when you hexed the water.” George rolled his eyes before a giant wave of water dropped on his head. “Uggh Charlie you arse!” I had no desire of stopping this fun I was having but I had too. Because of him. Remus sitting next to me looked uncomfortable. I have no idea why. I just figured it was because of Fred and George getting attacked by water and snails so I stopped it. I looked over at Remus and he still didn’t look any better.

“Remus? You okay? You look very tense. That is coming from me who is oblivious to everything.” I chuckled. He looked no better but turned to me and awkwardly smiled back at me.

“Uh- Yeah I am- I um am fine.” He stuttered like crazy and kept rubbing his hands together. What the fuck was going on with him? He was never like this. it just wasn’t like him. Remus always had to have control or assert dominance in a situation. Dad said it was because of his bite. Being a Werewolf makes you need control especially in situations where people or people you love need protection.

“You sure-”

"Yes.” His voice was stern and controlling. He knew that in this moment he scared me that in this moment he had dominance over me. He knew I as scared. Next thing I know he gets up and abruptly rushes off.

“What was his deal?” George questioned as he used his shirt to get all the extra water out of his hair.

“Agreed. He seemed tense.”

“Ok No shit sherlock. Dumbasses. And I don’t know. I thought he was uncomfortable watching you both get chased by snails and water but after I stopped that he was still even more tense. I mean I was laying down on my back and then I leaned on my stomach facing him. Nothing Else I mean you guys saw.” Fred and George stopped what they were doing and looked at each other. Like they knew something. Fuck. What did those idiots know?

“What?” I batted my eyes and pretended to be innocent to make them tell me.

“No sorry princess but it will take a little more than that to get us to spill.” And with that They both put on their pants but left me there. It was dark so I took out my wand and summoned my clothes. I ran up behind them still in nothing but my undergarments dripping wet. We walked hand in hand back to the house and when we walked in it was bustling with noise. People in the kitchen, living room and I am assuming some upstairs. We took one more step in and everyone turned over to face us. Not going to lie most of these people have bathed me when I was younger up until I was like five so being in just a bra and underwear should be nothing. Right?

“Charlie Orion Black!” I knew that voice. Yet again. I have this talent of remembering voices rather than faces.

“Shit.” the three of us mumbled in unison. But then the twins chuckled.

“Orion?” George whispered in my ear. I blushed.

“Yeah it was Dad’s middle name. As much as he hates his family, he loved his middle name not for his father-”

“Fred and George Weasley!” I knew that voice too. Molly Weasley. My surrogate mother and the twins actual mother. “Where were you? You all promised us that you would be back by dinner.” She stared into the twins eyes. They were on either sides of me so it must’ve been difficult. “And why are you wet?” Molly and Dad looked at each other with the same look. Dad didn’t have mothers intuition but he knew damn well when Something was going on between us. Secrets I mean nothing romantic. He’ll never figure out the amount of times I have dated people or just hung out with them. There are not many Bisexuals or Lesbians at Hogwarts so during the school year I have to stick to boys. And He’ll never find out that I am not a virgin. Let alone who I lost it too. He’d kill them. Whoever it was. A lot of time Remus and Professor McGonagall have said I am exactly like my father. I am great at charming people into what I want and I have the long, curly and silky black hair my Dad has. Apparently I also have his emerald green eyes.

“Agreeing with Molly Here Charlie. Why exactly are you so late and why are you wet and last but most important question. Why are you half naked?" My father was not very keen on other boys seeing me in anything but fully covered clothes. Not even a swimsuit. He was very protective. I don’t even think protective is the right word. Is there a stronger word for protective because I’d use that word. Whatever it is. At this point every person had traveled from the other rooms into the doorways to the living room or in the living room. Eyes were watching us all so carefully and intently like an eager puppy waiting for a piece of bone or a treat.

“Well you see-” George had started but I knew he would come up with some amazingly untrue story that involves explosions so I had to step in.

“Well you see Dad-”

“Don’t Dad me. Where were you? Why are you wet? Why are You so late and Lastly why are you in your undergarments?”

“Ok fine. We went to the beach, took off our clothes and went swimming. I hexed the water to follow George and the snails to stick to Fred. I got out and sat on their clothes-”

“Wait what? Why our clothes?” The twins said in unison

"Because your clothes were the only ones.”

“Wait what about yours?”

“Yeah agreeing with Fred there what about your clothes.” At this point in the argument they were both facing me while I stayed facing the Angry parents.

“Well Fred and George I didn’t want to get my clothes wet so I sacrificed yours.” I heard Harry and Ron snicker from the other side of the room on the staircases.

“Enough out of the lot of you just answer my questions Charlie” I counted off on my fingers trying to figure out which questions I answered already.

“Where was I anyways I was sitting on their clothes all comfortable when Remus came by and sat with me for an all of 10 minutes before he started looking tense. Well I mean he was tense the whole time he just was there for ten minutes before I stopped the hexing on Fred and George because I thought that what was making him uncomfortable and then when I asked him he was all even more tense and then he said in a deep morning voice “Uh- Yeah I am- I um am fine.” Weird and then I made sure and He said in a stern voice almost like a mix of Dumbledore’s and Yours dad, “YES” Then he walked away. The twins walked over and George asked what was wrong with him and Fred stated the obvious saying that he was all Tense and stuff and then I called then dumbasses and-”

“Language Charlie” Dad looked right into my eyes like he was burning my soul.

“Fine anyways Fred And George looked at each other and said nothing. Not a fucking word to me and I am actually still curious about what they said I had to work for in order to know. then we left and I pulled out my wand don’t worry it was dark and muggles would just think I am weird holding a piece of wood. Anyways I pulled out my wand and summoned my clothes by saying ′ Accio Clothes.′ And then we came here and I regret doing that now because the professors are looking at me in a bra and fucking underwear. yay So that should answer all your questions. Right George? Right Fred?” They both nodded. “Anyways I am going to head upstairs now alright?” I started to walk upstairs before Remus pulled me by the arm and flung me over his shoulder. Naturally I hit his back while screaming ‘Let me go! Let me go!’ In the most dramatic voice possible. finally he placed me down in front of Dad and held both of my harms behind my back against his lower chest so I couldn’t let go.

“You young lady are punished. Knowing me I am still deciding what the punishment will be but it will most likely be detention with Snape and Remus everyday after school for six months. And before you say anything Dumbledore Has not agreed but I shall ask him now while he is in the room. Albus! Can that be arranged?”

A small faint but older sounding voice came from the other side of the room. “Yes Of course Sirius. Check With Severus And Remu first though!”

“Ok thank you sir. Remus? Severus?” I could hear The twins, Ginny, Ron and Harry Laughing their Arses off over by the stairs. They must find this amusing but we know that Molly will give the twins a punishment but not by embarrassing the poor boys.

“Of course Sirius Your Daughter Shall help me grade papers once a week.” Snape said while staring deeply into my eyes. Remus in the other hand was a little more seriousness in his voice.

“Yes Sirius she may but you might want to up her detention with me to twice maybe three times a week for her foul language.” He tightened the grasp on my wrists and subtly moved me closer to him. “She shall clean the classrooms, help me grade and other things.” He was not nearly as timid as he was earlier. He was dominant and controlling. I know feelings change but I think I might be feeling somethings towards my professor and my Dad’s best friend.

“Great. Well then Charlie you know where your room is. You have to share a room with Remus since all the other rooms are full and as part of your punishment you will have to sleep in the library with him. No funny business either. Head up there now your trunk is already up there. When Remus comes up he will bring you food.”

I could feel the smirk on the twins and Lupin’s face. They were loving this but I am not sure why Lupin was. He was never really fond of me. Wait. Maybe the twins were saying that Remus has a crush on me. Wait no that is impossible. I am his best friends daughter and his student. Impossible. Right?

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