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The Unexpected


A Hogwarts fanfiction; You won't know who the protagonist final love interest is or who she turns out too be until the very end. The protagonist won't be a push over, but will be free willed. (There will be smut in this story so viewer discretion.)

Romance / Fantasy
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This is my first time writing so please give me advice and critique anything with the need to.

It may or may not take a couple days before publishing an update but I’ll update as soon as possible.

The main character in this fanfiction is Jade Moonshine and she will end up with someone from the Harry Potter Universe but you will not know until the end, you’ll just have to read.

Somethings you’ll need to know about her:
She is a Pureblood.
The Moonshines are a popular family, right under the Malfoys.
She will be in Ravenclaw.
She is in the same generation/year as the golden trio.
Dark, wavy, shoulder-length hair with auburn eyes. (I’m going to let you imagine the rest of her)

She moves to Hogwarts from Beauxbatons before the start of her fourth year. In this story, they will be 16 in their fourth year making them 17 in their fifth and so on.

Luna will also be a year older in this story.

There will also be guys attending Beauxbatons like in the books.

I do not own any of these characters besides Jade Moonshine and Elliott. Although I do not agree with her actions and dislike her as a person, the rest of these characters do belong to J.K. Rowling.

I will follow some of the original plots but as well as do my on take on the story.

This story will contain mature content but I’ll have warnings on the really spicy ones if that makes you uncomfortable. If you do not want to read a more mature book I don’t recommend reading this.

I moved this story from Wattpad to Inkitt in hopes as a backup plan, but this story is still incomplete.

(I am currently in the middle of deciding a name and book cover so it might change every so often.)

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