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"you're not mine, alice...„ "i could be, draco! i want to, i want to be with you„ "don't be silly, alice. you could never be mine...„

Romance / Fantasy
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It was the start of another year at the Hogwarts, Alice thought she could finally be able to start out a new chapter in her life, finally be able to do better things this year, fix some of her mistakes and move on from her past mistakes.

She was very nervous even at the thought of entering the wizarding school.

She had too much going on in her mind and couldn’t help it, she hated being in a situation where she couldn’t control it.

She liked being able to know when things were going to happen and how they were going to happen, so before hand she could actually prepare for things. T

hat’s why this situation in particular was very difficult to her and caused her anxiety.

When she finally arrived at the Platform 9¾, she was nervous, her hands basically trembling at the thought of going to the school again, she always loved school, and she loved going there seeing her friends, being with them.

but this year it felt a little different, she still loved Hogwarts, it was her home, she felt like she had finally belonged to somewhere, but she was scared of what was gonna happen, scared of how to react.

Alice got on the train as soon as it came and went to all the way back and picked a train compartment, where she knew she would be alone.

She quickly sat down and set down her belongings next to her, sighing as she wanted this train ride to be over as soon as possible, she was fidgeting with her hands as the train boarded to leave for Hogwarts.

She really missed her friends and would love to see them but she was afraid of sitting with them would cause her to see both the boys she had been avoiding.

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

It was more so that she wanted to avoid Harry, because she believed it would be awkward between them, she actually wanted to see Draco, and maybe wanted to talk to him.

But she was afraid of his reaction, afraid of what the boy had against her now, she wanted to be able to talk to him, at least be able to be friends again, but it seemed impossible. He didn’t let her, not after last year.

Ever since last year, it’s all been him scoffing, insulting, and a little bit of very drunken Draco slurring some compliments to her, he made her confused more than ever.

She wanted to just apologize and explain, not that she actually had something to apologize for, but she felt the need that she had to.

As the train was moving faster, she felt her compartment door squeak as it was starting to open, her heartbeat quickened as she was afraid it could be one of the boys, she was more than relieved when she saw the bushy brown haired girl, she relievingly sighed.

“Oh, Hermione! It’s you.” Alice said excited as Hermione basically attacked the girl with a hug, causing both to chuckle, “I missed you so much, Alice. How are you holding up?” Hermione said sitting next to the girl.

“Oh I’m doing just fine! I just am kinda nervous about returning and seeing.. well you know.” Alice replied as her face filled with worry.

Hermione nodded simply “You have nothing to be nervous about Alice! This year is gonna be amazing, much much better than last year, I assure you.” Hermione tried her best to comfort the girl.

Alice just nodded silently in response muttering out an unsure “Yeah..”

Alice finally got to her dorm excitedly, as she unpacked her belongings, organizing them by whatever order she liked, she liked keeping her things organized and clean, Hermione also liked it as they were roommates and it satisfied her to be roomed with someone who was as clean as her.

Alice sighed silently as she finished unpacking and plopped herself onto her bed.

Thoughts filling her head quickly, she was happy, happy because she never bumped into Harry or Draco, she wouldn’t know what to do, well maybe with Harry she would just say a simple hello and move on, but with Draco..

Oh god with Draco.. she did not know what to do.. Her breath hitched at the thought.

She got ready for the first day, wearing her robe and school outfit, Hermione and her both exited their dorms, chatting and giggling about the whole gossips over the summer.

They arrived at the Great Hall, seated in their houses, as the first years were patiently waiting to be sorted and all the students were taking their places.

Her eyes searched for the Malfoy boy at the Slytherin table, trying not to stare at anyone so it wouldn’t be obvious that she was in fact searching for Draco, her eyes wandered off for minutes but she was unable to locate his platinum colored head, she sighed annoyed.

Even though she was searching for him she still got very nervous at the idea of seeing Draco, -scratch that- She got nervous at the thought of seeing both Harry and Draco, and Hermione noticed as she gave her hand a firm squeeze and half smiled at her to show you her support. Alice smiled back weakly in response, trying her best to hold it together and shake off her nervousness.

But then the inevitable happened, she saw them.

A/N: hiii! so some of you might know me from w*ttpad i have decided to transfer my story here!! hope you guys enjoy!

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