Mysteries Surround Me: Book 1: Kanto

By 16Doobop13

Mystery / Adventure


Professor Oak placed three more pokeballs on the table. It looked as though Hue didn’t have to worry about not getting the pokemon he wanted after all. Very suddenly, and without warning, Aura’s eyes shifted over to Hue. Even though it was probably, no, almost definitely a bad idea, Hue kept eye contact. Her eyes were dark green and very piercing, like she was stabbing him a thousand times over in her head, or maybe dissecting him like he was some sort of alien. He didn’t trust this chick...and he sure as heck wouldn’t be intimidated by her. Aura smirked. She took a pokeball from the table without breaking Hue’s eye contact, and once she had her pokedex and pokeballs that Professor Oak had laid out for her, she pointed at Hue. “I assume you want to battle me.” Aura said with a coy smile. “Or do you just find me that pretty?” Regardless of how pretty she was, Hue hadn’t been staring at her for that reason. The fact that she just happened to show up here the same day Hue did and that she was his age without having gone to a Trainer’s school, It seemed like more than just coincidence. ..

Hubert Swanson: Pokemon Trainer!

Hue’s royal blue eyes burrowed through his book.

“Come on Hue.” Donovan said, sitting beside him. “You’ve been studying that book over and over. You should get some sleep so you can actually get a pokemon from Professor Oak tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to sleep through your appointment now would you?”

“Oh come on.” Hue rolled his eyes with a grin. “As the eldest out of you, me and Diane, I reserve the right to the first choice, so she’ll make sure that we wake up on time.”

“Damn right I will!” Diane said as she slammed the door to Donovan’s and Hue’s room open.

She had gotten much taller in the most recent months and her long red and fiery curls now extended past her shoulders, almost reaching her not quite developed breasts.

“You boys need anything or can I head back to my own room now?” She asked impatiently.

Diane, Hue’s adopted sister, was probably the most psyched about obtaining a pokemon. She had been talking about it all summer after all.

She couldn’t wait to compete with both Donovan and Hue to see who the best trainer of the three of them would be.

Hue hadn’t asked either Donovan or Diane which starter pokemon they’d prefer, but if he had to hazard a guess, he’d guess that Diane was looking for a Charmander. With the fiery passion Diane showed with everything she got involved in, the fire-type pokemon Charmander would be an excellent fit for her.

“You can go back if you want.” Donovan said with a bit of a yawn. “Hue here can’t decide which pokemon to choose.”

Donovan Key was Hue’s best friend. And Diane’s too, he guessed, but Donovan and Hue had, very early on in their lives, been kidnapped together by the same group of people.

They had been...maybe 5 or 6 at the time, Hue couldn’t quite remember. As it was a traumatic experience for him, he blocked most of it from his memory. He only remembered a bunch of adults in strange black uniforms with crimson red on their chests.

They were holding Hue, Donovan, and a whole plethora of other kids in some sort of lab where they gave Hue a few strange shots.

Hue couldn’t remember the details, but a few of the older kids that had gotten kidnapped had come up with an escape plan. They were all at least 10, because they had pokemon with them…

One night, they busted into everyone’s cells and told all the kids to run.

At least, that’s what Donovan told Hue, since Hue had blocked most of the events out of his memory.

Hue and Donovan made it out safely before the building burned to the ground.

When their parents came to the nearby police station to pick them up, Donovan and Hue learned that they lived in the same neighborhood, and had been friends ever since.

They rarely ever talked about the events of that kidnapping, as it was too much for either of them to handle.

It was at around that time that they both started to take an interest in training pokemon.

Donovan wanted to train them as a thanks to those few trainers that helped him escape.

He was one of those people that believes all good deeds deserve another. He might not have been the best at thinking on his feet, and he wasn’t terribly observant, but there wasn’t a soul in the world that was kinder than Donovan Key.

If Hue had to assign Donovan a pokemon, he felt like a Bulbasaur would fit Donovan’s personality best.

“He’s been looking through that book since we entered the room.” Donovan said to Diane with a smile directed towards Hue.

“Well, if he doesn’t grow a pair and pick one, then we can both choose first.” Diane teased, impatiently.

“Jeez, I’ll have decided by tomorrow morning guys.” Hue said as he closed his book and took his glasses off for the night. “Both of you go to bed.”

“Haha, alright Huey.” Diane said as she left the room and switched the lights off.. “Night Huey, Night Donnie.”

“Night Didi!” Hue and Donovan both replied.

“Hey Hue.” Donovan turned in his bed to face Hue, his dark skin shrouded even further by the darkness of the room. “I can’t believe we’re all the way over here in Pallet Town. Your mom was really nice to pay for our tickets and stay at this inn.”

“Yeah.” Hue said, smiling.

His mom was really nice to do that. It must have cost her a lot to pay for three tickets from Violet City to Pallet Town.

We sure are a long distance from Earl’s Academy...Hue thought to himself. But it’s nice to finally be back in our home region again.

Hopefully, with Hue and Diane out and about on a pokemon journey, their single mother, Constance, would not have as much trouble raising Gloria, Hue’s biological sister.

“So…” Donovan said. “Have at least an idea of the pokemon you want to choose?”

“...Yes.” Hue said with a smile, though it was mainly through process of elimination, he honestly felt that the pokemon he was leaning towards was the one that would suit him best.

Hue was somewhat shy around others, but very protective of those he considered friends.

That was the main reason he wanted to go on this pokemon journey.

He wanted to be just like the trainers who saved his life so long ago.

He wanted to be able to protect and defend people.

“I do happen to be leaning more towards one than the other two. I just need to do some more research on it.”

“Haha, alright.” Donovan snickered. “Night, Bro.”

“Night, Bro.” Hue replied. After a few more minutes, he closed his book, and turned off the lamp’s light.

Hubert Swanson, his adopted sister Diane Dorsey, and their friend Donovan Key, were all fourteen years old.

A little late to the pokemon training world sure, but they had spent the previous four years attending Earl’s Academy in the Johto region and learning all about various pokemon and moves.

Hue was especially fond of the Normal type and Dragon type pokemon, not that he wanted to be a gym leader or anything, but he liked how versatile the Normal type pokemon could be, and he enjoyed learning about the slow to grow, but powerful Dragon types.

Hue’s favorite pokemon though, was Ditto. It could become any pokemon, or even anything, it laid its eyes on. If Hue could catch one of those on his journey...He would probably be able to die happy.

If Hue was being perfectly honest with himself though, he was quite nervous about becoming a pokemon trainer...

It wasn’t that he thought it would be boring, In fact he knew it would be fun to train his own team of pokemon…

But he and his friends had decided to not travel together and to instead meet up at major cities if they ever had the chance.

It was Diane’s idea. She thought it would be a good way to ‘compete’ to see who could get to which city first. She even noted that perhaps after they each obtained at least four gym badges that they could meet up and compare and contrast everyone’s experiences over both lunch and a couple of battles.

Donovan was right on board. Hue never understood why, but he was almost one hundred percent positive that Donovan had a crush on Diane.

Hue thought it was kind of cool to be honest. Diane’s fiery personality combined with Donovan’s often calm and kind demeanor. It reminded Hue of the sun and the moon.

Like a Solrock and a Lunatone or something...

Hue had agreed to the decision as well, since he did have a feeling that his style of training would differ from both Diane’s and Donovan’s, as Hue wanted to use pokemon based on the information he was given about them in the pokedex, rather than through types.

For instance, Hue knew that a Raichu could shock with enough volts to render a Dragonite unconscious, despite the obvious stat differences and type disadvantages, and Hue wanted to train pokemon that would make use of his knowledge.

Of course, up until just a while ago, Hue had assumed he’d get to do all that with both Diane and Donovan, but apparently that was not going to be the case.

The biggest reason Hue ever wanted to get a pokemon was to see the world with his friends, not by himself.

He looked up at the ceiling, still unable to sleep, both due to anticipation, and because Donovan was snoring.

Hue began to think of which pokemon he would choose from Professor Oak the next morning.

Starting Trainers in the Kanto Region were allowed to choose one of three starter pokemon.

The first was Bulbasaur, a Grass and Poison type.

Many trainers chose Bulbasaur due to its reputation as the easiest of the three starters to raise, as well as its loyalty to its trainer.

The second was Charmander, a Fire type.

Trainers that wanted to wield great offensive power early on often chose Charmander and recommended it to others so enthusiastically that it skyrocketed in popularity as a starter pokemon..

Finally, there was Squirtle, a Water type.

Trainers that chose Squirtle often claimed it to be the best of the three starters due to its great defensive abilities.

Each of the three pokemon would have their own specific stats, abilities, and moves, making certain pokemon more capable of certain battle styles.

There wasn’t a wrong choice when it came to starter pokemon as long as you caught other pokemon to complement your team afterwards.

Hue was having a hard time deciding on which pokemon to choose because of that fact.

He did have one of them in mind, as its battle style seemed to compliment Hue’s way of thinking and motivation for training pokemon quite well...

Hopefully the three of them would get there early enough for Hue to obtain it.

“Welcome to the world of pokemon!” A youthful yet tired Professor Oak said at the gates to his laboratory. “I get a lot of flack for these questions, but please bear with me. It’s all for your Trainer’s Licence information that you’ll find in your pokedex when you get it.”

“Umm…” Diane said with a nervous laugh as she brushed her long red curls back. “Alright…”

“Are you a boy or a girl?” Professor Oak asked with a sigh.

“Boy.” Hue replied first. He was the first one to choose a pokemon after all. He hoped that a cavity search wasn’t a part of this process and that this was all just a formality.

He got really ticklish when others touched him, so hopefully this was all just bureaucratic nonsense.

“I’m a….Girl.” Diane said, almost ashamed to admit it. Diane was often teased at the Trainer school for not being ‘girly’ enough. She did act more like a stereotypical boy their age might act, but that didn’t make it okay for the others to treat her as though she was a boy either.
That was probably why she kept her red curls so long.

She wanted to make sure people knew she was a girl.

“Boy.” Donovan answered calmly, the only one not in the least bit bothered by the question.

“That’s great.” Professor Oak said, writing it all down on a clipboard. “If I can have your names in the same order…”

“Hubert Swanson.”

“Diane Dorsey.”

“Donovan Key.”

“Alright.” Professor Oak said. “Age?”

“14” All three answered.

“Birth Month?”

“April.” Hue replied.

“July.” Diane answered.

“June.” Donovan said.

“And you have any allergies, diseases, or disabilities that I or the Pokemon League HQ should know about?”

“No.” All three answered again.

“Alright then.” Professor Oak said as he handed Hue and his friends various slips of paper. “Make sure the information on those slips of paper is correct and then follow me inside and we’ll get you your starter pokemon.”

The way the professor talked...He sounded so bored of this, like he was going to up and retire in like a week or something. Hue knew that there had been plenty of various Professor Oak throughout the years before this current one, but they had all been able to leave the lab to a child or grandchild after their retirement.

This Professor Oak didn’t seem to have that luxury. That was probably why he looked so done with everything.

The lab itself was full of various machines and pokemon were running all over the place in a few rooms that looked like habitat zones, probably meant for studying how pokemon act in the wild.

Poliwag swimming by a stream...

A small group of Pikachu playing in a forest environment...

An Ekans was even protecting an Exeggcute from an invading Pidgeotto...

Hue couldn’t help but be impressed. How often was it you got to see this many amazing creatures all at once?

The answer was not often.

Once or twice in a life-time for the average person.

Professor Oak stopped them in front of a desk containing three pokeballs.

“In these pokeballs are the starter pokemon, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.” Professor Oak said with a smile as he pointed out each one. “I trust you’ve already decided on your partner?”

Hue took a deep breath.

“Yes professor I have.” He answered with a single nod.

“Oh, so you’re going first are you?”

“He’s the oldest.” Diane shrugged, resenting the fact that although she was the most excited for this, her status of youngest made it impossible for her to choose the pokemon she wanted right away. She would instead have to rely on luck.

“And we made him wait to start his journey with us, so we don’t mind.” Donovan added, trying to reassure Hue that Diane’s mood would only last a little while longer.

“Well, Hue.” Professor Oak said with a cheerful grin that was clearly fake. “Go ahead and pick your pokemon!”

That man was crying on the inside. Hue could feel it. Maybe he’d become a professor one day and take this lab off of Oak’s hands...but that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

“Right.” Hue nodded.

“For my starter pokemon...I choose…”

Hue picked him his chosen pokeball and let his new pokemon out.

“..............” Hue looked at the shell he had just sent out of its pokeball.

It lay there on the desk, unmoving.

It wasn’t dead was it? That would suck...

“Squirtle, buddy, you in there?” Hue asked, putting his face to the Squirtle’s hole in its shell, only to be sprayed in the face by a gigantic blast of water.

“Squirtle Squirtle!” The Squirtle came out of its shell and began laughing.

“That was Squirtle’s Water Gun attack.” Professor Oak said, smiling. “The two of you are sure to make a splash in the great world of pokemon trainers!”

“A pun?” Hue asked, unamused. “We can do better than that, right Squirtle?” Hue asked as he held out his arm for the Tiny Turtle Pokemon to run up on.

Squirtle ran up Hue’s arm and rested atop Hue’s head.

“Squirtle!” It said happily.

“And here is your pokedex and pokeballs.” Professor Oak handed Hue a pokedex along with five pokeballs.

Hue opened his pokedex.

“Hello.” The pokedex said in a male robotic voice. “I am Dean. I am an artificial intelligence program to licence [Hubert Swanson] as a pokemon trainer, and give him advice about the various pokemon that he may encounter.”

“Huh.” Hue said as he flipped through a small manual on how to operate the pokedex. He pointed it at Squirtle, who had fallen asleep atop his head.

“[Squirtle]” Dean said. “The [Tiny Turtle] pokemon. It shelters itself in its shell, then strikes back with spouts of water at every opportunity.”

“I’m up next right?” Donovan asked Diane.

The way he asked, Hue was almost certain that Donovan was giving Diane the opportunity to choose between pokemon first.

Diane didn’t want to take advantage of Donovan’s offer however.

“Yep. You were born first.” Diane said. “Beside’s I think I know which one you’ll choose, which means I’ll get the one I want anyway.”

Donovan reached for a pokeball and opened it up.

“Bulba-Sauuurrr.” The Bulbasaur… uh... purr-croaked?

Hue wasn’t quite sure what that noise was supposed to be.

Well Dean, time to put yourself to use.

“[Bulbasaur], the [Seed] pokemon. It bears the seed of a plant on its back from birth. The seed slowly develops. Researchers are unsure whether to classify Bulbasaur as a plant or animal. Bulbasaur are extremely calm and very difficult to capture in the wild.”

“Huh.” Hue said. “Guess that leaves Diane and Charmander...” he reasoned.

I called it!

I totally called it that they would end up with those pokemon!

Diane began to tremble.

“Didi?” Hue asked. “You o-”

“Yeah! Wooo! Yes!” She began cheering and jumping up and down, her red curls flickered much like the flame on a Charmander’s tail.

“Charmander! I got Charmander!” She reached for the pokeball and sent out Charmander.

“Chaaa.” The Charmander yawned.

Hue was awestruck...That Charmander...It was beautiful...

“That is the prettiest Charmander I’ve ever seen.” Donovan said, saying exactly what Hue was thinking

Hue nodded. “Ditto for me.”

“Squirtle squirtle.” Squirtle snickered.

Donovan gave Hue a small fist bump.

Successful PokePun.

Take that, Professor Oak, Squirtle and I are the true pun champions here.

“It doesn’t surprise me.” Professor Oak said to Diane. “That Charmander is a female. They’re quite exceptionally rare, so you should count yourself lucky.”

“Hm…” Hue held up his pokedex to the female Charmander.

“[Charmander], The [Lizard] pokemon. A flame burns on the tip of its tail from birth. It is said that a Charmander dies if its flame ever goes out.”

Diane instantly put herself in between Hue and her Charmander. “You keep your Squirtle away from my Charolette and we’ll be just fine. Got it?” She asked.

“Hahaha.” Professor Oak laughed the first legitimate happiness to come out of him that day. “I almost forgot, Do any of you want to nickname your pokemon?”

Hue did, but he didn’t have a good name in mind for Squirtle just yet.

“Charolette.” Diane repeated to Professor Oak who nodded.

“Bud.” Donovan said, looking over his Bulbasaur. “Sound good?” He asked.

“Bulba!” Bud replied cheerfully.

Meh. Hue thought. That name could use a little work, but as long as Donovan and his pokemon are okay with it, that’s all that matters.

“And what about you, Hubert?” Professor Oak asked.

“How about...Douglas?” Hue asked Squirtle, who nodded approvingly.

“Douglas it is then.” Hue said with a smile.

“I’ll be the one to ask.” Donovan said. “Why Douglas?”

“Why the heck not?” Hue asked. He thought Douglas was a perfectly okay name...

“I guess you have a point.” Donovan shrugged.

The three of them stood around Professor Oak’s lab for a few more minutes.

“Now what?” Hue finally asked.

“Well, Last to choose equals first to leave.” Diane said with a smile, unable to stand still any longer. “By boys! I’ll see you guys soon ‘k?” She called as she returned Charlotte into her pokeball and ran out the door.

“Bye.” Hue said, unable to bring up the fact that he wanted both her and Donovan to stay and travel with him instead...

“Well. Why don’t we talk a bit before I head out too?” Donovan suggested, noticing Hue’s reluctance to leave the building, as he returned Bud the Bulbasaur to his pokeball..

“Sure.” Hue agreed. “Douglas, return.”

Douglas smacked the poke-ball back at Hue.


“It’s been awhile since Douglas has gotten out.” Professor Oak admitted. “He might want some more fresh air before heading back inside his pokeball.”

“Alright, if you like being outside that much, I won’t make you return.” Hue sighed. “But if you ever evolve, you’ll be too big for resting on my head.”

“Oh that’s right!” Professor Oak said, suddenly remembering something. “Both of you, if you could help me clean this place up a bit. Another girl your age is coming over to choose a pokemon later today.”

“Alright, no problem.” Hue replied instantly, mainly to see the look of terror on Donovan’s face.

After ten minutes, Donovan had succeeded in cleaning his portion of the lab, quite eager to get out of cleaning the room, and wanting very much to start his own pokemon journey..

“I’m done. I’ll see you later Hue!” He said as he bolted before Hue could even also say ‘see you later.’

As Hue finished up his cleaning, a beautiful and peculiar girl who appeared to be around his age walked in. She had long wavy black hair, and her dark green eyes were piercing everything in the room. She had a slim and fit figure and was wearing a traditional martial arts hakama.

While her outfit made her stand out more than just a tad, Hue couldn’t help but notice something else about her that didn’t make any sense.
This girl already had a pokeball on her.

It was marked with some sort of symbol, and clearly contained a pokemon already.

Not only was her age strange, given that she did not attend the trainer’s school, but having a pokemon before you were a licensed trainer was strange as well…

A pet is one thing, but pets didn’t go in pokeballs...

“You must be the Aura Jones who contacted me earlier.” Professor Oak stated with a smile.

“A pleasure to meet you in person, Professor.” the girl named Aura Jones smiled a sly smile as she curtseyed to him. “I’m here for my pokemon.”

There was something about that grin that made Hue uneasy. That’s when he remembered another important detail.

He and his friends had contacted professor just the last day, and at the time he said he had that so long as no trainers were walk-ins, they had the day to themselves.

This girl had appeared out of nowhere, clearly not having made an official appointment, yet the Professor had clearly known that she was coming in today and was acting like she had authority over everything he did...

Professor Oak placed three more pokeballs on the table.

It looked as though Hue didn’t have to worry about not getting the pokemon he wanted after all.

Very suddenly, and without warning, Aura’s eyes shifted over to Hue.

Even though it was probably, no, almost definitely a bad idea, Hue kept eye contact.

Her eyes were dark green and very piercing, like she was stabbing him a thousand times over in her head, or maybe dissecting him like he was some sort of alien.

He didn’t trust this chick...and he sure as heck wouldn’t be intimidated by her.

Aura smirked.

She took a pokeball from the table without breaking Hue’s eye contact, and once she had her pokedex and pokeballs that Professor Oak had laid out for her, she pointed at Hue.

“I assume you want to battle me.” Aura said with a coy smile. “Or do you just find me that pretty?”

Regardless of how pretty she was, Hue hadn’t been staring at her for that reason.

The fact that she just happened to show up here the same day Hue did and that she was his age without having gone to a Trainer’s school, It seemed like more than just coincidence...

Still though, a battle with my new pokemon would be rather welcome...

“Oh, I- I’m sorry, it’s just...I didn’t think another trainer would come in today.” Hue said. He quickly looked up at Douglas.

“But hey, why not?” He smiled. “Douglas and I can use a battle.”

Aura snickered. “Since we’re both starting out, we’ll make this a one on one match. Incidentally, how much money do you have on you?”

Both starting out? She has that strangely marked Pokeball with her. There was definitely no way that she has not had a pokemon battle before.

“Uhhh...3000 pokeyen. Why?” Hue asked, suspiciously. He wasn’t going to let this girl swindle him out of all his money. She better-

“Let’s make it low stakes then. We each put up 50 pokeyen and the winner takes the pot.” Aura offered a surprisingly fair deal.

“I can referee the battle as well as heal your pokemon.” Professor Oak said. “I’m so glad to see you kids getting into the Trainer spirit.”

Hue huffed.

Spirit huh? I don’t buy it.

There is something strange about this Aura girl.

Hue hadn’t meant to stare, but there was a certain...confidence, to both this Aura girl’s movements and her speech...

He was just observing the exchange, and surely she must have been able to see that, so why had she decided to pick a fight with him? She could have ignored him and left…

Why did she seem so intent on battling Hue?

“Alright.” Aura said as she sent out her pokemon. “Fushi, I choose you!”

“Bulba-saur!” Aura’s Bulbasaur sent its vines out as it gave a battle cry.

“Fushi?” Hue asked, curious about the name.

Aura rolled her eyes. “It’s short for Fushigidane. It means ‘mysterious bulb’. By far a more interesting name than Douglas.”

This chick was pressing all the right buttons to get Hue riled up. No one insults his pokemon.

“Listen mysterious hakama lady, you can make fun of me all you want…” Hue said. “But if you so much as even think about insulting Douglas, you’re in for a world of hurt!”

“Well then.” Aura smirked. “Fushi, we’ll let them go first.”

“Bulbasaur.” Fushi growled.

While normally, Hue would have Douglas use a move like Withdraw, to retreat into the shell, he was too eager to do damage to Aura’s pokemon to think quite that clearly.

“Douglas, Tackle attack!” Hue called.

“Oh?” Aura asked, a glint in her eye. “Fushi, dear, counter with your own Tackle!”

The pokemon collided head on.

“Perfect.” Hue said with a smile. “Douglas, Water Gun at close range, go!”

“Leech Seed, Fushi!” Aura chimed.

Douglas let out the biggest blast of water Hue could ever think Douglas capable of carrying. It was so forceful it shot the Bulbasaur into the wall.

“Looks like Fushi’s in trouble…” Hue said with a smirk.

“Yeah sure.” Aura rolled her eyes. She grinned as she snapped her fingers.

Instantly, Douglas took a knee in pain as it looked like health was being sapped out of him.

“Douglas!” Hue called. “Hgh…”

He looked at Aura and her Bulbasaur, which was getting back up and looking as refreshed as Douglas was in pain.

“What’s going on?” Hue asked, a little upset, wondering if Aura might have been using some method of cheating.

“Woah now. It’s just Leech Seed.” Aura said with a laugh. “If you get this worked up from that, you’ll hate some attacks you’ll see further down the line.”

This girl knows way too much to just be a new trainer...And what is with that extra pokeball?

“Douglas, Tackle!” Hue called, unsure of what to do.

That Water Gun had been a critical hit, but thanks to Bulbasaur’s type advantage, it wasn’t enough to do as much damage as Hue would have hoped.

He’d have to rely on Tackle…

“Oh my, not one to give in it seems.” Aura said with a confident smile. “Fushi...Vine Whip.”

The whip from the vine sent Douglas flying into the wall behind Hue.

“Douglas, can you still get up?” Hue asked.

“Squir-...Tle-...”Douglas panted as he stood back up.

Then he fell to the floor again, as Hue noticed that inside Douglas’s shell there were some plants draining Douglas’s energy.

Fushi, Aura’s Bulbasaur seemed to be healing because of this.

So this is Leech Seed...

“Give in before you hurt yourself.” Aura said confidently with a sly smile as Douglas managed to hobble back to his feet.

Then a strange blue mist began to surround Douglas.

“ that move?” Hue asked Dean his pokedex?”

Aura’s expression, coincidentally, was similarly curious as she took out her own pokedex.

Only, she didn’t point it at Douglas...She pointed her pokedex directly at Hue…

What is this all about?

This girl is from another world or something with the way she is acting...

“[Torrent]” Dean informed Hue. “[Squirtle’s] Ability: When Squirtle has reached the limits of its energy, its water moves become far more powerful.”

“Hmmm…” Hue said.

He had an idea.

“Douglas, Withdraw!” Hue said. Douglas withdrew into his shell.

“What could you possibly-?” Aura asked. “Whatever, Fushi, use Vine Whip!”


She took the bait.

“Douglas, use Water Gun on yourself inside the shell!”

The amount of pressure from all the water made the shell spin around incredibly fast. When Fushi’s vines went for it, Fushi pulled them back in agony. The spinning shell had managed to bruise Fushi’s vines.

“Alright Douglas, let’s finish this off with a momentum powered Tackle!”

“No...this can’t be happening!” Aura exclaimed, in a suspiciously unconvincing tone, as Douglas shot at Fushi. “How could he think of something like that when before he was just calling out moves?”

“Surprised?” Hue asked confidently. He had finally gotten some momentum in this match. Now he could think clearly, and make full use of his mind...

Aura’s eyes met his, and Hue’s newly found confidence regressed right back into terror.

Those dark green daggers…

Does Aura know the move Glare or something?

“No. I’m impressed, but not surprised at all. You will be though.” She smiled.

Aura snapped her fingers.

Douglas stopped in his tracks and fell to the floor.

“Oh, shit! I forgot about the Leech Seed!” Hue exclaimed.

“Douglas is unable to battle.” Professor Oak said. “The winner is Fuji, which makes the winner of this match Aura!”

Well this sucks...

An hour into my pokemon journey and I’ve already lost 50 pokeyen and my first battle.

“I must admit.” Aura said as both their pokemon were healed and she took the money she had won from Hue.

“You got closer to defeating me than I thought you would. It was my type advantage that really won the day here. Keep training and maybe you won’t lose to me as badly next time.” She chimed confidently.

“I’m Aura by the way. Aura Jones.”

“Hue Swanson.” Hue said.

“Oh, I already know who you are, Huey!” Aura chimed very sweetly with a cryptic undertone. “Given the test you just went through, I think you’ll do just fine. See you soon!” She winked as she left the building. “And thanks for taking care of the aftermath…”

“Who the hell is she?” Hue asked himself as Douglas ran up onto Hue’s head again. “And wait, what did she mean by aftermath?”

“Ahem.” Professor Oak coughed. “Hubert...would you be so kind…”

Hue cringed, and turned around.

“To clean up this giant mess you’ve made!” Professor Oak yelled as he motioned to puddles and plants everywhere.

“Alright, alright. Douglas, you can help clean the water. I’ll pick up the plants.”

“Squirtle Squirtle!”

Even as Hue was picking up the aftermath of the battle that Aura had left him with, he couldn’t wrap his head around what just happened.

Who was that girl?

Why does she act like she knows who I am?

“See you soon…” Hue repeated those last words to come out of Aura’s mouth.

And what about the ‘you’ll do just fine’ shit she was spouting earlier?

He figured he’d have the opportunity to get her back if they met at the Pokemon League.

That’s where Hue was going after all.

He’d head up there with pokemon trained to their fullest potential and he’d win the league using his superior knowledge… And prove to himself that he was strong enough to protect those who needed protection.

As Hue finished tidying up at around 8:00 pm at night and left the lab, he could have sworn he saw someone lurking in the shadows.

“Hello?” He called out to them.

He heard some rustling, saw what might have been a flash of a crimson red letter, or maybe a word, and then there was nothing.

He was all by himself, but every instinct he had told him that he wasn’t necessarily alone. He felt as though he was being watched.

Something told Hue that this journey of his wouldn’t be as straightforward as he’d like it to be...

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