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Toxic ; Mattheo Riddle


The boys you most Admire in this Fan fiction. But somehow you fall in love with Voldemort's son Mattheo Riddle or do you fall For someone else. There is no mercy after chapter 13 I promise it get's way better along the way <3 Spice starts at chapter 14 COMPLETED Started (Dec/23/20) Ended (March/7/21) 1: Voldemort is in this story but Draco does not become a death eater 2: There is no war 4: Characters will be added in the story along the way 5: Lot's of drama 6: ⚠️Smut, smoking, Drinking, gaslighting, manipulation, knife play, ⚠️ 7: Mattheo will be playing as Voldemort's son. aka Benjamin Wadsworth since no one like ever puts him in their fanfics he also played Marcus in deadly class Vincella makes an appearance in chapter 15 and max makes an appearance in chapter 18 ~Character list that appears a lot in the story some come in every few chapters~ 1. Y/n y/l/n 2. Mattheo Riddle 3. Tom Riddle 4. Leonardo DiCaprio 5. Hermione Granger 6. Draco Malfoy 7. Pansy Parkinson 8. Blaise Zabini 9. Luna Love-good 10. Lorenzo Berkshire 11. Theodore Nott 12. Vincella grindelwald 13. Max Bennett 14. Amelia & John (Leo's parents) The person who edited Mattheo on the cover has its credits on the cover ps. It's on his shoulder

Romance / Erotica
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~Authors Note & Cast~

So Basically if there is any boys or girls you want me to add to the story just message me their Actual name tell me what their name has to be in the story or you could tell me too use their actual name its up to you. Hopefully this book can be long and i can keep my readers interested if you have any future ideas message me. And of course i had to add Marcus from Deadly class because he is so hot He's Playing as Mattheo. Y/N means your name. Y/M/N means your middle name. Y/L/N means your last name. and you may describe your character how ever you want you are 16 though and by the way you are a Ravenclaw then you switch to Slytherin you will find out you just have to read. You are a pure-blood but Draco does not know that nor does anybody except hermonie and of course Dumbledore And leo. so the students and the teachers assume that you are Half-blood. sorry for the big cast. And i know the description is not the best but basically you will have a love triangle you are most likely going to end up with Mattheo But i want you to have something with Draco In the begging. And you are going to fall for other boys during the story but you Are probably going to end up with Mattheo. So Don't worry.

Btw I just updated it today chapter 14 and up there is absolutely no mercy after that...

So the only non smut parts are 13 and down after that there is hella smut

Vincella grindelwald makes an appearance in chapter 15 and up I own Vincella grindelwald

Here is you Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N and how ever you want to look like

~Draco Lucius Malfoy~ ~Nickname: Malfoy~ ~Age: 16~ ~Pure-Blood~ ~Love interest~ He is cold hearted and only likes segs with girls nothing much until he met you.

~Hermione Jean Granger~ ~Nickname: Mione~ ~Age: 16~ ~Muggle-Born~ she is a friend of yours she is a book worm and is nice to you even though every one in Hogwarts finds her annoying she is there when you need her.

~Blaise Zabini~ ~Nicknames: Zabini or blaise~ ~Age: 16~ ~Pure-Blood~ something happens between you two that causes you guys to be worst enemies, or will you guys still be friends.

~Pansy Lynn Parkinson~ ~Nicknames: Pugface, parkinson, pans,~ ~Age: 16~ ~Pure-Blood~ pansy and you always hated each other you spilt ways along time ago although no one knew. she likes to flirt with Draco and a few other boys whom you are interested in just to piss you off, or will she actually catch feelings for them or one of them.

~Luna Scamander love-good~ ~Nicknames: Luna, blue~ ~Age: 16~ ~Half-Blood~ you and luna were always close no matter what happend she acts happy all the time but deep down she is broken. And you only know half of it.

~Mattheo marvolo riddle~ ~Nicknames: Mattheo or riddle~ ~Age-16~ ~Pure-blood~ ~Love interest~ He is mean And cold hearted incapable of feeling love and is ruthless likes to break rules and somewhat wants to hate you. He belongs to yasmineamaro

~Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio~ ~Nicknames: Leo or Leonardo~ ~Age-16~ ~Half-Blood~ ~Love interest~ He is Cunning, And is Talkative and gets jealous easily Especially when it comes to you.

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