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Toxic ; Mattheo Riddle


"I will always love you and ill wait for you know matter how long it takes remember that, please" -Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Y/N Pov: It was the start of the new year i was heading into 6th year i arrived early to the train cause of how eager i was to get to hogwarts. my parents did not care for me much i spent most of the summer by the lake with luna we read books climbed trees, well i climbed trees i'm more of an adventurous person luna is laid back and enjoys reading books and painting her nails different colors. I moved to hogwarts from Castelobruxo i was very popular there i had many friends who loved and cared about me but that all changed when i moved to hogwarts on my 3rd year. I met a boy on my 3rd year his name was Draco malfoy he was the most obnoxious person i ever met and then his little girlfriend pug face pansy was as the same as malfoy just the girl version i had magical creatures with them they also had crabbe goyle blaise as there little petty friend group how pathetic if you asked me. When i was in Castelobruxo i fell in love with a boy named leonardo he was my first love we've been dating since we were 9 years old we had a cute little relationship then then when i was 13 we had to break up because i was moving.

~Flash back~

"Will you write to me leo" i said in teary eyes

"Of course Y/N, hell i cant even spend a day without you so don't you think i would write to you" The boy across from you said, you saw how heart broken he looked but he refused to cry he always refused to cry it got on your nerves sometimes because you felt like you cried to much.

"Thats good to know, you do know i love you right" You meant it even though you will never see him again, even though you guys were only just 13 you had pure love know one else had. you spent every day together since your parents were friends you had sleep overs alot too. He pulled me close to him hugging me tightly a tear rolled down my cheek he took his hand and wiped it off. He pulled away even though i could tell he did not want to. "I will always love you and ill wait for you know matter how long it takes remember that, please" He said those words as his voice starts to break and she finally saw him cry once.

~End of flash back~

As she found her way onto the train and sat in a empty seat she put her head against the window she was upset all the memories with leo she wished she cherished those moments more she also wished she could go back in time and meet him again and relive every thing again. The thing is that shattered he heart the most was that he never wrote to her never onced visited it truly broke her heart all she felt was numb and sorrow for a few years. but she regaind back her senses and moved forward only making leo a memory.

Luna was a morning person so i was wondering were she was maybe she sat somewhere else, it did not bother me i have no very close friends except her and hermione i guess you could say harry was a dearest friend of mine but we weren't that close.

I saw luna walking over to were i was sitting she kept her head down and she looked like she did not get much sleep. "Luna you alright" "I'm fine!" She answers fast, a little too fast i could tell when something is wrong with her.

Luna had no mother every time i asked her about it she would ignore the question like i never asked i felt utterly bad for her she had no mother and her dad became more loopy every year so perhaps hermione and herself were lunas only friends.

I heard talking behind me the voice sounded familiar she knew exactly who it was, Malfoy she rolled her eyes in the back of her head because of how annoying he sounded he walked passed her and sat at a seat with Pug face, blaise and crabbe and how could we forget goyle.

I glanced at Malfoy he had his head held up high like he always does how stupid she just wanted to punch him and he had that classic malfoy smirk plastered on his face she just wanted to go over there and slap that stuiped smile off his face.

She thought to herself, since when have i gotten so violent she rested her chin on her hand her hand propped up her gaze met malfoys who face went into a scrunch. "Have a staring problem, Y/L/N" i flipped him off and faced the opposite direction of him. He rolled his eyes and started to talk to Pug face which is apparently was his girlfriend, but like she would have cared.

She then puts all of her attention on luna "Luna you have to tell me what is wrong" She demanded. Luna then reaches her hand for the glass door and slides it shut locking it. She fixed her gaze on Y/N "So today is a sad day today because of my mother, she had passed today so every year on this day i just take the day to myself and go the second day to hogwarts" Y/N wondered what happened that would make lunas mom pass away. "So what happened to your mother that made her pass away? also sorry for you loss" Luna broke the gaze they had, and fixed her eyes to the ground "Well you see in 1991 my mother passed because her own spell backed fired on her when i was nine she died right infront of my eyes" It sounded so depressing y/n could not help but wonder why she bottled it up for so long and how did she hide her feelings. "I am so terribly sorry luna I-I did not know" I felt terrible, i tried not to ask her anymore questions

I had stared at the window and drifted off into sleep until we arrived to hogwarts.

I was woken up with chatter and screeching as the train has went to a stop she opened her eyes to be met with lunas.

"You took a peaceful rest" i just nodded my head and stood up malfoy me and luna were the only ones left on the quiet train it was somewhat peaceful she hadn't had this much peace in a long time.

But of course malfoy had to ruin that peace like he always does because well he is, malfoy. "Filthy little mud-blood" He sneered at me for absolute no reason. She just simply rolled her eyes and walked passed him like nothing had happened. She strutted to the castle with her head up high that this was hopefully going to be a good year even though deep down she knew that malfoy would ruin it one way or another.

There was one secret Y/n kept hidden down because she was just ashamed of it which was her, last name she would never tell any one her last name except for dumbledore he knew her actual last name.

Which was, Diamond one of the famous pure-blood families out there they were first. She kept that hidden down because of the Diamonds family past it truly haunted her and it probably was going to forever.

But she would never let anyone know it y/n simply just covered up her feelings and emotions she did not know how to comfort people so she put on a fake mask to hide all of her emotions she personally thought they were not important.

She had a mother and a father and that was it. She had family relatives who thought highly of her but she could never reach there expectations she had a huge warm mansion it was this tinted white and gold. she had every thing except, unconditional love and love she was cold hearted just like the rest of her family which made her cringe.

Her mother spent most of her time bickering with her father. And her father spent most of his time at voldemort's mansion or you could say death eater head quarters.

She really kept her nose out of there business as she was not interested in what to listen to. One thing Y/n strived for was love but she never got it and once she has it she wont let it go.

As she walked through the castle door's she made her way to ravenclaw's table.

Dumbledore started to talk. "Students attending hogwarts there will be new students arriving sometime this year like every other year so nothing special" it was normal for students to attend hogwarts in the middle of the year they could attend all year around.

Luna had went to her dorm as soon as she arrived to hogwarts since this was the day her mother passed. But hogwarts has a different time then the muggle world so it was night so i had thought she just decided to take a nap or head to bed for the night, i mean who could blame her.

As the feast started i got some food for luna to eat a decided ill walk bake to our dorm. Our dorm was in all different shades of blue and grey and also black even though dark emerald green was my favorite color it did not bother me much since blue was also a very pretty color too.

I picked up the plate for luna it had mashed potatoes and chicken. And then the memories came back to me that was leo's favorite meal and i had remembered to much i was surprised at myself for remembering the little things but then once again she pushed it back and just pretend to for get about it.

I walked the big halls going down to me and lunas dorm so i could give her, her food. I opened the door and she was sitting on the bed reading her book i sat down at the end of her bed and gave her the food.

"Thank you i wasn't really hungry, but thank you" "Your welcome" I said with a smile i broke out eye contact and walked out of our dorm and out of our common room. I was walking and it felt like eternity.

"Why does this castle have to be so big" i mumbled so low that only i could hear, but boy was i wrong.

"What was that y/l/n" Malfoy said i rolled my eyes back into my head as i cringed at his voice. "Please go away malfoy i don't have time for you" I said in a firm tone i did not want to turn around because i seriously did not have the time for him i was going to go the library and study but i guess that is not going to happen.

"Well thats rude, my f-" I cut him off knowing what he was going to say "Your fathers going to hear about this, whats he going to do about it" "He can get you expelled all i have to do is say that you hurt me then go tell my father then he will tell dumbledore then you get expelled simple as that y/l/n"

"First of all i did nothing to you, ill do anything you say just don't tell on me for nothing" i said that because i did not want to get expelled and go home in that boring mansion hogwarts was my home and i realized that malfoy could take that away in a snap of a finger "Great now i have a filthy little mud-blood as a servant" he laughed that off, he got into his bag and pulled out his homework from every single class as i looked at it realizing what i just got my self into. "Do this all tonight or you will be expelled give it to me in the morning in the bathroom because i don't want to be seen with you in public" He rolled his eyes in disgust i frowned at the fact that i had to do all of his homework i walked away with it in my hands making my way to the library so i could do it. I had a feeling ill be up all night studying, doing my homework and his too.

Leonardo's pov: I hadn't wrote to y/n since she left i felt bad but i had to let her go she deserved someone who was going to be there for her right by her side and comfort her when she needed to be comforted. But it had been 4 or 5 years since she left memories started to go away and turn into a blur i could barley remember what she looked like i was never really truly over her. She wrote to me but i never responded then one day she had stopped so i just had thought to myself she had moved on or thought i had moved houses or i just did not care i kept all of her letters in a box and i read them when i missed her there is one promise i will always keep and that would be waiting for her no matter how long it takes. I would love to see her again but i lost hope a long time ago i knew she wasn't going to come back i knew that for a fact.

Y/n pov: I finished all the homework studied so i can get good grades i had bags under my eyes it was the morning i had stayed up all night doing my homework and malfoys and studying. I made my way out of the library and i was met with malfoy he was standing at the door ready to go into the library. "I thought you might be here since you know you are a nerd right" he said did he just call me a nerd i felt like slapping him across the face but he can get me expelled. "Here you go malfoy" i said in a firm voice i had absolutely no time for him i had to attend my classes even though i was really tired. "Why so stuck up?" He said questioning me this was stuid why can't he take the papers and leave. "Why do you care, and i was up all night doing my homework and yours also studying so i can get straight A's" i said in a tired voice. "Sorry can you re phrase that i was to busy... not listening" he started to laugh i just stared at him with no facial expression on my face i had to get to potions or i would be late. I walked past him slightly hitting his shoulder with mine because i had enough of him he always got on my last nerve.

~Potions class~

If malfoy did not get a good grade i would be done for. I walked into potions class and stood beside hermione malfoy was glaring, of course he was. Then slughorn started to speak "Today class we will be brewing Amortentia" I was excited because i've never smelled it before it's supposed to be what sent attracts you wich i had not fully known what scent attracts me. "Y/n Y/l/n why don't you take a whip of the Amortentia and tell us what you smell" i smile at him and walk up to were it was i leaned against the table and sniffed it. "It smells like, cookies... *sniff* Vanilla A-and *sniff* Sugar cookies" I look around the room i did not know anyone who smelled like it, but i think i do i think i know who it is i just could not put my finger on it. Slughorn said "Do you know who smells like that" "I- um no i do not sir," i was being honest. "Very well then" He smiled at me i took that as to go back into the group of the students. "Do you know who smells like that?" Hermonie questions me she thought i knew but did not feel comfortable with telling the whole class. But the truth is that i did not really know. "I truly don't know hermione" "Oh- that must suck" potion class ended and i attended all of my classes for the morning i was making my way to lunch.

I saw malfoy walking and i decided to ask him if he had gotten a good grade because i don't want to get expelled. "Hey malfoy did you get a good grade" i asked he was with his pug face of a girlfriend and goyle. "Don't talk to me, mud-blood!" he then pushed passed me how could he all the sudden he just became more rude then he already was. I turned around and decided to fight back because i would just not let him disrespect me like that. "Malfoy you have no right to disrespect me like that!" i knew i fucked up.. "Don't you dare speak to me like that he then dragged me out of the great hall.

"I'm going to get you expelled you filthy little mud-blood now people basically think your obsessed with me i mean how could i blame you, i mean i am perfect" he held onto my wrist tightly it started to hurt.

"I am not obsessed over you i just wanted to know if you got a good grade or not so you don't get me expelled" I said firmly so he knew i meant it. "Fine i believe you but like i said don't talk to me in public got it" He still had a hold of my wrist i tried to wiggle it out of his grip but it wasn't working. "I got it now let go of my wrist" "Was that an order Y/l/n, i make the rules you don't" he let go of my wrist and walked back into the great hall. I also walked back into the great hall and found me a seat beside hermione, ron and harry they are nice people to be around, the most civil people you could be around.

"Whats wrong with your wrist?" Harry questioned me, he looked concerned. "Oh it's nothing just malfoy being a prick" I said in a low tone. "Well that's malfoy, being a prick like always no matter what situation you are in" harry was right it kinda disappointed me though i was not obsessed over Draco lucius malfoy, i more would have like to kill him if i had a chance.

"Your right harry i would love to hex that little blonde ferret boy if i had a chance" i meant every word i said. Harry ron and hermione looked at me in shock they never knew that i was this cold hearted person.

But i was just like the rest of my family, i was more than ashamed of it. A few hours went by and it was time for bed luna attended more of her classes like normal i'd went to bed early right after dinner and i got the best sleep of my life but a lot of things just did not leave my mind no matter how hard i wanted them to.

~Authors note~

~I know this chapter was boring but i wanted you to get to know a little bit about a few characters you will learn more about other characters in future chapter Mattheo will eventually come around some time just give it time i will try to write longer chapters and there will be drama just give it time please~
I'm editing the story right now while I'm working on chapter 19 and all I have to say is... you have a lot coming towards you I'm also correcting my spelling mistakes so don't correct me I wrote this story for fun originally I didn't hunk it would get this much views but I love all of you who support me
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