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Toxic ; Mattheo Riddle


"Are you paying attention y/l/n, of course your not why would i make you my servant you deserve more punishment, don't you think? - Draco lucies malfoy

It was the morning the sun was shining through the windows it was pretty but not peacful cause their was Luna on her bed snoring away but she needs the sleep. I got up and did my morning routine and woke luna up so we can go to breakfast. "Luna darling wake up" I said in a soft tone. "Mhmm yes?" She questioned me she had to be kidding right. "We need to get to breakfast" I said this time in my normal voice she needed to wake up she had to eat to she hasn't ate since lunch of yesterday, yes I did care for her. She pulled the blankets off of her and swung her legs to the side of the bed. "Gosh its cold" she has mumbled I went to her closet and picked out her clothes for her I had a good taste in clothes even though I were a black skirt and a white button up shirt it was simple so of course I wore it. "Get dressed and meet me at the griffindor table" even though we were in ravenclaw, I liked to sit next to harmonie ron and harry they were my closest friends besides luna. I was still trying to think of whom I smelled in the anmorntia potion it smelled marvelous if you ask me. I was walking down the halls and saw blaise he was with crabbe. Blaise smiled at me which was weird because he never smiled at me and never acted like I was there in the first place I did not have a problem with blaise he wasent like malfoy ot pug face pansy.

He also did not mess or bully other people but the rest of them did I smiled back at him because of course I did not want to be rude I walked into the great hall I felt a hand on my shoulder at first I thought it was Hermione but it wasn't her scent. It was a peculiar scent one I dont recognize. I turn around and it was blaise.... what could he possibly want. "Hey y/l/n I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime maybe go to hogsmede with me" he rubbed the back of his neck I could tell he was nervous. I decided not to be rude and say yes how bad could it be. "I mean, I guess" I said in a low tone it was unexpected really.

"Great!" He said and walked away with a smile plastered on his face maybe this could work but something was off a little bit too off I couldn't put my finger on it though I decided to leave it alone since I am an over thinker.

it was truly unexpected though. It was around lunch time and malfoy has been ignoring me but i'm not going to bother him since well you know i don't want to get expelled or get hurt again. I was walking the halls trying to get to my next class but suddenly i was pulled into a empty corridor. The light was shining through it was beautiful, but the one who pulled me in there was not so beautiful. "Malfoy?" "Mhm i want you to come to my dorm tonight to do chores that i don't want to do come around 10 pm and the slytherin password is pureblood" He said in an angry tone like he did not want to be there which i did not want to be there either.

It was 10 pm i decided to make my way to draco's dorm, i walked the long halls of hogwarts i've never seen the slytherin common room i tried to remember were the slytherin common was located soon enough i was lost, and lost in my own thoughts. I knew Draco was going to be mad i heard footsteps in the distance i had a feeling of whom it was i knew it was draco and i was right it was he looked mad and i knew who he was mad at, he was mad at me. "Why are you late i had to get out of the shower to come get you because someone got lost" He said in a Angry voice i felt so mad because i could not help i got lost. "I-I-Im sorry malfoy i just got lost" i said as my voice started to tremble and stutter i was scared he was going to hurt me. "Well you have chores to do in my dorm, i expect them to be done nicely got it" I nodded my head in agreement. "Use your word's y/l/n! I hate it when you don't" he said in a firm voice obviously if you havent noticed he likes being the Dom. I am not surprised though. "Good because i don't want to give you what you want" i said staring him down giving him a rude look to show him i also show dominance it wasn't really my thing though i mean what i've been through i sometimes do show dominance which also runs through my family's and generations blood my family and relatives like to have power over people and when we do we want more. It's pretty evil if you ask me.

~Flash back to 3rd year~

I was making my way to care of magical creatures class i was new and it was my first day i was excited because in beauxbatons i used to take care of magical creatures i found them so fascinating. We went down this path with lots of trees they had bright green leaves it was beautiful they were very tall tress the grass was short it smelled like freshly mowed grass. "Hello I'm malfoy, Draco malfoy but you uhh can call me draco" He said in a husky voice but also in a soft tone he did not seem bad at all. "Hello nice to meet you I'm y/n y/l/n" I said in return with a smile he then winks at me. He broke our eye contact with a sudden voice in the background it was my first friend at hogwarts hermione. "y/n don't talk to malfoy he is one stuck up prat!" she told me then malfoy gave me a disgusted look "Your friends with these blood traitors, your just a filthy little mud-blood like them get out of my face." i looked at him he was like a different person i thought he was nice but i guess not, how could i be so stupid.

~End of flash back~

I zoned out. "Are you paying attention y/l/n, of course your not why would i make you my servant you deserve more punishment, don't you think? I stared at him with wide eyes what a jack ass. He was gonna use me how malfoy of him. "Say something, god since you are saying nothing. Get on your knees now" he said to me i could tell he just wanted power over something even if it was power over another human being. He than pushed me down on too my knees the floor was clod the hall way was empty only the moonlight shining in through the windows. "unbuckle my belt, Don't be scared" he said in a smooth tone he was leaning against the wall with a grin on his face he thought he had control over me but, he didn't. I unbuckle his belt slid down his pants then i saw it. His member was already hard i felt it through his trousers. "Don't be shy get my dick out and suck on it" he said in a firm voice it turned me on, but i had something else in mind i then got up from knees looked him in the eye and started to walk away i was not gonna let him have his satisfaction it felt good though to be in control but when i started to walk away he pulled me by my hair back towards him, it hurt like a bitch. "What the fuck was that for, malfoy" i yelled in pain. "Don't you dare talk to me like that, and you are my servant so you do what I tell you!" he said harshly in my ear. "Who's there!" We heard a faint voice in the distance and I recognized the voice. It was flinch he let go of my hair and pushed me forward he pulled up his pants. And gave me a dirty look and whispered in my ear "I'm not done with you" he then walked away and I started to run in the opposite direction. I couldn't do this i was with blaise this little thing with Malfoy. It was not gonna happen again and it wont continue either.

It was morning luna was gone and i decided to take a shower i got in and i felt the warm water it was calming i needed some satisfaction of dominance i just don't know where to get it and what can i have power over. Maybe i can fiddle with Malfoy but to be honest i knew he was just using me for his own pleasure. Then the door opened up to the bathroom I heard blaise voice. "Your gonna be late if you don't hurry up!'' How did he even get in my dorm how did he know were it was. "How did you get in my dorm blaise" i said as i turned the shower off. "I just asked luna and" I peeked behind the curtain "Can i have my towel please" I gave him puppy eyes he got my towel and started to run. How dare he i jumped out and opened the door on my bed sitting was. Malfoy i screamed his eyes went wide. "Not to bad, haha" He chuckled i closed the slammed the door shut. "Can i have a towel!" i said in a stern voice "no im going to be late if i dont go now, so sorry" He said it sounded evil i knew i was gonna be late i needed some time to process of what just happened. Draco lucius malfoy saw me naked i got Dressed and i walked to class"Your ms y/l/n" Snape said "Sorry professor, there were-" i was cut off, by malfoy of course i was cut off by him.

"We don't want to hear your problems" "Fuck off malfoy" I yelled at him giving him a dirty look he returned the look. "Detention to the both of you you meet me in my class room at 10 pm on the dot" this was all malfoys fault after all my classes were done i decided to Read in the library i heard the doors open i

knew who exactly it was. "Hello" he than sat across from me "What do you want from me malfoy" i said in a stern voice "Nothing we can't just hang out?" he knew i was hard to get so by pretending he was nice, he thought he could make me suck his dick or let him fuck me that was my theory. But that was not gonna happen "Whatever, before you saw me naked you acted like a total bitch towards me and that was last night by the way" I was infuriated i wanted to slap him. I'm not some toy he can play around with. "Can we just have a decent conversation?" He said with hope in his eyes "Before, you did not want to talk to me especially in public" "Whatever i never wanted to talk to you anyways" He gave me a mean look and walked out of the library. It was the next Day me and blaies did nothing much except for hang out in his dorm room we never really had sex we would make out or talk. He wasn't like the other slytherin boys. All the boys in ravenclaw are a bunch of nerds and all the boys in hufflepuff are way too nice but that's not a big problem they were just a little too nice. Then the boys in gryffindor well there decent i guess not really my type they like to be ahead of slytherin and be number one but slytherin already beat them too it.

It was about night time and i was tired from studying and new students should arrive sometime this week or next week i am very excited for it.

It was then the next morning that I talked to Blaise and we agreed to go to the three broomsticks for a date I've never been on a date before. I knew Blaise had been on a date before. When i got out of bed i looked through my closet i saw a all black dress it was beautiful i figured out i'll just wear that, its simple.

I noticed Malfoy could not keep his eyes off of me.

I wasn't bothered though i just shrugged it off. I met up with blaise after defence with the dark arts class. "Hey darling" blaise said as we walked side by side. I then noticed malfoy glaring at blaise, whats his problem he then goes over and talks to pansy of course i then put all my attention on my boyfriend.

I begun a conversation with him "Aren't you excited about the new students coming, Blaise" i said staring into his eyes. "I guess... are you?" "Yeah i guess so i'm just wondering who the new students are, curious you know" "Yeah, well i'm going to meet up with malfoy see ya" and then he left our conversations were dry most of the time it was sad i think he is losing interest when he talks to other girls he puts all his attention on them but with me its different it was sad to think about, about losing him he was the only light in my life at this point.

It was after school and i put on my dress and makeup and did my hair i waited at the three broom sticks for him.

It was an hour later he still did not show up it was then three hours later i gave up on him showing up i was really hoping he would have shown up, but i guess not.

I saw malfoy walk in alone he looked at him head held up high posture straight.

He then noticed me alone with a butter beer across from me i was all dressed up to. "This seat must be for an imaginary person, i mean who would want to be seen with you in public" malfoy said as he leaned against the table looking down at me in disgust. "Well obviously you want to be seen with me, and i actually had a date with blaise but i guess he has better things to do" I huffed and sat back letting the smells fill my senses

"I do not want to be seen with you and i saw him with pasny they were busy hooking up in the astronomy tower, sucks to be you" then my heart shattered i knew i should have stayed away from him my eyes had tears in them. "You're lying!" i shouted at him "No i'm not i can show you" He said with a smirk on his face while tears were running down my face i stood up and stormed out of there it was getting hot i almost felt like i could pass out. I heard footsteps behind me and I knew who it was. "Listen don't get worked up on a guy like him it's useless and pathetic"

he was right i like dominance so i get what i want when i want i was going to break up with Blaise and move on like nothing happened.

~Authors note~

As you see this barley had any spice but i like toxic Draco so he is probably never gonna get soft. and sorry if there is spelling mistakes i was up late writing this and i would make it longer but i want more chapters and i don't want y/n having sex in the first three chapters atleast. but you will be close to having sex.
Edit on February 4th 2021 you have sex in chapter 14 and there isn't any mercy after that
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