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Ellinor Potter


Ellinor Potter and her twin Harry is about to start their second year at Hogwarts. The way there is a bit tricky tho. When three of the Weasleys comes to rescue Harry and Ellinor, she realises something that will come to change her life. Follow the Golden trio, Ellinor, the Weasleys, Malfoys, Diggorys and all the other characters through the books, and maybe script something down for your shifting haha. Starting > 2021 - 02 - 11

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|| Disclaimer ||

Hello all Harry Potter lovers

Just a quick disclaimer that I do not own any other character than Ellinor Potter, Lissie Diggory and Melanie Rose. All the other characters belongs to JK Rowling

I am not a professional writer, I have no education in writing books, and will not be as good as real authors. I write for fun, and for having something to dream about lol 😂

Some of it will be from my shifting, where I play the part as Ellinor Potter. Harrys twin.

This is a fanfiction that follows from Chamber of secrets up to Deathly Hallows.

And for all my Fred Weasley lovers, he will NOT die in this story cause yah my mental health would not be happy.

In the first book ( Chamber of secrets ) there will be huge time skips cause there Is nothing much to write about

Will there be any Love situations? Oh who am I kidding, ofc it will. Read to find out who will be the lucky man of Ellinor's life.

Ladies and Gentlemens this is Ellinor Potter

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