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Ellinor Potter

Chapter 1

Dear Diary!
I hate it here. Aunt Petunia always screams at me and uncle Vernon yells at Harry. Im starting to isolate myself from them as much as I can. Not Harry of course. He his my only light in life.
The Dursley family is really scaring me, im terrified. I've been hit multiple times, and Aunt petunia has trapped down on my food. God I really want to run away, but of course my uncle has set up bars on our window.
At least they let me and Harry move up do Dudley's old room. Its a small room with a wardrobe, one window and one bed that me and my twin shares. Not that I mind sharing a bed with Harry, its cosy but I really do think that we deserve better. I cant remember us doing something disrespectful to them.
Anyways, just one hour ago there was an house elf in our room. His name was Dobby, and came to tell us that we must not go back to Hogwarts this year. Why? I dont know. He left short after.
Now its really late and Harry is telling me to shut up so I better go of to bed.
God I miss my friends and the Weasleys, they have become my family.
If anyone ever reads this, please stay away from any kind of people named Dursley in surname, thanks and Goodbye.
Ellinor Potter < 30 July 11: 24 pm

Eli and Harrys room > 13 : 12
I woke up to the sound of a car, strange I dont see any cars outside. Harry was still fast asleep, so I decided to go back to sleep. Much to my discomfort, a very strange sound kept me awake. That's until I hear it, the voice. The voice of one of my brothers, well not blood related but by heart.
- " Eli ? Psst Eli ! " I quickly snapped my head to the window. A big smile landing on my lips. I walked over and opened the window so I could whisper to them without my guardians would hear us.
- " Ron, Fred, George. Thank Merlin your here. I've been so lonely " they all gave me a understanding look and a smile. George told me to wake Harry, get our trunks and Harrys owl. That's exactly what I did. To mine and Harrys surprise, they had just took the bars of with a big smash.

- " Fuck, they woke up, were dead Harry! " I panicked. If they get us now, they would probably kill us. I felt a warm tear roll down my face and someone's arms grabbing me from behind.
Quickly I turned around, thinking it was Vernon or Petunia, but it wasn't. It was Fred. He lifted me up and carried me over to the window where I stepped into the car.
- '' Shit, Harry hurry up, their coming " Harry was one second from being catched by Uncle Vernon.
George drove the car, Ron sat next to him. I sat in Fred's lap and Harry sat next to Fred.
- " By the way, Happy Birthday Potter Twins "
- " Yeah Happy Birthday "
- " Happy Birthday "
Me and Harry thanked them and then I fell asleep with my head buried in Fred's neck.

- " Ellinor, were home " I heard Fred say, still holding me like he did when I fell asleep.
- " No, let me sleep, Its tiering to escape hell you know " he chuckled and lifted me out of the car. I clung to him for dear life as he carried me inside.
- " Shhh mum will hear us "
- " Do you think she will notice if we take some of these ? "
- " WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? " I flinched in Fred's grip
- " Oh Harry, Ellinor, how good to see you "
- " BED'S EMPTY, NO NOTE, CAR GONE! You could have died, you could have been seen! Of course I dont blame you two dears." She pointed at me and Harry. My grip on Fred was now dead hard. My arms went white and tears streamed down my face.
- " They were starving them mum, they put bars on their window " Ron speaked up
- " You best hope I dont put bars on your window Ronald Weasley, now lets all go back to sleep for an hour or two then were celebrating Harry and Ellis Birthday "

Fred carried me all the way up to the room I was gonna sleep in and tried to put me down in the bed, but I didn't dare to let go. I know Harry stayed in Ron's room, but I really didn't want to be alone. I buried my face deeper into his neck, leaving him the hint and he once again chuckled.
- " Well, guess George will have to sleep alone then " and with that he laid us down on the bed, put the cover over us and once again fell asleep.
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