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2-Dont Lie

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring throughout the room. I groaned as I lazily kicked my feet over the bed to stand up and press the button to turn it off. I changed out of my pajamas and into some fresh clothes, I still haven't been given any uniforms so my normal clothes would have to do for now. I wore something that I wouldn't mind if it got dirty.

As soon as I finished placing my hair in a bun there was a knock at my door. I went over to open it and was greeted by brunette haired man with sparkling green eyes. He stood there with a smile on his face, which I found to be a little odd seeing as I have yet to see anyone smile here, "Hi I'm Adam, I'm suppose to take you to our hangar and show you where the TIE-fighters are."

I gave him a small smile back, "Hi Adam I'm (y/n)," I held my hand out to him for a shake and he shook it gently before letting go, "I'm glad you're here, I have no doubt in my mind that I would've gotten lost." I chuckled lightly as I walked out and the mechanical door closed behind me. I debated on getting breakfast first but I was anxious to get started.

"Everyone gets lost, I've been here for three months and I still get lost every once in awhile. It's a big place." His face still held a smile and his pearly whites shined when they were hit by the ceiling lights. "Come on, lucky for you the hangar is not far from your room and is just down here." He gestured for me to follow him and I walked along side him.

"So what is it you do here?" I'm not one to start small conversations but I didn't want our little walk to be filled with awkward silence.

"I'm the weapons expert, I built some of the machinery that they want you to place on the fighters. That's why they chose me to walk you." He turned to the side to give me a warm grin, "Although they didn't tell me how beautiful you are."

A slight blush appeared on my cheeks and I let out a nervous chuckle, "Thanks, that's sweet of you." I didn't know what else to say, I've never received such a forward compliment like that before. It took me a bit off guard. Was I supposed to compliment him back? He was handsome but I wasn't the flirting type.

"Don't mention it," He winked and pushed open a door to reveal a big room with multiple rows of TIE-Fighters, he walked over to the far right and placed his palm on the first one. "This is the one you will start with, as soon as you're done, Lord Vader is going to see if he likes it and if he does," He gestured to the entire room, "You'll do the rest."

My heart raced at the mention of the Dark Lord, I had almost forgot that he was going to be coming here, "And um what if it's not to his liking?" I asked slightly afraid of the answer.

His smile faded, "It was nice knowing you."

"What?!" I exclaimed with wide eyes and his smile returned with a laugh.

"I'm kidding if he doesn't like it he will give you a second chance. But he never gives three, so remember that." He half smiled and patted the ship. "Everything you could possibly need will be over there," He pointed over the the corner of the room and there was a station filled with tools and well everything a mechanic could dream of having. "And my weapons that you'll be applying are in there," He pointed to a crate that was right next to the ship.

"Thanks I guess I'll get started then." I sighed and walked over to the station and started to grab what I believed I would need.

"Good luck." He smiled at me before turning to leave the room.

I sighed heavily when he was no longer in the room, no pressure, I got this. I just needed to remind myself that I'm the best. That's why I'm here.

I stood in front of the ship and looked to the plans that were set near the crate of weapons. "Seems simple enough." I mumbled to myself and began to work by pulling off the old exterior to apply the new one.


A few hours later, after successfully installing the new exterior, I was looking at the blueprints and I was annoyed by a certain part. They wanted me to attach the gun at the far back of the ship just below the wing, but If I was to apply it on the front, in the middle of the wing, the accuracy would be much better, it was basic knowledge."Who designed this?" I muttered as I shook my head and tossed the prints aside.

"I did." I heard a voice come from behind me and I jumped dropping the wrench in my hand. I turned around to see a pair of familiar yellow eyes. He was leaning against the wall by the tool station with his arms crossed, hood still up.

"Oh." Was all I could get to come out as I stared at him. How long had he been standing there? "Um how long have you been there?"

"I don't know, twenty minutes or so." He leaned his head back against the wall so his Adam's apple came into clear view.

"You've just been watching me this whole time?" I raised my brows and bent down to pick up the wrench I dropped.

"Yes." He responded and pushed himself off the wall so he could walk over to me. He lifted his hand so the prints would float up from the floor and into his palm.

He could use the force? The only people who can use the force are the Jedi and they're pretty much extinct and the only other being known for using the force is, my eyes widened at my realization.

Holy shit this is him.

This man is Darth Vader.

He held the prints up to me, "What's the issue?" He asked as his eyes pierced into mine.

I shook my head, "Nothing, it's perfect." I lied, a little unconvincingly with slightly wide eyes.

He narrowed his eyes at me, "You're lying," He stepped closer and I took a step back, feeling intimidated, "Don't lie."

I sighed nervously, "I think if you place the guns here instead," I pointed to the location on the blueprint that he was still holding up, "It would have much better accuracy, by at least twenty-five percent, than if you were to place it where you originally have it." He looked from me to the plans and I watched as his eyes scanned along the paper.

"You think or you know?" He asked without looking at me.

"I know." I nodded confidently.

He scoffed and pushed the prints into my chest roughly, "Do what the plans say." I gripped onto the paper and he pushed past me hitting my shoulder.

I turned around slightly annoyed at his reaction, I was right, he wasn't. I knew what I was doing. "I'm the mechanic here, you're not." I spoke without thinking and I instantly regretted it when he stopped in place and he slowly turned to glare at me. (GIF ABOVE)

Oh force what is wrong with me.

"Is that so?" He growled and began walking back to me.

I backed up so my back was pressed up against the ship, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to come off as disrespectful," I apologized and he stopped when he was only inches from my face, his gaze burning holes into me, "I just mean, I've done this my whole life. I know what I'm doing and I'm confident I'm right."

"What's your name?" He asked and I could feel his breathe on my face by how close he was.

"(y/n)," My voice was shaky and came out more high pitched than normal. "Sir." I added to the end like it would help my case.

He narrowed his eyes at me and looked around my face like he was searching for something, "Well (y/n), you better not be wrong." He spoke in a low threatening tone before turning away and leaving the room.

I let out a heavy sigh of relief and placed my hands on my knees, hoping to calm my racing heart. Leave it to me to talk back to a Sith Lord.

I must have a death wish.

I stepped forward so my back was no longer pressed up against the ship and I spun around to eye it. I knew I was right, but he was so intimidating that I was starting to doubt myself. But I couldn't go back on my word now.

(a/n This one is shorter than I wanted it to be but I am swamped with homework and I felt like giving this a little bit of an update, I hope you enjoy it! This one sits at 1500 words and all my future chapters to come will be over 2000 words, that is always my goal!)
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