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The next week flew by quicker than the first one. Which was a shame, seeing as Snape had arranged mine and Malfoy’s first tutoring lesson this Saturday evening. He really was a cruel man.

Throughout the week I spent most of my time with Wren; not ignoring the Gryffindor trio but not seeking them out, either. And that definitely didn’t have anything to do with Malfoy’s comment.

At least that’s what I told myself.

In the time that had passed since then, the blonde unfortunately didn’t have a change of heart. In fact, it seemed like he was more focused than ever to make every day of mine just a little bit worse than the one before.

And while I fought and argued back as well as I could, after a few days I realised this wasn’t going to be a fight I was able to win. His pride and ego were too big for that.

Of course I didn’t let him know that. For that, my pride and ego were too big.

Now, I was unenthusiastically walking along the corridors towards the potions classroom. I really wasn’t looking forward to this, jealously observing the laughing students around me enjoying their free-time.

I opened the heavy wood door, but to my surprise was met with professor Snape’s back. He turned around and looked pleased when he saw me. “Early,” He observed. “I’m pleasantly surprised, Miss Potter.”

I was taken aback by his almost nice attitude but was quickly pulled back into reality. “Not that I had any expectations to begin with.”

Well, never mind.

Without saying another word he left the room, leaving me with the old books and the dozens of cauldrons in the shelves.

I let myself fall on one of the chairs with a huff and took out my books, the homework assignment Snape had given us over the weekend and a quill.

“I knew you liked me, but I didn’t know you were that eager to see me.” Malfoy said when he entered the classroom.

“You’re rather early yourself,” I snickered and pushed the chair next to mine a little further to the right. He rolled his eyes as he took one of the chairs from the row in front of me and sat on it the wrong way around, his arm and chin resting on top of the backrest.

“Well, let’s see how dumb you really are.” He said, a wide smirk on his face. He had one of his eyebrows lifted and looked at me with something close to anticipation.

The next hour was spent with Malfoy asking me to list ingredients of various potions I should know by heart by now. I was at my breaking point, knowing a total of five recipes altogether.

Who would’ve known there was no point in trying to act stupid to annoy him when I just was, without even trying.

“Come on, Potter, there’s absolutely no way you don’t know this one!” He announced frustrated, his hand buried in his blonde hair.

So, at least that part of my plan was working; even if it wasn’t in the way I had imagined.

“Sleeping Draught?” Malfoy asked, hopeful.

My eyes lit up at the realisation that I did know this one, in fact, it was the only potion recipe I ever actually used in real life. “Standard ingredient, flobberworm mucus, lavender and valerian sprigs!” I answered confidently.

“Nice, that’s it!” He cheered, a wide smile on his face as he realised my answer was correct and not just a lucky guess, either.

Malfoy’s praise felt good. It almost made me feel proud, like I had accomplished something. I smiled but immediately wiped the smile back off my face at the realisation.

He must’ve had the same thought as the wide grin he wore just moments ago turned back into his naturally cold expression. “You’re worse than I thought,” He said after clearing his throat, his eyes anywhere in the room but on me.

“Well, it’s not like anything you did today helped me become any better, either.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, am I supposed to let you blow us both up by letting you brew one of the potions you didn’t even know the ingredients of?” He asked sarcastically and I just rolled my eyes.

“The least you could’ve done was helped with this stupid homework he gave us!” I spat, suggestively picking up the papers next to me and waving them in front of his nose.

He grabbed them from my grip aggressively, his cold hand brushing against mine. I paused for a moment, observing the sensation forming within me, not quite sure what to make of it.

“Fine!” He spat back, and, without another rude word, he did help me.

There were a few sly remarks here and there about the quality and content of my writing, but this was Malfoy we were talking about, after all.

“Great, now your inability got us into having to worry about Filch, too,” He groaned once he checked the time.

I had just finished the four-page long essay and was putting it back to the rest of my belongings, an accomplished smile on my face.

“Oh,” I said surprised by how late it had gotten, an apologetic smile on my face “I’m sorry.”

He just scoffed before getting off his chair and walked towards the exit. I quickly grabbed my things when I saw he was waiting for me at the door and then followed him out.

We successfully snuck back to the Slytherin dungeons, not running into Filch or any prefects patrolling the corridors. I giggled as we entered the common room, the surge of adrenaline slowly decreasing.

“That was absolutely dreadful,” Malfoy stated with a blank face just before opening the door to his dorm, his eyes tired and hair messy.

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said, a smirk on my face as I gave him one last glance before disappearing into my room, ready to fall into deep slumber.

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