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When I reached the great hall, I quickly scanned the tables for my brother. It was still pretty early so it wasn’t full; which made my task a lot easier. I just hoped he was already up.

Wren was the first to spot me at the doors, a guilty smile on her lips. She quickly diverted her gaze back onto her half-empty plate when I looked back at her.

I’d deal with her later, but the whole secret-god-father-my-brother-knew-about-situation was a little more pressing than a stupid falling out over Malfoy, of all people.

There were a few more Slytherins scattered around the table, but I didn’t waste anymore time making them out.

“You little snake!” I shouted across the great hall when I spotted Harry cheerily having breakfast at the Gryffindor table.

I stormed towards him and his eyes fell on me. So did everyone else’s, but I didn’t care. “I mean, I knew you could talk to snakes but I didn’t know you actually were one!” I continued, the sarcastic undertone playing down how angry I actually was.

He looked clueless as to what I was talking about and the possibility I could find out who our godfather was, or even that we had one in the first place, didn’t seem to play on his mind at all.

Ron and Harry were both standing in front of me now, the scene reminding me a little too much of a classic Wild-west stand off.

“What’s gotten into you?” Ron said in a harsh tone, yet his expression seemed concerned. Whether that concern was for Harry or me, I couldn’t tell.

“Ron, no. This really isn’t between you and me. Not this time at least.” I began, remembering his little comment at dinner the second night. “Although, I’m sure he told you as well. Just like he told Hermione and probably ten other people but the one person it actually concerns!”

Harry’s eyes widened, probably guessing what this was concerning. He took a quick look around the hall, seeing literally every single pair of eyeballs looking at us.

“Let’s talk about this in private, yeah?” He said calmly, the guilt becoming prominent in his facial expression. He gave me a sorry look and I rolled my eyes. “What? You don’t want them to know, too? I’m sure in your mind they still deserve to know more than your own sister!”

“Alright, that’s it,” He mumbled, and rushed out of the great hall, dragging me along by my arm.

“Are you out of your mind?!” He said once we had reached an empty area close to the forbidden forest. “Do you want everyone to know?”

“No, Harry, I would just like for me to know!” I spat, crossing my arms in front of my chest. “How dare you!” I was trying hard to contain myself but ended up yelling, anyway.

His facial features softened, his gaze turning towards the ground. “Look, Y/n, I’m sorry. It was for your own sake, I promise.” Harry said calmly but he couldn’t bare looking me in the eyes while doing so. “I just wanted to protect you.”

“Protect me? You don’t have to protect me, Harry. I was doing perfectly fine without you doing so!” I said harshly, his calm demeanour just pissing me off even more.

“I was going to tell you, I swear..-”

“..-but?” I blurted out, tired of hearing excuses or apologies. It wasn’t the time for either.

“Well, when you told me that Malfoy was going to tutor you and you would have to spend more time with him, I just didn’t think it would be a good idea to tell you, you know, god knows what would happen if he found out-“

“I’m sorry?!” I cut him off once more, offended by what he was implying. “You trust me so little, you think I would spill something like that to someone I hate? Just as much as you do, by the way.”

At this point, my anger was through the roof. I was surprised I didn’t hex the boy yet.

“i don’t think I’d be sneaking around with him after curfew, so, maybe not.” He said witty, clearly trying to provoke me. This was absolutely not happening, I thought to myself. “And don’t try to deny it, it’s all people have been talking about this morning.”

The apologetic look on his face had faded, replaced by one of anger, resentment and annoyance. He had no right to feel any of these emotions.

After all, I was the one he betrayed. Not the other way around.

“And you believe them?!” I yelled, not caring whether I lost my temper or not.

“I wouldn’t if I wouldn’t have seen it myself!” He shot back, a disappointed look on his face. “So what? You spy on me now? Hide behind corners to see what I’m doing?”

“No, that’s not what it’s like,” He tried explaining but I wasn’t even listening anymore. Tired of hearing whatever he had to say next. “It sure is what it sounds like.”

“Well, you’re both Slytherins after all!” And with that, he turned around and hurried back to the castle, leaving me standing there.

Lucky for him because the next thing out of my mouth weren’t going to be english sentences.

I sat down with a huff right then and there, the grass was still wet with morning dew but I couldn’t care less, really. I laid down on my back, a loud groan escaping my lips as I did.

Watching the few clouds that were being carried through the sky by the wind, I tried to simply not think about what had just happened. Easier said than done.

My head was about to explode, having way too many things to figure out and think about.

Sirius Black, out of all people? How did Harry even find out, or better, when did he find out?

I took a deep breath when the thought of Harry entered my mind. Did he really think about me like that? Trust me this little? Actually believed what people were saying about me and Malfoy?

And there was the next thing; Harry said it’s what everyone’s been talking about this morning. Did they not have anything better to do than make up stories in their heads to entertain themselves? I thought that was only a thing muggles did.

The final thought was Wren. Why was she so angry with me? And were those rumours the reason she was taking the breaking curfew thing last night so serious?

I franticly shook my head, getting rid of the cluttering noise in my head and focused on my breathing instead, not wanting to waste my energy on any of this.

So much for a calm day.

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