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A gust of air escaped my lips as my body fell against the soft mattress, my stomach turning in anticipation of what might follow.

The room was dark, only illuminated by the little amount of moonlight that still reached until down here. It was enough to make out Draco’s sharp features; his prominent jawline, the cheekbones.

I propped myself up on my elbows, watching him kick his shoes off before joining me, the mattress giving in slightly underneath me at the extra weight added.

His hair flopped over his forehead as he looked down on me, breath heavy and eyes dark. For a moment, we just looked at each other; seemingly unsure of how to proceed before I pulled him into a kiss.

My lips moved against his passionately, my tongue grazing his lips just slightly before they parted, and I felt our tongues playing with each other. First slowly, but quickly picking up the pace messily.

My hands were buried in his hair, pulling at it playfully. The motion made him bite down on my lower lip with a groan; earning him a soft whimper that escaped my lips.

The way his hands roamed my body, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind wherever they went, reminded me of that dream again. The way it made me feel suddenly not as embarrassing now that I felt the exact same way underneath him.

I felt my cheeks flush at the realisation of the current situation; Draco on top of me, leaving sloppy kisses and little bruises all over my neck while soft moans and pants filled the room.

It made me eager to see more of him, feel more of him. And by the growing bulge underneath the pants of his suit, I knew he was, too. The sight made my breath hitch, knowing we’ve never gone as far as this—Not knowing whether he did with anyone else.

It was scary; inexperience. Though, excitement quickly overcame the feeling of nervousness that was forming in my stomach as I reached for his bulge.

My hand grazed it softly at first, making his breath grow heavier at the friction he probably didn’t expect so soon. And his reaction only fuelled my confidence, my hand beginning to palm him over his trousers as I enjoyed the way it made him pant softly.

He tucked on the hem of my jumper impatiently, prompting me to take it off so he could see and feel more of me, too. And I obliged, sitting up straight, my chest heaving, as I pulled it up over my head until my elbow hit something hard in the process.

I faltered in my movement, registering a stream of curses escaping Draco’s lips. My eyes widened, and I quickly pulled the jumper off my head, throwing it to the side carelessly. I was met with the blonde rubbing his chin, trying to soothe the pain my elbow had caused.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry,” I hissed, feeling my cheeks grow red as I tried to see how bad it was. “Are you okay?”

His head was turned, and my hand gently cupped his cheek to turn it towards me again. My eyes filled with worry, and my mind filled with embarrassment as I looked at him.

He huffed amused, his head shaking humorously. “Can’t even undress without almost knocking me out,” He joked, eyes still locked with mine before he suddenly noticed the missing piece of clothing.

His eyes immediately fell down to my chest, watching it rise and fall heavily. His gaze lingered, while my cheeks surely were a dark shade of red by now. “Yeah, I’m definitely okay,” He mumbled, the encounter with my elbow seemingly all forgotten about.

I snickered at his comment sarcastically.

“You’re staring,” I pointed out, an eyebrow raised as his eyes shot back up. A smirk formed on his face, and he nodded.

“I guess I was,” He said, not a hint of embarrassment or shame in his voice before his lips crashed onto mine again. His hands cupping my breasts, playing with my nipples and making a stifled moan escape my lips.

He laughed lowly against my lips, the sound making butterflies erupt in my stomach before he began kissing down my jawline, further down my neck until his mouth was harshly sucking on one of my nipples, his hand playing with the other one.

I arched my back at the way it felt, a series of whimpers filling the air which only motivated him further. His lips moved further down once more, leaving a sloppy trail all the way down to my trousers where he came to a halt.

His hand lingered over the button of my jeans, opening it after a moment of hesitation. I watched him impatiently as he moved on to my zipper, opening it half-way before his eyes jumped up to mine.

He looked at me, his head tilted slightly as he waited for my approval to continue. I just nodded, not sure I’d be able to form a coherent sentence in my present state.

A smirk grew on his face at the subtle motion, and he continued unzipping my trousers; pulling them off completely soon after.

Almost completely exposed, I watched his eyes take all of me in, scanning up and down my body with a pleased smile, licking his lips once. I took the opportunity to pull him towards my lips for another kiss—one sloppier, hungrier, than the last one.

I began fidgeting with the buttons of his shirt, trying my best to unbutton them with my eyes closed and my mind distracted by the taste of his lips.

He huffed against my lips, humoured by my attempt, and then quickly unbuttoned them himself; even though he kept the shirt on, at least I had a better view of his toned body now.

His hand trailed down the side of my body, grazing my waist and my hips before positioning itself in between my legs. I gasped softly when his finger, still over my panties, began moving over my clit in circles, my heart threatening to jump out of my chest at how fast it was beating.

"Fuck,” I cursed under my breath, moving my hips against his hand to increase the friction. He listened to my silent plea, picking up the pace as well as increasing the pressure of his finger against me.

He was laying next to me now, both of us on our sides while we were technically looking at each other; Though, my eyes were closed and my head thrown back.

As best as I could, I moved my hand over his pants again, rubbing him through them gently at first. “Take them off,” I panted, increasing the pressure on him.

I missed the feeling of his hand between my thighs as soon as he moved it to unbuckle his belt.

Moments later, his pants joined the rest of my clothes on the floor around his bed, and I could feel his erection pressing against my stomach through his boxers — only making me want him more.

His hands were fiddling with the waistband of my panties now, letting it snap against my skin once or twice. He laughed lowly at the moans escaping my mouth as he did so, and I tried to shoot him a glare, though failed miserably when he suddenly pulled them off completely.

“Look at you,” He hummed contently, his fingers pressing against my core. “Just a few days ago, I was avoiding you to the best of my abilities, and now here you are. In my bed, completely naked and ready to melt at my touch.”

His free hand was moving up to my neck, wrapping around my throat gently at first. When the last words left his mouth, he tightened his grip on the side of my neck. “How do you do that to me?” He growled, irritation glimmering in his eyes as a pleasured gasp escaped my lips.

I didn’t have much time to think about his words; one finger suddenly pushing inside of me, making me squirm as he began moving it slowly. And I’d do anything for him to go faster.

“Draco,” I breathed heavily, my mouth tipped open as a strangled moan followed right after. I felt him twitch, his grip on my neck tightening when my name left his mouth. Though, he loosened it soon after, making me bite back a grin as I continued, now fully able to use my voice. “Faster, Draco, please.”

He chuckled darkly against my lips, and I felt his tip growing wet with pre-cum through his boxers. “You’re so eager, Y/n,” He stated, his finger pushing deeper as the words left his mouth, making me moan loudly.

The sound seemed to encourage him, and he began moving faster, and deeper, while his thumb played with my clit, and his lips kissed my neck.

With all the built-up tension, all the built-up anticipation over the past months, I wasn’t surprised when I felt myself getting close to my high after just a few minutes.

“Stop,” I panted my hand moving from his bulge down to his hand to pause him in his movement. He looked at me with slightly furrowed brows, though there was worry in his eyes. Before he could say anything, I continued. “I want you to make me come.”

My breath was shallow as the words left my mouth, and I hoped he understood what I meant when I tugged at his boxers, my eyes wide in anticipation.

He looked at me blankly for a second, and I could tell he was deciphering my words, repeating them in his head over and over again to make sure he really understood what I meant. Then, he smirked, his hand going through his hair once.

“Do you, now?” He asked in a low whisper, his hot breath on my exposed skin, making me tingle in all the right places.

“Mhm,” I said, biting my bottom lip in anticipation as he went to take his boxers off. I gasped softly at the sight, and an amused snicker escaped his mouth as soon as I did.

“You know how much that turns me on, don’t you?” He growled in my ear, suddenly in between my legs and his body hovering over my own.

I huffed, amused. “I may or may not have figured it out,” I said, a sly smirk on my lips before I moved my hand to grab him fully.

He gasped as I did so, closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling of my hand wrapped around him. I wasn’t moving, but the pressure alone was enough to make his breath grow heavier and uneven.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked suddenly, his tip already aligned with my entrance. All he had to do was move towards me, just the tiniest bit and I’d feel him.

The thought alone made my breath hitch, and the knot in my stomach tighten as I nodded.

“Because, I mean, you are a- uh, this is your first time, right?” For the first time tonight I’d seen him flustered, his cheeks slightly red, as his finger traced along the rather large scar on my lower body.

“It is,” I nodded, and he visibly relaxed. “Yours?” I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to know, but I was quickly filled with relief as he nodded, as well.

“Yeah,” He breathed out, and I shot him a small smile.

“Well, then let’s make it count.”

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