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“You go ahead, I wouldn’t mind some time alone,” I smiled politely upon Wren’s request to head back to our dorm.

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise, though she didn’t try to change my mind before she went along her way, throwing me a quick smile before she disappeared through the doors.

It wasn’t quite mingling we did in the common room; more of a quiet observing.

Slytherin’s had never been very fond of me, really. At least not the one’s I had nothing to do with. Though, up until now, they had enough of common decency to hide it.

Not so much now. Whispers, glares, and disdained looks were thrown my way any other minute; almost reminding me of my first few days at Hogwarts.

I sighed loudly, moving from one of the chairs in the corner of the room to the newly empty couch in the middle of it. It didn’t take much longer before the whole common room was empty. Another hour, maybe.

And I stayed, of course, remembering Draco’s note. The thought of properly seeing him again made me feel all sorts of things. I was excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time, and not quite sure which of the three led the rest.

I was too busy thinking about him to notice him walking into the common room; Didn’t notice until he sat next to me on the couch without a single word.

I startled, flinched, even, at the sudden movement next to me, my hand flying up to my chest. ”Merlin’s beard,” I groaned, sighing loudly to calm myself down afterwards. “Maybe try not to give me heart-attack next time,” I mumbled.

“Good evening to you, too,” He snickered, his gaze trailing up and down my body once. Though, his demeanour quickly turned serious again. I hated when he did that; never meant anything good. “Y/n—” He began, but I decided I wouldn’t let him get any further.

I threw my arms around him quickly enough to cut him, and the start of the serious conversation, off; making myself comfortable in his arms before he even had the chance to react.

I inhaled deeply, hoping for the scent to linger in my nose long after he was gone again.

I felt him swallow thickly, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat before he tightened his arms around me, too. It took another few seconds before he rested his head on top of mine, a heavy sigh escaping his lips at the motion.

“I’m sorry—”

I simply shook my head against his chest at the words. I didn’t want to hear it, didn’t even want to think about that day ever again. And while I knew that was pretty much impossible, the least I could ask for was never to have to think about it when I was with Draco.

“You’re not mad at me?” He wondered, mumbling the words into my hair, concern and worry prominent in his voice. And, once more, I shook my head.

I don’t think I was. Should I be?

I brought a few inches between us, my forehead against his as a faint smile played on my lips. “You did what you were supposed to do, didn’t you? There was nothing wrong with—”

“—Everything about it was wrong, you know that,” He huffed, leaning back into the sofa, his hands covering his own face. “You know I should’ve— You have to know I wanted to—” The words kept getting stuck in his throat, frustrated sighs and groans filling the air in between his sentences.

“Please don’t feel guilty, Draco,” I pleaded, my hand finding his to squeeze it tightly just once. “I just don’t want to talk about it, is that okay?”

I wish my voice were sterner; I wish I didn’t ask, but instead demanded. I knew he didn’t want to accept that, but he knew he had to. So, he did.

“Of course,” He nodded.

And for, perhaps, the first time, the silence hovering over us wasn’t as comfortable as it usually was. It was quiet when it wasn’t supposed to be; when we both still had so much to say.

He probably realised too, because he broke it moments later. His eyes, previously looking straight ahead, now found the side of my head, and he sat up a little straighter before the words bubbled out of his mouth.

“I love you,” He burst out, his dull eyes suddenly seemingly full of life, that familiar spark in them I missed the previous year.

And before I could even think of replying, my lips were on his. My hands in his hair, his hands on my thighs that straddled him now; my bottom lip in between his teeth.

All the little tingles all over my body and my lips made me realise how much I missed this; how much I missed him. After all, it was almost a month.

Merlin knows Wren wouldn’t last nearly as long without seeing Luna at least once.

His hands squeezed my thighs a little tighter, only for a split second. Though, the movement had me stifle a moan, anyway. The sound made him smirk against my lips before he did it once more.

“You know, the only good thing about this fucking place surely must be that uniform,” He groaned, amusement lingering in his tone before it was all forgotten about as his hand rode higher up my skirt.

“Of course you’d think that,” I murmured, not even fully listening to his words as my only real focus was on his right hand working its way up my thigh.

Our lips moved against each other’s in a steady rhythm; one he broke every now and then to press them against mine a little harsher, bite down on the lower one, use his tongue to play with mine, or move down to my neck altogether.

Whatever he could do to keep it from being ordinary. Dull. Boring.

And while that sure worked, that exact thought reminded me of a much more concerning fact. But, instead of lingering on the problem, I already found a solution.

With all the regret in the world, I pulled away from him; a smirk still on my face.

My breath was as heavy as his, my cheeks feeling a little hotter than usual as I admired the mess my hands caused in his hair.

“I was thinking,” I began, and I watched his brows furrow.

"Thinking? Right now?” He asked, an eyebrow quirked as the words left his mouth, a little irritation in his voice. I huffed, rolling my eyes at him playfully.

"I was thinking,” I said once more, picking up where I left off. “Seeing how we’re not supposed to be doing any of this.. less than we were before, even. Maybe we shouldn’t just ignore each other when others are around—”

His hand was still resting on my thigh; He seemed to notice the exact same moment I did, beginning to massage the skin gently.

“Whatever do you mean?” He asked casually, a smirk forming in the corners of his mouth. His hand moved now, like it did before, further up my thigh until he reached all the way up to my hip.

I wasn’t sure if he really didn’t understand, or if he just wanted to distract me while I tried to explain it to him further.

- smut warning yall -

Before I could even open my mouth, one of his fingers hooked underneath the fabric of my panties, twisting and turning it in between his fingers with an innocent smile on his face.

I felt my cheeks reddening, my breath audibly growing heavier at his action. “Hm?” He urged, head tilting as if nothing was happening.

“Well, I simply thought that if we’re already expected to—” I interrupted myself with a sharp inhale of my breath, my eyes fluttering shut for a moment when his finger ghosted over my core.

I tried my best not to let it faze me, batting my eyelids open and taking a deep breath. “—expected to hate each other. Why don’t we just pretend we do?”

My voice was shakier than I anticipated and hoped for; nothing but his finger lightly circling my clit over the fabric to blame for that.

I couldn’t help myself but let out a breathy moan, trying to stifle it the best I could seeing as we were still in the middle of the common room.

I never imagined doing something as intimate as this in a space so open; almost setting us up for disruption of some sort.

His lips found my neck rather quickly, planting gentle kisses against it at first before beginning to suck and bite. Another pleased sigh escaped my lips. My eyes closed again, my head thrown back to expose more of my neck to him.

“Do go on,” He murmured against my skin, his voice so low it was almost a whisper.

“Mhm,” I mumbled. “Well, all I’m suggesting is—” another moan interrupted me, his mouth sucking on a particularly sensitive spot on my neck. “—that we go back to our roots, a little bit?”

At that, his finger pressed against me harder, a flustered gasp escaped my mouth, and I felt myself grinding against him in anticipation. I’d probably be embarrassed if I wasn’t so turned on.

And while I wasn’t sure what it was that made me continue, I did. “You know, the insulting, name-calling, the teasing?” I spoke lowly, his breath hitching at the last word before growing audibly heavier against my neck.

Next thing I knew, his lips were on mine again, only for a moment before his forehead rested against my own. His hot, heavy breathing was tickling my face, the sensation alone making my own breath hitch.

I didn’t think my heart could possibly beat any faster, but then, as soon as he pulled the little bit of fabric standing between his fingers and me to the side, it did, and my eyes snapped open, looking directly in his.

Nervously, I diverted my eyes, looking around the room as if asking him if this really was a good idea. He huffed at that, not even the slightest bit of concern or hesitation in his voice.

“What? You don’t want me to?” He asked, his finger ghosting over my most sensitive parts. A smirk was plastered across his face, though something in his eyes told me he’d stop as soon as I’d say the words.

Which isn’t something I wanted, at all.

So, contrary to what would’ve been the responsible thing to do, I whimpered in disagreement at his suggestion, knowing I sounded so very desperate; knowing that I was.

“Continue, then. With your plan,” He smirked, his finger gently, too gently, tracing up and down my core.

I cleared my throat in hopes it would clear my head, too.

Right, the plan.

“I just thought it’d make it more believable if we act like we hate each other instead of just ignoring each other. And it might be—”

"Fun?” It was a loud moan this time, that interrupted my own words, and filled the room at the same time his words did when he pushed his finger inside of me; realising with a stifled groan, that almost threatened to drown out his words, how wet I was for him.

For a moment, we remained completely still, silent and only our heavy breathing filling the room to listen closely whether we heard any doors opening, any footsteps coming our way. There was nothing.

And then, he gradually started to move his fingers, pumping them into me and quickly picking up the pace as I bit my lip in an attempt to be quiet.

“You think it’ll be fun?” He breathed, his voice rough. “You want me to pretend to hate you? Insult you, call you names, tease you?” He asked, the words and the way they sounded coming from his lips, having the knots in my stomach tighten drastically.

A low whimper came from my lips as his second hand moved to cover my mouth roughly.

“You want me to do all that and then fuck you behind closed doors, is that it?” The thought made him groan, too.

I was rather thankful for his hand over my mouth, for the sounds coming from my lips now surely would’ve woken up the whole house if it wasn’t there.

And for a while, he didn’t say anything else. The only sound my muted moans, whimpers, and cries as his fingers varied in speed, and pressure. And then, when his second hand slid down from my mouth to play with my clit, I was done for.

I let my head fall into the crook of his neck, knowing it would muffle my sounds. My hands were playing with his hair, tugging at it whenever his fingers found that one spot.

And after a while, they found it over, and over, and over again. “Please don’t stop,” I hushed, my mouth opening to let go of a soundless moan, pleasure written all over my face as I let my head fall back again.

My chest was tightening at the same time as my core was. “Oh my— I’m gonna—” was all I could breathe out before my teeth bit down harshly on my lower lip as a wave of relief washed over me.

My body still quivering, jerking slightly at every and any touch with how sensitive it was right after, Draco had an accomplished smile on his face.

“You’re right,” He huffed, nodding to himself as his hands quickly went to steady me on his lap. “It might be fun, Potter.”

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