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“Well, I think you have some explaining to do.” Harry began once we brought enough distance between us and the rest of the students. His face stern but his eyes radiating with curiosity. I frowned.

“I think you’re the one who has to explain!” I gave him the same attitude he presented me with, trying not to show how hurt I was by his actions. Or rather; his inaction. “-I owled you twice! Telling you how excited I was to see you again. You never replied.” I started yelling when I realised he was completely oblivious to his wrong doings. Yet, towards the end of the sentence my voice became soft, almost a whimper.

I looked up into his eyes, a worried look spreading across his face. “Tucker hasn’t brought me anything in at least a year, y/n..” He took a step towards me and I just shook my head. That couldn’t be right? Where did your letters end up then? “I swear,” Harry assured, once he realised where your train of thought was leading you.

A loud sigh left both of our lips simultaneously and we chuckled. Before I could protest, my brother had me wrapped inside his arms, his warm breath tickling my ear. I immediately relaxed, squeezing his torso as tight as I could. Nothing in the world felt as good as this.

“I can’t believe my little sister is here! You’re really at Hogwarts Y/n!” I rolled my eyes and lightly slapped his shoulder at the little sister remark. It was literally 10 minutes.

“Well, assuming you’re not going to be too annoying, I’m here to stay.”

The distant chatter and laughter let us know dinner was most likely over and people were starting to get to their dorms. I pouted at the realisation. “You really had to make me miss dinner, didn’t you?” I scoffed and he pinched my cheeks in return, “Aw, I’m sorry” he mocked.

I pushed his hand out of my face which just made him laugh harder. “Don’t worry, Ron usually has snacks hidden in all different kinds of spots” He said while we started to walk towards the noise.

While I did look forward to the grand dinner Hogwarts offered, Snacks would have to do for now. And I thanked Merlin himself for whoever this Ron was.

Arriving back at the Great Hall the last students were just exiting through the doors. Harry was heading towards two Gryffindors anxiously waiting at the bottom of the stair case. Their faces filled with worry and concern. With a quick glance I studied the both of them, making them out to be the same two that were sitting with Harry when I was being sorted.

“You must be Ron,” I exclaimed cheery once we had reached the staircase. I extended my hand towards the ginger haired boy. “Weasley,” He replied and shook it, a big smile replacing the look of worry I saw on his face just moments ago. “Harry has told me all about you and your hidden snacks.” I grinned.

I turned towards the brunette and shook her hand as well. “Y/n,” I introduced myself politely and she gave me a warm smile. “Hermione Granger,” she exclaimed. “Don’t worry about Ron’s snacks by the way, we sneaked some food out for the two of you” Hermione added to her introduction. “Plus, if I were you I wouldn’t touch those snacks if my life depended on it, who knows how long Ron’s been storing them god knows where,” She joked and Ron silently mouthed a “Hey!” towards her before playfully shoving the girl. She just rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t know you had a sister, Potter.” The same blonde I’d already had two bickerings with today slowed down as he passed the four of us, the same annoying grin plastered across his face. “And one with taste, too,” He added, eyeing me up and down once more. “I mean, personally, I’ve always known Slytherin to be the superior house, but now maybe you will see it too.”

“I’ve told you once before today Malfoy, just shove off!” Ron replied, his voice tired and annoyed.

“I don’t think I was talking to you, Weaselbee.” I had to stop myself from smiling at his nickname for Ron. Meanwhile, the ginger just groaned in annoyance.

“Well, I wouldn’t know why it would be any of your business anyways,” Harry spat while glaring at Malfoy, making sure not to break eye contact with the blonde boy.

The smirk on his face got wider as the words left Harry’s mouth. Without saying another word he threw a last glance at me, gave Harry a suggestive wink and then exited the situation with a pleased smile on his lips.

That boy really knew how to wind people up, I could feel the blood boiling in my body.

I was on my way to the Dungeons in which the Slytherin common room was located. One of the prefects found me sitting in front of the Gryffindor common room with Harry and the rest of his friends and insisted I came with him to get settled in before curfew. He was probably right. I didn’t even know who I was sharing a room with yet and it was almost time to get to bed.

The raven haired boy announced the password once we arrived at a bare stretch of stone wall in the dungeons. “Pure-Blood,” he spoke and I cringed. Seeing as I wasn’t actually a pure-blood, entering my common room was always going to be mildly uncomfortable from now on. Great.

He showed me through the common room, past the fire place, to my dorm and I thanked him before slowly entering. I was met with four curios pairs of eyes, all expectantly looking at me. “Y/n! There you are,” Wren smiled. “I saved you a bed next to mine!” She pointed towards the dark wooded canopy bed to her right and I nodded, already making out my stuff next to it. “Thank you so much.”

Two of the other girls gave me a quick smile, neither of them making an effort to introduce themselves to me. I was okay with that. What I wasn’t okay with was the third of the three, who didn’t return my smile, nor had anything better to do than glare at me from across the room. Her bed was opposite of mine and the whole time I was unpacking my belongings, I could feel her stare drilling through the back of my head.

I turned around rather annoyed, a challenging smile on my lips and one of my eyebrows lifted. She quickly turned away, forcefully immersing herself into the ongoing conversation. I shook my head, grabbed a piece of parchment and set off towards the common room.

I did promise to write my friends after all. And even though it wasn’t the second I arrived at Hogwarts, I intended to keep that promise as well as I could.

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