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It was around 11 PM when I finally signed the letter with my initials, placed it in a cream coloured envelope and sealed it. There must’ve been a better way to seal these envelopes other than by licking it shut, I thought as soon as the nasty taste of paper spread across my taste buds. I shook my head in disgust.

A snicker from across the room caught my attention and I diverted my gaze from the letter in my hand towards the direction of the noise. I groaned when I saw the platinum blonde hair and smug smirk.

“You know,” he began, his eyes scanning the empty common room. It was rather grand and quite special. Your common room at Durmstrang was nothing compared to it.

The round greenish lamps that were hanging from the ceiling on chains matched the colour of the chairs. The black and dark-green leather sofas scattered around the room perfectly complimented the rough stone walls and ceiling.

The big windows looking out into the depths of the Black Lake drowning the long room in a green hue, due to the dungeon extending partway under the lake. It was truly impressing.

But without the fire place, which gave the room a comfy touch, tinting the nearby objects in orange light, I don’t think I would’ve liked it very much. It would’ve missed that touch of coziness that made it just perfect.

Ultimately, Malfoy’s gaze landed on me again. “I really didn’t know there were two of you.”

“Why don’t you just pretend that you still don’t, then. You would be doing us both a favour, I’m sure.” I said, not even looking at him and instead admiring the flames dancing within the massive fire place. It was at least twice my size. He huffed.

“I gave your brother a bit of advice when we first met. I’m willing to extent the same courtesy to you, too.” A smirk played on his lips. “You don’t wanna go making friends with the wrong sort, after all.” The blonde said proudly, suggesting he was the right sort.

“Well, if you were as charming back then as you were when we first met today, I couldn’t imagine why he decided to not take you up on that offer.” I smiled innocently and the smirk on his face dropped in an instances.

“Oh yeah, I would apologise for that..” He trailed off, pretending to be lost in his thoughts. I raised an eyebrow. “.. but it was all true.” He faked a pout before eventually breaking out into laughter.

Before I had the chance to reply, Inkwood stuck her head through the door of your shared dormitory. “Isn’t one Potter to be obsessed with enough, Malfoy?” The girl laughed and waved me towards her. Happy with Inkwood’s comeback I giggled and stood up to get to the dorm.

“You-“ before he could reply we closed the door of our room shut, drowning out the rest of what would have probably been a nasty insult.

“I owe you one.” I confessed, still smirking while we threw ourselves onto the small beds. She just laughed and waved me off. “Any opportunity to get back at Malfoy I will gladly take. No questions asked.”

“What’s his deal anyways?” I wondered out loud and Inkwood gave me a half-hearted smile. Harry didn’t say much when I asked him a similar question earlier.

He did seem rather riled up after the encounter, so back then it seemed like the better option to just drop it instead of nagging him about it.

“He’s had it out for your brother ever since Daddy told him to befriend him and Harry declined.” She explained shortly, “Since then they’ve had confrontations almost every single day, seriously. Sometimes they remind some of us of an old married couple,” She giggled.

“They really seemed like they hated each other.” - “They do.”

After an impressing breakfast the next morning I stretched and stood up from the large dining table to get to my 9 AM divination class. If this was what breakfast was like, I couldn’t wait to see what dinner had to offer, seeing as I missed my first one yesterday.

I smiled in anticipation on my way out of the Great Hall.

“Food always did have a great impact on your mood.” Harry laughed as he ran up next to me, studying my satisfied smile.

“Let’s hope divination doesn’t ruin that,” I sighed at the thought of my first class at Hogwarts. “All I can hope for is that it’s not at all the way we studied it in Durmstrang last year. Merlin, it was so dull!” I complained just as we were about to exit the room.

“Hey Potter!” The same girl that couldn’t take her eyes off me yesterday evening was now shrieking across half of the Slytherin table, earning our attention. “Potter! The Dementors are coming! Potter!” She laughed.

Most Slytherin’s broke out into a fit of laughter, including Malfoy. She seemed especially fond of the attention the blonde gave her for the remark.

“Dementors?” You asked curiously as you nudged Harry the last few steps out of the Great Hall. He sighed. “Yeah, those things on the train yesterday,” He said, lost in his thoughts.

Were they the reason for the rather strange experience you had during your first journey on the Hogwarts Express? “I didn’t see anything,” Your eyes fixated on your brother next to you, you shrugged.

“Weren’t you listening during Dumbledore’s speech last night?” I raised my eyebrows at his remark before his gaze flew up from the ground and onto me. “Oh- I completely forgot. You weren’t there.” He mumbled and a giggle escaped my lips. I patted his back; His memory never was the best.

“Well,” He began, “When Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban they’ve sent Dementors out to find him. Now, they’ve placed them at all entrances here at Hogwarts, too. As protection if he should decide to show up here. That’s what Dumbledore said anyways.”

Though I haven’t been around in a while, I’ve heard about Sirius Black. It’s not every day a notorious death eater breaks out of Azkaban. Even the north of Europe was talking about it before I left.

“Why would he come to Hogwarts?” I asked rather confused but Harry just shook his head, “I have no idea.”

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