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As opposed to Hermione, who couldn’t stand divination and almost dropped out of the subject completely after our first lesson, I was quite pleased with Professor Trelawney.

At Durmstrang it took at least half of the term before we would ever get into something as practical as actually reading Tea Leaves. Of course, not before writing a dozen essays about it first.

So, while lessons were all rather theory based back at Durmstrang, I was glad that so far at least Divination was more of an on-hand experience.

Quickly checking my time table after lunch, I went on to get to Care of Magical Creatures, surprised to see Hagrid listed as the professor for the subject.

I was excited to see the half-giant again. Just like with Harry it’s been over three years since we last saw each other and it really was a shame. He had a heart of gold and really did give the best of hugs.

I was given a map of the castle by Professor McGonagall during our first meeting. While I ensured her that a map wouldn’t be necessary, I was more than glad now that she insisted.

I was leaned against the wall of one of the corridors, map in my hands, trying to figure out where in the world Hagrid’s Hut was located.

“You seem a bit lost,” I heard a familiar voice say and diverted my gaze upwards. My (y/e/c) eyes met Wren’s dark ones and she gave me a small smile. “I remember my first weeks here were horrible, I got lost almost anywhere I went,” She said, sighing at the memory.

“Care for Magical Creatures?” I asked, hoping she was heading there as well.

“That’s the one!”

She lead me out of the castle and towards the edge of the forbidden forest, where a few students had already gathered. I spotted Hermione’s bushy hair, then Ron and finally Harry; all three of them speaking to Hagrid.

My eyes landed on the half-giant and a smile spread across my face. “Give me a minute,” I quickly hushed, already on my way to the four of them.

“You haven’t aged a day, Hagrid!” I smirked, approaching the group and Hagrid gave me a big hug once I was in reach. “See, this is why you’re my favourite Potter,” He joked and mouthed a ‘Sorry’ in Harry’s direction.

“We were just telling Hagrid how well he is going to do in his first lesson today,” Hermione informed me, shooting him an encouraging smile. I nodded. “Couldn’t agree more!”

Hagrid lead the class to a kind of paddock, about a 5 minute walk from his hut. He promised he would have a real treat for us coming up and I couldn’t wait to see what it was.

My copy of The Monster Book of Monsters in hand, I listened to Hagrid. After a sarcastic comment from Malfoy, asking how we were supposed to open our books due to their aggressive nature, he was explaining to stroke the spine for it to calm down.

Malfoy eyed his book suspiciously before doing as he was told, probably for the first time in his life. When the book began to calm down his eyebrows lifted, a hint of surprise written across his face at the fact what Hagrid had told him was true.

“I thought they were funny,” Hagrid said uncertain after seeing some of the students struggle with their books.

“Oh yeah, terribly funny, really witty.” Malfoy said. I was glad just seconds before Hagrid had disappeared behind a few trees, most likely to get whatever treat he had for us. I wouldn’t want him to hear any of his sly remarks.

“God this place has gone to the dogs! Wait until my fathers hears that Dumbledore’s got this oaf teaching classes!” Once again, the blonde boy got my blood boiling way too quickly for my own liking.

“You better-“ I began but was quickly interrupted by my own brother. “Shut up, Malfoy!” Harry said, his voice dangerously calm as he walked towards him.

“Ooooooh!” Malfoy and his goons mocked before he let his bag fall down the side of his shoulder. Trying to seem as intimidating as possible, he walked up to us, getting rid of the few feet separating him from my brother and I. The rest of the class was just watching, curious as to what was about gonna happen next.

“Aw, the Potters already finishing each others sentences. How cute.”

Suddenly, the smirk on his face transformed into an expression of terror as his hand shot up towards the sky, pointing at something behind us. “Dementor, Dementor!” He cried, falling back a few steps.

The whole class gasped, turning around to where the blonde boy pointed to. Next to me, Harry tensed up as soon as the words had left his mouth and he span around quickly.

Malfoy started laughing hysterically, some of the Slytherin students that stood with him joining in. Harry turned back towards them, so did I. The group was already busy mimicking ghost noises with their hoods up, cracking each other up and humiliating Harry even more.

“Terribly funny,” You muttered, “Really witty,” A smirk forming on your face as you repeated Malfoy’s words in a mocking tone.

Behind you, Hagrid cleared his throat.

“Tada!” He said, stepping aside to reveal a beautiful.. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, actually. “Isn’t he beautiful?” He exclaimed and threw a piece of meat towards the animal, which gracefully caught it with its beak. “Say Hello to Buckbeak!”

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