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“God, would you stop your complaining!” I groaned, walking a few feet behind a whimpering Malfoy. “He barely even scratched you.”

I brushed my (y/h/c) hair behind my ear and jogged up to him, now walking besides him towards the hospital wing.

On the way I tried figuring out what Hagrid was punishing me for. Did he have to send me, out of all the students in his class, to escort the whining boy to Madame Pomfrey? I didn’t even know where the Hospital Wing was located.

I understood he couldn’t leave the rest of the class alone with the Hippogriff just to escort an exaggerating Malfoy all the way to the Hospital wing, but did it really have to be me?

“If that giant would just have his bloody chicken under control, none of this would’ve happened to begin with.” He shot back, side-eyeing me. “Clearly he had it out for me from the beginning, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent you with me.” I rolled my eyes and shook my head slightly.

“Yeah, you’re definitely the one suffering out of the two of us,” I replied sarcastically.

Neither of us said anything for a while, silently walking the corridors alongside each other. The quiet almost eery.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t even notice Malfoy coming to a stop next to me and I almost walked past our destination completely. “Potter,” He huffed annoyed, his voice raspy.

He nodded in the direction of what I assumed to be the Hospital Wing. “Oh,” I quickly hurried the few steps back when he rolled his eyes at me. He stepped into the room and immediately walked up to the matron, dramatising the entire ordeal even more as he explained to her what had happened.

Her eyes fell on me and I just gave her an apologetic smile, knowing Malfoy’s cuts definitely weren’t worth her time. She shook her head, making sure it was subtle enough for the boy not to notice, a smile playing on her lips.

She then shrugged and told Malfoy to lay on one of the beds, her voice strict and demanding.

“That’s my job done, then?” I smiled, directing the question towards Madame Pomfrey who hurried back and forth across the room to attend to Malfoy accordingly.

She scoffed. “Actually, would you mind staying with Mr. Malfoy until I get back? I won’t be long.” I tried hard to suppress a sigh. “Actually-“ I began, trying to find an excuse but I didn’t get that far.

“-Thank you, love.” She smiled and left the Hospital Wing at once.

I sighed at my prolonged sentence, sitting down on a chair next to the bed he was laying in. I really had to have a word with Hagrid once I was done with this, I thought as soon as I saw the smirk smeared across Malfoy’s face. He just called me the favourite Potter an hour ago and now this.

“You should’ve just listened to Hagrid.” I was glaring at Malfoy, who, by now, was comfortably spread across the bed, clearly enjoying the treatment he had been given and looking forward to the attention a cast would get him.

“Listen? To Hagrid?” He laughed, “I could just jump off the Astronomy Tower right now, end up dead either way.” He exclaimed, his head shaking in disbelieve.

“Well you wouldn’t have ended up here.” I insisted, my gaze jumping towards the door at every noise, hoping I would be met with Madame Pomfrey walking through it. “Besides, it’s not like you haven’t before.” I continued, “You know, listened to him.”

He looked confused, expecting me to further elaborate on what I was talking about. “About the Monster’s Book of Monsters..” I explained.

“Ah,” He said, “So you’re watching me?”

“Please,” I huffed. “Don’t flatter yourself.” I didn’t have to look at him to know he had a wide smirk on his face. My head was tilted towards the window, my attention focused on the trees dancing in the wind.

“Hard not to.”

His serious tone had me lift an eyebrow in confusion and I turned to face him. Expecting to see the familiar smirk playing on his lips or hear another rude remark.

But, to my surprise he wasn’t even looking at me. Following his gaze to the window across from the bed, his focus laid on the same group of trees I was admiring just a moment ago.

His platinum blonde hair was lazily hanging in front of his face, almost resembling a curtain. And as if he heard me, he ran a hand through his hair, pushing it back before it fell over his forehead again.

The green tie was partly undone, so was the top button of his white shirt. It was covered in stains and creases from Buckbeak’s attack.

A small smile formed on my face at the memory of his baby cries. The words ‘It’s killed me’ playing over and over in my head like a sweet melody.

I couldn’t hold back a giggle, the scenario in my head becoming funnier with every second that passed.

Wrinkles formed on his forehead and his judging eyes landed on me, “What are you laughing at, freak?” He spat.

As the words left his mouth, my giggle immediately turned into loud laughter. I just couldn’t contain myself; the contrast between the two sides of Malfoy too extreme.

When he decided to make a fool of himself in front of the whole class because of a few scratches, there just simply was no way back to the intimidating, scary personality he thought he played so well. Not in my mind, anyway.

“Who do you think you are?! Filthy blood-traitor!” Clearly, the boy was furious.

By now he was sitting on his bed upright, his posture tense as he was glaring at me with hatred in his eyes. “You’ll regret this! Just like that dirty little bird of yours, my father will hear about it!” He spat, but it wasn’t me I was worried about. It was Buckbeak.

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