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“How did you mess up a swelling potion?! It’s literally three ingredients!” Wren laughed on our way to our first potions class of the year. “I told you, I’m really no good when it comes to potions. Our professor being a mean old git didn’t help, either.” I sighed.

“Well, you’re not much better off with Snape,” She said, her facial expression turning serious as she mentioned his name.

“Lucky me.”

We walked into the classroom and sat at one of the empty table rows facing the front of the classroom.

It’s been four days since Ron’s comment at dinner and I tried to avoid the trio as much as I could. I was disappointed in Harry, I felt like he should’ve told me if Ron felt this way about me. But then again, Ron and I weren’t exactly friends, so was it really his responsibility?

Until either of them brought it up, or at least made an effort to talk to me at all, I decided it would be best to spend more time with people from my own house. Like I should, right?

This way I’ve gotten to know the other two girls I shared my room with and a few of the boys in my classes. I didn’t even try to talk to any of Malfoy’s followers, that included one of the girls in my room. The one that couldn’t take her eyes off me, Pansy Parkinson.

She still did that; glaring at me from across the room, only stopping once I stared back at her for a few seconds. Wren assured me she did this with any attractive girl that had spoken just one word with Malfoy. So, I took it as a compliment and ran with it.

The classroom began to fill up and after a few minutes the door fell into its hinges with a loud bang. A man in a dark cloak, with pale skin and jet-black hair quickly paces up towards the board, a stern impression on his face.

“Ah, the lost Potter.” His emotionless eyes landed on me, I gulped. “I’ve seen on your transcript potions isn’t one of your strengths,” Snape continued. “Must run in the family.”

My eyes fell on Harry, my brother giving me an apologetic smile.

“He doesn’t like your brother very much,” Wren whispered, hoping the professor wouldn’t hear her. “I thought maybe because you’re a Slytherin he’d have mercy on you.” Clearly, she was wrong.

“Do see me after class, Miss Potter. I’d like you to start seeing a tutor right away. Someone who can’t brew a swelling potion right needs all the help they can get.” Some of the Slytherins started snickering in the back of the class and I let out a groan.

Was public humiliation the goal of this?

“Is there a problem?” He asked sternly, his eyes narrowed. “No, Sir.”

To my surprise, the rest of the class flew by. While Snape’s personality might not be what anyone wished for, he was a bloody good professor.

Apart from the massive pile of homework he gave us at the end of the lesson, that was.

“I’ll wait for you outside,” Wren informed me and I nodded thankfully.

Knowing Hermione was top of the class in pretty much every subject, at least I could spend time with her for a bit when Snape made her my tutor.

“Hey, where are you going?” I asked as I spotted Hermione walking towards the exit. She sat a few rows in front of me and was just about to pass me on my way to the board.

“What do you mean?” She furrowed her brows in confusion, but her face still looked just as kind.

“Well, you’re gonna be my tutor, right?”

“I didn’t hear anything of the sort Y/n, I’m sorry.” Now it was my turn to furrow my brows in confusion. “Oh, Sorry, I just assumed as you’re top of the class in like every subject..” I explained and she nodded.

“Hm, yes. Now that you say it that is weird.” She seemed to be lost in her thoughts for a moment. “If you don’t mind, let me know who is tutoring you once you know,” She said, probably wanting to know who beat her to the number one spot in the class. At least in Snape’s eyes.

I nodded and she continued her way out of the classroom.

If Hermione wasn’t the one tutoring me though, who was it?

“Mr. Malfoy, stay behind please.”

I closed my eyes and prayed to the muggle gods Snape wanted to speak to him for any other reasons but my tutoring.

I was stood in front of the grumpy looking professor now but he didn’t start speaking until Malfoy appeared next to me. This couldn’t be good.

“Now, I’m almost certain you are a hopeless case, Miss Potter,” he began.

What a lovely way to motivate me to do better. I huffed. “But I put all my trust into Mr. Malfoy here,” He gestured towards the blonde boy who was standing next to me with a smirk “-that he will assist you as well as he can, and might even get you to pass. He is one of my best students after all.” An expression of pride spread across Malfoy’s face at the praising words of the professor.

“Of course, sir. I’ll do what I can with this one.” The blonde said in a condescending tone.

I wanted to roll my eyes, protest and start arguing with Snape but his stern expression, the almost threatening gaze had me stay quiet.

I sighed and nodded without another word.

His face looked almost surprised at my decision to not argue with him. Unlike my brother I knew when to shut my mouth; that was one of the many differences between us.

Snape looked pleased. So did Malfoy for some reason. “You may go,” he said and dismissed us.

I don’t think I’ve ever left a classroom as quick as I did that day. Malfoy right on my heels.

Why did he agree to have us spend an extra hour at least once a week with each other? We both knew that couldn’t end well. Especially after what happened last time we were alone in a room together. And that was only 20 minutes.

“You are out of your mind.” I said calmly once we shut the door of the potions classroom behind us. I saw Wren watching us from the corner of my eye but didn’t pay further attention to her. “Why would you torture both of us like that?”

“I can handle it, but I know it will ruin your day every time you think about it.” He spoke like a true Slytherin. “Plus, if you’re just anything like your brother we need any extra house points we can get for a shot at the cup.”

“No amount of house points is worth going through that.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“It’s a win-win, Potter.” He hit my shoulder with his own on his way past me and a groan escaped my lips.

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