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chapter 10

(A/n : hey guys I said This story isn’t going to follow the story line Which it still isn’t just wanted to have the Yule ball so their will not be the Triwizard Tournament .Instead I have the Yule ball being on December 25 I’ve changed it to 24th as their events going on , on the 25th stay tuned )

2 weeks later ....

draco has been getting much better. He has been staying in my room so i’m always there.he keeps having nightmares , waking up and screaming. I felt bad for him . Last night was strange he didn’t,he’s had one every night for the past 2 weeks .

I was laying on my bed looking up to the ceiling and had a draco head rested on my chest. I ran my fingers through his soft platinum blonde hair .

Draco moved to stretch, he was now more stable and recovered ,I was happier he was recovering , I have been getting much better , I’ve been eating little portions but I’m fine.

“Draco you okay” I asked turning to him

“I’m fine I feel great”

“That’s good” I responded

“Let’s go out”

“Out-?” I was very confused. We haven’t left my room for ages only for food I didn’t have a clue what he was on about .

“Yes out , let’s go for a walk”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes come on y/n I’m fine now”

“If u say so” I got up from the bed and walked over to my dresser picking out my clothes I saw draco got up

“I’ll be back in a minute just gonna find some nice clothes to wear instead for these grotty ones” he chuckled

“Nice clothes-” I joked

“Yes nice clothes” he shoved on a shirt and joggers and left my room . What did he mean by nice clothes ? As in clean clothes or fancy kind of clothes . Ugh I’m overthinking again!!

-Time skip-

I got changed into ...

This is what I wore

I put on some eyeliner and mascara and put a bit of black on my water line .

I heard a knock as I was just brushing out my eyelashes. I turned my head to the door and put my mascara down and walked over to the door and saw Draco in a black suit. I was so confused.

“Hey” he said

“Hey-” I said confused

“What” Draco was referring to my widened eyes

“Sorry I look hot , you clean up nicely” I replied and smiled

“Not as hot as you” he grinned

“Come on let’s go” he grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my room .

We walked down the corridor just talking

Then Hermione walked passed “hey y/n” she said smiling “hey Hermione” I spoke back

“Why u taking to that mudblood” Draco asked with a dirty look on his face

“Well she’s my friend if u haft to know”

“Your friend” he laughed

“Excuse you Draco she helped me while you were in the hospital wing” I shouted at him

“Ok I’m sorry” he pulled me into a hug

“You should be” I joked

“So where are we actually going” I asked

“The lake” he responded with another grin.

“I love the lake it’s calming” I smiled looking down

“I know”

We both giggled

We got to the lake and sat on the grass and chatted for a bit .

“Now here’s the big question y/n”

My eyes widened

“Your not asking me to marry me are you-”

“No just listen”

“Few” I whispered under my breath

“Y/n the Yule ball is on Christmas Eve so will u go with me” Draco asked

“Of course I will!” I shouted and hugged him and gave him a kiss.


I was so excited to go to the Yule ball with Draco , thoughts swam trough my head of what I’m going to wear I couldn’t stop smiling .

“Draco I’m really happy ur better”

“I know I can tell by ur face” we both giggled


-time skip-

I was now in my room with Nora. We chatted about what we’re gonna wear and how each other were as I have been spending so much time with Draco marketing sure he got better . Nora was going with Theo. I was shocked she wasn’t going with Blaise but apparently he asked someone else a girl in Ravenclaw, he wouldn’ tell anyone what her name was.

“Don’t u think it’s about time” I told Nora

“About time for what” she looked confused

“That Theo asked u”

“Why” she asked

“He’s liked you forever now , don’t tell me u haven’t noticed it” I said hitting my forehead with my hand laughing

“No really I didn’t realise I’m so stupid”

I laughed

“Do u like him?” I questioned

“A little , but what about you and Draco?”

She spoke back changing the subject

“Me and Draco are friends and a little ?”

“You and Draco are friends ?, come on y/n” she replied grinning to her self

“What-” “what am I missing” I kept asking questions she just laughed at me

The door blasted open it was Hermione

“Y/N !!!!“Hermione shouted “oh hi Nora”


" he asked me” Still shouting

“Your still shouting and who???”

“Victor crum” she looked so happy

“To the ball-?” I asked

“Yes the ball who u going with”

“Draco-” I smiled as I said his name i didn’t know why

“Knew it” we both laughed

Nora got up and walked into her room and got her dress out her wardrobe and brought it in and showed me and Hermione “wow” me and Hermione spoke at the same time it was a black

It looked like that I was amazed it looked so beautiful I really need to get my dress

-time skip-

Al the girls left and I headed of to hogsmeade to find a dress

I was giving up on hope I went into Jimmy cho and I found a nice pair of heels but still no dress . I was stressing out until I saw the last shop of the street I took a deep breath before entering as i did a lady greeted me and said that I wasn’t looking closer enough and she said she had a dress for me waiting I was confused because I haven’t put a dress on the waiting list or something or maybe something has for me .

She showed me to it my eyes widened and I saw a beautiful green dress it was definitely made for me I fell in love with it .

I paid for it obviously .


Hey guys I’m starting to write more chapters so I hope u enjoy my story is going to start to get more into the story so u wait and see it’s going to get spicy .

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