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chapter 13


. . . . . . . . .

It was now 31st December , New Years ,

I’m hosting a new year party. It’s going to be crazy I hope . But finally a new year and new things to look forward to ,I wish .

I haven’t seen Draco since Boxing Day , we all left but Draco stayed behind to spend some quality time with his family by himself . Which is nice . I think dracos parents liked me . I hope they did .

I do wish I could see my mum for Christmas.

I think Draco is coming back for my New Years party . Noras and Theo are now together and Blaise and the girl from Ravenclaw which we all get to meet tonight. I’ve heard about her , he non stop talks about her , but he’s been messed around a few times hopefully this time she won’t hurt him. He was heartbroken when he had a little relationship with a Hufflepuff a few months ago . We all want the best girl to come along for him .

-time skip-

It was now time to get ready for the party I had a nice green dress to wear .

I wore everything in the picture and had my hair like that .

I curled my eyelashes and gently applied my eyeliner. It took a few tries but it soon was perfect . I placed some lip gloss on my lips and moved my lips in and out to make sure it was all on my lips .

Nora had the same dress as me but it was black .

Me and Nora arrived at the party. It had a couple of people there but people were still arriving . Nora wondered off to see if Theo had arrived .however I saw Hermione and smiled so I walked over to her “Hermione you came” I screeched

“Of course I came , why would I miss your New Years party” she returned with a smiled

I gave her a soft hug as I saw lots of people come in dancing and with tons of alcohol in their hands.


It was now a hour in and practically all years and houses were here draco wasn’t here yet .(8:00pm) I waited a little later till I got bored so I grabbed noras hand and I brought her into the crowd of people and started to dance together swaying our hips . As I noticed in the corner of my eye was a tall blonde haired boy wearing a full out black suite .


I left Nora and ran over to Draco and gave him a huge kiss “steady on y/n” he smirked “I missed you okay” I said softly

“Aww ,that’s cute you missed me” he mocked me “you didn’t miss me?” I quizzed him

“Of course I didn’t why would I miss you” fucking dick . I was so confused by what he had just said. Why did it sound so rude or was he joking . I gave him an annoyed head shake as he just walked over to the drink station .

I walked back over to the dance floor with Nora and started to dance .


“Yeah”“what’s up” she asked

“Dracos acting weird, I don’t know what’s going on but he’s acting all funny”

“Y/n don’t worry about it it’s new year” she told me as I looked over to where Draco was and pansy fucking Parkinson was over their whispering in his ear . I wanted to hit her and ask him what he was saying but I don’t want to seem like a controlling girlfriend.

I walked over to Draco and grabbed his wrists and pulled him into the middle of the crowd . “Dance with me draco” I turned my back to his grinding up against him putting my hands in the air .

“Y/n let’s do some shots instead” he pulled me out of the crowd to the couches who had Nora who was sitting on Theo’s lap and Blaise who was sitting there by himself . Where was his girl? Draco sat in an arm chair and pulled my arm for me to sit on his lap.

“Guys come on let’s do say it or shot it” Nora shouted

“Blaise where’s your girl by the way” I asked as he didn’t look very happy. “she’s not coming” he hardly spoke but a few words could come out his mouth he sounded really sad which wasn’t good .

“We will randomly ask some of our own so I’ll go first ” Nora said, pouring the shots into shot glasses .

‘Ok’ we all said at the same time .

“Theo if u could have a threesome with two girls in here would it be” she asked raising a eyebrows at him .

“You of course and probably Hermione Granger” everyone was shocked by his response .

“My turn” he shouted

“Y/n who’s the worst person you have slept with” he said, making me turn my head to him . I gave him a death stare .

“I think I’ll shot it” I reached over to the table and grabbed and shot and drowned the lot of it . When I finished the drink I leaned back into draco’s body he whispered in my ear “who” . “Draco that’s the point of the game I shot it if I don’t want to say it” I explained “is it me” he asked it honestly made me laugh .

“It might be” I joked as he got his hand and grabbed my ass. It was a rough grab as well Made me squeal .

“Draco I’m joking” I swiped his hand off my ass . As Nora shouted “DRACO your turn” he scoffed at her

“What is the most sexist thing about y/n”


Her ass ``″and tits” he spoke made me not shocked or surprised .

“Fair enough” Theo said Nora elbowed him in the chest, he whimpered we all laughed.

“Imma get a drink” I spoke, getting up I couldn’t stand up for a minute my feet were wobbly. Draco held me waist as I got stable and walked me over to the drinks .

“Than-” I started

“Thank me later in the bedroom” he winked and licked his lips looking me in the eyes his eyes were so beautiful .

“I shall don’t worry” I winked back and smiled .

“Let’s get drunk,” he said . I raised my eyebrows out of disbelief as he likes seeing me drunk . “Yep I mean it ,it’s New Years ” he said. I was so confused but oh well . I shrugged my shoulders and got a drink and downed it. Draco did the same. We got some shots for us two and did the cross armed drink thing .

He reached out and smashed his lips against mine as he was pushing me back . I wasn’t sure where but then my back hit the back of the wall he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me rough I liked it though . He used his tongue to lick the bottom of my lip for me to let him in . I let him enter .. our tongues were fighting like two pairs of swords . ‘I love you’ he whispered into the kiss .

I realised out of the kiss . “I love you two” shortly after I went back in . Kissing once agin our tongues fighting for dominance.

We both got some muggle herbs from Theo and Draco started to smoke it , then passed it to me. I took a puff and held it in for a few seconds and released it. It was good shit . We kept taking in turns to smoke it kissing in between.


the party was ragging, the music was blasting, everyone was still dancing and drinking . Everyone was either high or drunk or both . I however was both so was Draco . Our heads were spinning and we kept laughing at each other for nothing . I felt very euphoric .

“Omg their stoned haha” Nora looked at us, me sitting on his lap as we both giggled into each other’s faces .

“Least their having fun ” Theo responded to her giving her a little nudge .

“Guys come on it’s nearly 12” Nora tried to shout over the loud music . “Yesss mum” I shouted at Nora, completely stoned . I pulled Draco up “come on draco let’s go celebrate” he just nodded as he stood up we both couldn’t stand up very well tho we were everywhere .














“HAPPY NEW YEAR” everyone shouted while jumping up in the air and they looked very happy

I looked at Draco and he looked at me; we both kissed as it turned 12 and were still laughing.

We danced for a bit . Draco danced with me and he had good moves .

“Draco” I whispered into his ear

“Yes beautiful” he whispered back

“Let’s get out of here” I winked as I took his hand as I walked him out of the green common room

" leaving so soon” Nora asked, winking at me I gave her a smile .

he couldn’t wait so he stopped me in the middle of the corridor and lifted me up , my legs wrapped around his torso and his hands on my ass holding me up . As he carried me to my room which was a few doors away from the common room he opened the door and threw me down on the bed as he slammed the door shut with his foot .

He walked over to me he unbuttoned his jacked and threw it on the floor then unbuttoned his t-shirt he was struggling so I got up and did it for him . He smiled at me and I unbuckled his belt pulled down his trousers. “Wait here i won’t be a sec” I said as I swayed my hips slightly “don’t be” he caught my arm before giving my ass a gentle slap . He let go of my arm as I headed off to my bathroom and shut the door .

I slipped my dress off and put on my new black / green set of lingerie. I slipped into it and I opened the door and leaned against the door as I saw Draco looking at me up and down . Practically googling .I chucked as I swayed back over to him as I climbed onto him . I gave him a kiss before I moved my kisses down his pale skin down to his boxers. I pulled them down off his feet as his huge length sprung up to his lower body . I gently grabbed it . Moving my hand up and down looking him in the eye “suck it” he demanded .

I obeyed and sucked it I put his huge length in my mouth pumping up and down slowly while looking at him in the eyes .

“Fuck” he groaned

I could feel my pants starting to get wet as I was moving my mouth on his dick . I heard and felt the saliva on dracos hard dick as I heard him let out moans and groans . It was one of my favourite things to hear . I took my mouth off his dick as I sat up and put my legs either side of dracos waist and put the tip of his dick and swirled it around my entrance as I pushed it inside of me . I leg out a loud moan as I covered my mouth.

“Don’t you’d dare cover your mouth” he demanded again as he pushed my hand away as I moved forward as I kissed him . He was pumping inside of me . It felt amazing. “Fuck” I yelped out as Draco moved his body up and lifted me up and flipped so I was on the bottom . He started to pick up the pace.

“Your so fucking hot I can’t cope”

He shouted, putting his hand on the sheets, grabbing it .

Still trusting in and out , as my walls clench up around his dick . Us both letting out loud moans and groans

“Draco I’m gonna-′ I moaned out

“Not until I say so baby” he grinned, trusting harder .

“Draco please-” I yelped

“Go on then cum for me then”

I released as my eyes rolled to the back off my head as it was so good and intense.

He soiled himself out of me and placed his dick on my stomach and cummed on my stomach as he threw his head back .

He collapsed down beside me and tried to catch his breath .

I got up to go to the bathroom and got a tissue and wiped the cum off my stomach . I got out of the lingerie and got some pants on and put on one of dracos tops he had recently left here .

I climbed into bed and snuggle into draco’s arms .

“Y/n that was amazing” he said and I nodded in agreement .


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