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chapter 14


It was now the morning after New Years January 1st.

I woke up with a huge headache and an urge to be sick so I ran straight to the bathroom and lent over the toilet and threw it all up I felt someone grabbing my hair and holding it up .


“Not a great morning for you then” his voice croaked he seamed completely fine tho .

“Ew I have mornings breath do u have a spare tooth brush?” He asked

“Can’t you see I’m trowing up here-

He rose a eyebrow

Top shelf” I replied rolling eyes trowing up agin .

“Y/n” “are you okay” a girls voice came wondering in as I shouted “in here” telling her we were in the bathroom .

“Hi draco- ..” she said wondering over to me

Draco just rose a hand as he was brushing his teeth .he was wearing underwear by the way ,in his boxers .

“Y/n have u had any medicine this morning” she asked I shook my head

“You might be pregnant?” She asked

“No no no no” Draco shouted

“I’m joking.. chill” she spoke back with a giggle .

“Few” he mumbled under his breath

“I feel much better now Nora thanks I’ll get dressed and I’ll take some stuff for my head it’s banging the we can grab some food” I said

“Okay see u down their hurry up tho”

She spoke as she walked out .

“Do you want kids Draco?” I asked grabbing my brush and started to brush my hair in the mirror him also next to me looking in the mirror .

“I mean it would be nice to have a little mini me around in a few years” he replied it wasn’t what I expected but I rolled with it .

“A mini you pah” I giggled “what he shouted before spitting out his tooth paste ” having a mini you and me combined would be bad” we both laughed .

We both got changed I couldn’t be bother to put makeup on so I just wiped off the makeup form last night .

“Ready” he asked

“I’m done , just so tired” I dragged my self out of the dorm and down the stairs to the breakfast table as I walked down I heard someone say ′she looks like a dead rat’

Made me laugh as I couldn’t give a shit

Today they had pancakes and waffles I had a waffle and cream and strawberry’s on top . It was delicious. The whole group just chatted for a bit . “Blaise have u see. Your girl around” Theo asked

“No I haven’t” he spoke quietly he kept him self on the down low for something. I wanted to find out but it want my place

Later that day.....

Me and Draco just mostly napped all during the day we were shattered and both had headaches, I was worse for some reason.

We both woke up and chatted for a bit about not much . I was feeling rather pumped for nothing. I got up and started to get changed (2:00pm)

“Draco I’m going to start to study I haven’t studied in ages”

“Your so random” he chucked while getting up looking at me get changed so he got up and started doing the same .

“Can I come with you?” He asked

“I don’t need a bodyguard, but okay just don’t annoy me please” I grabbed my books and both of us walked to the library. “It smells horrible in here” he complained . He always complains about things it can get annoy sometimes it did smell a bit but it reminded me of my mum old office back home that why I liked to come in here.

“Well I guess you will haft to suck it up” I said smiling at him while he grabbed a book of the shelf and we both took a seat on a long green couch I had my legs on his lap as we both read for a few hours .

Later on I felt eyes on me I don’t want to look up but I did anyways . I saw who it was it was Fred . I looked at him and gave him a. Small smile .

“What you staring at weselbee?” He asked as he shrugged his shoulders and got up and left . I hit Draco with my book

“Draco why, he didn’t do anything he’s my friend” I raised my voice

“Don’t raise your voice” he said grabbing my neck and looking me in the eyes .

I pushed his hands off my neck and rolled my eyes and looked back at my book . He did the same .

- time skip-

We both walked out to the library and walked back to my room and chilled out for a bit . “Your so pretty you know” he told me made me smile to my self

“I am” I asked frequently

“Yes and guess what”

“What”I questioned






I smiled at his words as usual








I believe he smiled back I couldn’t see him so . But he kissed me on the head .


A/n sorry this is a rubbish chapter but it’s gonna get much better I promise I’ve planned it all ages ago now just need to write it imma start .

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