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chapter 15


It was now the first day back to school as a new term . I haven’t seen Draco in two days, not sure why.

So I woke up and I felt good , like I was going to be a good day !!

got a shower and put some light makeup on such as eyeliner , mascara and some lip gloss.

I put my shirt on and my green Slytherin tie . I slipped on my tights, I couldn’t find my Normal skirt ,all I found was my year 2 skirt. It was very short as I have grown a little taller since.

My pencil skirt was really short and I could see my upper thigh. .

I couldn’t find my robe anywhere either. I think it was in the washer with my skirt so i was pretty much fucked I looked like a slut to be completely honest . But I brushed my hair and headed out .

I was walking down the corridors and all I saw was people staring I tried to ignore them but they kept whispering things like ′she’s such a slut’ ‘her skirt is so short’

‘She only wants attention’ but the funny thing is I knew who said ’she only wants attention. Pansy fucking Parkinson. I could slit her throat . We used to be good friends until I started to become friends with Draco . Drama I tell ya.

I reached the classroom and the professor stood there with his arms crossed he looked mad . I looked around the classroom all eyes on me , probably because of my skirt . Draco looked at me mad two . What’s his problem??

“Your late , can you Explain why” he still stood their arms crossed .

“I’m not late” I corrected him

He looked at his watch and chuckled

“Come on sir by one fucking minute”

I yelled

“DETENTION AT 4 PM BE THEIR” I huffed and walked over to my table next to Nora until he shouted again

“I’ve made a new seating plan , so everyone stand up now” me and Nora stood up and rolled our eyes .

“Ron , Hermione,Theo ,crabbe front row please!” He spoke pointing to their places

“Nora,Harry,Goyle,Blaise middle row please and for y/n back row with Malfoy ,oh and you will have cho back there with you two when she returns!” I pretended to huff so Draco would think I didn’t want to . I walked over there and Draco took a seat next to me .

“What’s up Draco you look mad?” I questioned while I looked at him he leaned back on his chair and moved his eyes to my legs and back to my face .

“You’re mad... you’re mad with me” I said with a giggle .

“It’s not funny ,you walking around in a small ass skirt like a-′ he cut himself off while my eyes widened.

“Like what Draco , you mean a ‘slut’ ” I said I wasn’t shocked as my skirt was pathetically short .

“Yeah a slut” he didn’t seem with it today . Strange.

“Well thanks Draco made my day much better and may I ask what’s gotten into you recently , your acting all strange” I quizzed

“Nothings wrong it’s just that’s you save that kinda clothes for the bedroom” he said stoped leaning on his chair and came closer to the table and placed his hand on my thigh and squeezed it , all I felt was butterflies in my stomach .

I rolled my eyes and pushed his hand away .

I leaned into his ear and said “keep your hands to yourself ‘Malfoy’ ”

He grabbed my throat “don’t call me that- slut” I smiled no one could see us, their wall hand their heads down to the tables and professor and his back to the class.

“What do you prefer- daddy” I whispered back

“Much better” he let out a devilish smile and let go of my throat roughly .

“Alright class you’re dismissed” he yelled “OH and y/n detention remember 4pm on the dot!!” He yelled at me .

“I told you I’ll be their” I walked out and saw nobody in the halls I turned left to go to my dorms and I was pulled back pushed against the wall I felt their cold hand on my skin and I instantly knew who it was . Draco.

“What do you want Draco?” I huffed as I was a little scared for a minute .

“I prefer that other word you called me in class - say it’s again for me” he demanded as he wrapped his hand around my throat

“You mean Malfoy?” I said , acting confused, looking at him deep in his grey eyes .

“Don’t be a twat y/n”

“I’m not being a twat I just answered your question”

“Right my bedroom now!” He let me down and grabbed my wrist and walked me down to the Slytherin dungeons and when we reached his room he threw me onto the bed I got up off his bed and up to him . I jumped onto him and he lifted me up. My skirt was a pencil skirt so I slid upward so it wasn’t on my legs . it was around my waist I was only in my underwear and tights .

“So sexy” he whispered he plopped me down and roughly pulled down my tights and underwear together then he slid off my skirt that was around my waist .

He loosened my tie and ripped open my shirt, ripping it and threw it on the floor . You can tell he hated buttons .

“Bend over ″ he spoke, taking his cloth off . I wandered over to the end of the bed and I bent over putting my hands in-front of me, on the sheets and my ass was in the air . His room was always so cold I started to grow goosebumps. I kept looking at him and his muscles and his gorgeous body. I felt my self starting to get a bit wet when I look at him as he took off his boxers . I bit my lip when I saw his huge length.

He took his boxers and wandered over to me . He got to me and started to place kisses from the top of my back and down to my lower back until he grabbed his length and started to use his tip to make circles around my entrance before he rammed into me , I let out soft moans every time he went in and out . He started to pick up the pace grinding into me .

Sending shivers down my spine .

“Harder Draco” I screeched out

“Not good enough” he said, still in and out of me holding onto my waist pulling me in and out .

“Harder daddy” I shouted as I grabbed the sheets . He was pounded into me harder

“Fuck- ” he groaned still pounding me .My moans were coming louder and louder so I covered my mouth .

“Don’t cover your mouth” he ordered me

I took my hand off my mouth as I could feel my self about to release .

“Daddy I’m going to cum- ” I yelped

“Cum for me baby”

I released and it felt so good but he wasn’t done so he kept going .I felt like I was going to explode . “Draco”

He pulled out and cummed on my back

“That was good,” he said, pulling me up and he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the forehead and then lips .

“I love you” I said into his chest

" I hate you” he reply catching his breath

“But you really love me”

“No” he took a pause. It felt a bit awkward, does he not love me .

“I need to go” I said letting go of him and grabbing my clothes and shoving them on

“Your not mad are you” he asked

“I’m not mad I just need to go” I stated

“I love you” he said, making me smile as I walked out the door .

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