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chapter 16


I walked out of Dracos room ,I walked down to professor snapes classroom .I walked in and he stood back towards me ,he looked like he was looking at some sort of book but I couldn’t tell .

“Miss rosier you turned up- finally!”

He spoke turned around

“Of course”

“Theirs something I need to tell you”

At this point I was confused I though I would be a normal detention , doing extra work but I didn’t know what he wants to tell me .

“Well ,take a seat then” he said making a hand gesture to one of the chairs

I walked over to the chair slowly.

“Your father-” he spoke but I cut him off

“Yeah ,what about my father?” I question.

“Your father is here-”

“WHAT” I shouted my fathers here !! I haven’t seen my father since I was 3 which I don’t remember. Why would he want to see me? So does he now want to be in my life now? Is he trying to make me hate him even more?

I fucking hate that man!.

what he did to my mum.

“Yes your fathers here and he wants to speek to you”

“I am not talking to that bastard!” I demanded as I got up and tried to walked out but a man stood in front of the door barricading the door .

“What’s going on? ,I want to leave- NOW” I screamed as I stood their confused.

“Y/n” a manly voice called my name from the darkness of the corner of the room.

“What do you want?” I asked as he stepped out of the dark corner of the room in to the light .

He chuckled as he looked at me .

“I don’t want anything from you”

“I’m not two keen” I replied with no trust in him at all .

“Well you don’t haft to trust me but I just want to spend some quality time with my own daughter is that so bad” he asked , why the fuck does he want to spend ’quality time with me I want nothing to do with him.

“Look you haven’t been in my life since I was three now your telling me that you now want to be in it, so tell what you want and be on your way”

I wasn’t going to lie and let him be in my life after everything that has happen.

“I just want to have a daughter that’s all” he gave a small smile I huffed .

“Well I don’t wanna have a father so You can fuck off” I spoke confidently as I pushed the man out of the door way and opened the door till he spoke again .

“How’s your mum by the way?” He asked acting clueless

“My mum ,like you give a shit about her” “and if you really wanna know she’s dead”

“I’m sorry for your lost” he laughed like he knew. What the hell was going on?

I opened the door and walked out. I walked down the corridor and bumped in to a strong chest they were so tall I didn’t see their face “sorry” I said as I looked up and saw a lot tall handsome ginger boy that I’ve seen around a few times not a lot as i I think he’s a Gryffindor . I think his names Fred but I’m not sure or it could be George .

“Hey” he said as he towered me as I looked up “hi I can’t talk I got to go” I tried to push passed but he gently grabbed my wrist and leaned down to my ear and said “I don’t think you wanna go down the corridor” I was confused and wondered why “you can always come to my room if you need comfort” ” oh and I’m Fred by the way” he winked at me as he let go I was still so confused so I kept on walking........





I gasped!!!

As I saw a glimpse of pansy and Draco so I hid behind the wall . As I saw him kiss her , her hands around his neck and his hands on her ass . My eyes started to pool up.


A/n: Oh shit 😳, hey guys sorry for the short chapter!!

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